Chongfei Manual - Chapter 128.1

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Chapter 128.1

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Chapter: 128.1 out of 171

When they returned to Prince Jing's residence, under the excuse of being "excessively worn out" during the past few days and being in a poor mood because of meeting Jiang Miao Lan, Wei Luo washed up and went to bed early. Zhao Jie wanted to be affection with her, but he could only helplessly smile after seeing that she was already wrapped up in the quilt and sleeping. He rubbed the soft, delicate earlobe that was exposed and said, "So fragile."

Wei Luo couldn't hear his words. She only felt that silk quilt wasn't as warm as Zhao Jie's chest. She turned over, wiggled her way into his arms until she found a comfortable position, and continued to sleep.

Zhao Jie's arm was placed behind her waist and he conveniently held her a little bit tighter. He knew that he had tired her out during the past few days, so he only lowered his head to kiss her forehead and didn't do any undue actions.

Zhao Jie thought of the words that Wei Luo had said at the spice shop's entrance today. She would rather leave with her children and remarry than accept sharing her husband with another woman. This little fellow normally looked so delicate, but she was actually more assertive than anyone else. He had experienced this a long time ago. She had told him her bottom line because she believed in him.

She wasn't like other girls. Other girls would accept unjust treatment for the person they loved. They would take a step back and keep retreating until their bottom line was thousands of miles away from their starting place. But, as soon as Wei Luo saw that her bottom line had been touched, she would immediately breakaway without any leeway for staying.

Just like what had happened today with Jiang Miao Lan.

Since Wei Luo had decided to not forgive her, then she truly wouldn't forgive her. She would rather act like they were strangers than accept this incompetent mother.

It was both ruthless and left other people without any other alternatives.

Zhao Jie's fingers slid across her soft cheeks and he faintly smiled. How could he give her the opportunity to remarry? He had expended the upmost effort in obtaining her. There wasn't even enough time in the day for him to feel satisfied with caring and loving her. How could he allow other men the opportunity?

Wei Luo had a rare night of peaceful sleep where Zhao Jie didn’t torment her. When she woke up, she felt refreshed and discovered that Zhao Jie was practicing martial arts in the courtyard.

This was Wei Luo's first time seeing Zhao practicing martial parts. She was wearing a thin moon white gown embroidered with magnolia flowers and had slipped into a pair of embroidered satin slippers. Leaning against the window frame, she openly admired Zhao Jie's straight and healthy back. The weather was cool in autumn, but there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. Under the shining morning sun, the sweat dripped down from his eyebrows to his chin, then flowed into his clothes. This outlined his deep facial features and made him seem even more aloof and handsome.

Wei Luo supported her cheeks in her hand. She wasn't in a rush to wash up. Her large black eyes circled around him

After Zhao Jie finished practicing, Yu Suo walked out from the verandah. Holding out a silk handkerchief, “Your Highness, how about wiping your sweat?”

Just as Zhao Jie was going to take the handkerchief, he suddenly thought of something and put down his arm. "You don't need to attend to this prince when I'm practicing martial arts in the future. Go serve the princess consort. She should be awake at this time.”

Although Yu Suo had misgivings, she still nodded in acknowledgment.

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When Zhao Jie walked back to the room, he saw Wei Luo standing by the window while only wearing a thin robe with her ankles exposed. His face couldn’t help looking more serious, "Why aren’t you dressed properly?”

Wei Luo curved her large, round eyes. She said with a cute smile, "I was too engrossed with looking at you, so I forgot about changing."

Even though Zhao Jie knew that she was deliberately fawning over him, he still couldn't resist smiling. He leaned over, wrapped an arm around her slender waist and carried her onto a nearby couch.

Suddenly remembering something, Wei Luo said, "Ah! You're covered in sweat. It rubbed off on me."

Zhao Jie finished putting on her shoes for her. His fingers lingered over her slender ankles before he looked up and smiled at her. "Hmm? Do you not like this prince's sweat now? The past few times..."

Wei Luo guessed what he would say next and hurriedly covered his mouth.

When they had been stuck together doing that thing before, Zhao Jie's sweaty body had rubbed against her until her body became wet too. Although Wei Luo loved cleanness, who would be able to think about cleanness under those conditions? So, Wei Luo didn't say anything to him at the time. She didn't think that he would have the nerve to mention this.

Wei Luo pursed her lips and changed the topic, "Why didn't you accept Yu Suo's handkerchief?"

Zhao Jie opened her hand and gently kissed it. "Ah Luo's words from yesterday has scared this prince. How could this prince dare to have any contact with other women? What would this prince do if your jar of vinegar is overturned and you take this prince's son away and remarry?"

Wei Luo took her hand away and scolded him, "Glib tongue."

Seeing that his face was covered in sweat, she used the edge of her sleeve to pat dry his forehead. As she wiped his sweat, she said, "I'm not an unreasonable person... It's fine as long as you don't overstep the bounds of what's proper." Then, she paused to think. Not feeling satisfied with her earlier words, she changed her mind and said, "Never mind. Only let servant boys come close to you and attend to you in the future."

Zhao Jie chuckled. He suddenly held her hand, moved closed to her ear, and said, "Don't worry. What this prince has accumulated over twenty years will only be given to you."

Wei Luo blushed. She pushed him away and said, "Shameless!"

But, what was the use of acting proper in front of the girl that you liked? In this world, what married couple acted properly in private? Even if there was such a couple, they most likely weren't in love with each other.

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