Chongfei Manual - Chapter 131.1

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Chapter 131.1

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Chapter: 131.1 out of 171

Of course it hurt.

It was impossible for the bite to not hurt. She felt as if Li Song had almost bitten off a piece of her flesh. When she thought about the words that Li Song had said, she controlled herself and stayed silent.

But, seeing the anger and remorse in Zhao Jie's eyes. Wei Luo decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to say the truth. So she only shook her head and said, "It doesn't hurt."

Zhao Jie held her in his arms, took out a silk handkerchief from her sleeve, and wiped at the teeth mark as he ordered the driver to drive faster. A short time later, the carriage stopped in front of Prince Jing's residence. Zhao Jie carried Wei Luo into the residence and ordered the steward to take his token and use it to request an imperial doctor. His expression hadn't been good from beginning to end. It was very terrifying. Even though the steward had been at serving at Zhao Jie's side for a long time, he couldn't help feeling scared and behaving more carefully than useful.

When the imperial doctor hastily arrived, he though that Princess Consort Jing had fallen sick from an incurable disease. He was so anxious that his forehead kept sweating.

He didn't expect to see Wei Luo sitting on a rosewood couch and looking as if there wasn't anything wrong with her. She was brightly smiling and her almond-shaped eyes were curved into two crescents.

Wei Luo ordered Jin Lu, "Jin Lu, go and pour a cup of tea for Imperial Doctor Zhang. He looks tired. Look at how his forehead is covered in sweat."

It wasn't strange that Wei Luo was acting so magnanimous. It was because Zhao Jie looked too anxious. She had originally been very angry, but seeing that Zhao Jie was even angrier than her, her anger disappeared.

How could Imperial Doctor Zhang dare to drink tea at this time? After hearing Prince Jing explain Wei Luo's situation, he sighed in relief and said, "Your Highness, please raise your head so that this servant can examine you."

Wei Luo obediently raised her head.

The teeth mark had already become swollen on the slender white jade-like neck and looked rather malevolent. Imperial Doctor Zhang looked at it left and right, then he shook his head and said, "This servant will prescribe some anti-inflammatory medicine to decreased the inflammation... But the wound is too deep. I'm afraid that it’ll scar."

Zhao Jie's face sank. He coldly said, "Is there no way to remove it?" He didn't want someone else's mark to be left on Wei Luo's body, especially a teeth mark. Moreover, the teeth mark was on her neck. If she wore thinner clothing during summer, other people would easily be able to see the mark. Wei Luo was a girl that loved beauty. She definitely wouldn't want a scar on her body. If there was slightest chance, he didn't want this teeth mark to remain.

Fortunately, after Imperial Doctor Zhang considered for a while, he nodded and said, "There is a very good medicine called su ji san (whitening powder). A foreign nation had given this medicine to His Majesty as a tribute in the previous year. Later on, His Majesty gave it to Noble Consort Ning. Not only can the medicine reduce swelling, it can also nourish the skin to make it look more youthful. However, there was only one bottle. I'm not sure if Noble Consort Ning still has it..."

After hearing these words, Zhao Jie said to Zhu Geng, "Bring me a brush and paper. This prince will personally write a letter to Noble Consort Ning."

Zhu Geng brought the brush and paper. Zhao Jie wrote a few sentences, then he told Zhu Geng to deliver it into the palace.

In addition to this, Imperial Doctor Zhang also mentioned dietary restrictions. "It'll be the best if Your Highness doesn't eat seafood during this period. If you cover the wound with a hot towel, the swelling will go down."

On the side, Jin Lu and Bai Lan listened to his words and stored each word into their memory.

An hour after Imperial Doctor Zhang was sent away, Zhu Geng came back from the palace. He brought back a white porcelain bottle that was decorated with blue sparrows and plum blossoms. "Your Highness, this is yu ji san."

Zhao Jie was sitting next to Wei Luo. He took off the hot towel from Wei Luo's neck and took the porcelain bottle. "Did the noble consort say anything?"

Zhu Geng said, "After Noble Consort Ning found out about the princess consort's condition, she ordered people to bring the medicine on the spot. She also asked how the princess consort got injured. This subordinate said that a wild cat bit the princess consort. Noble Consort Ning didn't ask any further questions."

Zhao Jie nodded and saw that the teeth mark's swelling had decreased. He poured the ointment into his palm and rubbed it between his hands, then he applied it on the wound.

At first, the ointment felt cold. Soon after, there was a faint tingling sensation that became an acute pain as if insects were burrowing into her skin. Wei Luo tried to pull away and retreat.

In a coaxing tone, Zhao Jie said, "Don't move."

Wei Luo looked at him. After pondering something, she asked, "Since Noble Consort Ning gave us this ointment, shouldn't we send her a gift too?

Zhao Jie faintly curved his thin lips. His phoenix eyes looked at her. "What do you want to give her?"

Wei Luo seriously considered. Since Noble Consort Ning lived in the palace, she had probably seen countless treasures. She wouldn't value gold and silvery jewelry. Silk fabric wasn't sincere enough. Moreover, Empress Chen and Noble Consort Ning didn't have a good relationship. Empress Chen was her mother-in-law. If she gave Noble Consort Ning something that was too valuable, it would be like slapping Empress Chen's face. She thought about this back and forth. Selecting an appropriate gift really required a lot of thought.

Wei Luo went through the items in her dowry, but she didn't know what to give her.

Seeing that she was distressed, Zhao Jie smiled and said, "If you obediently finish using this medicine, I'll take you to the storeroom to select a gift. You can give whatever item that catches your eye."

Wei Luo's eyes shined. She nodded in agreement.

Wei Luo hadn't seen the storeroom in Prince Jing's residence yet. Before Wei Luo married Zhao Jie, first madam and fourth madam had taught her how to manage the household and the accounts. She spent three months learning about this and gradually mastered it. She didn't expect that Zhao Jie would worry about tiring her out and wouldn't let her manage these matters. He still had the steward directly managing the residence. Then, every month the steward would report the major events and trifle matters to her.

As a result, Wei Luo could relax and stay happily idle.

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