Chongfei Manual - Chapter 132.1

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Chapter 132.1

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Chapter: 132.1 out of 171

Counting the days, Wei Luo hadn't seen Liang Yu Rong in a long time.

After Wei Luo married Zhao Jie, she could no longer be as free as when she was an unmarried girl. There were more things for her to worry about and she interacted less with the girls from other noble families. But, Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong's friendship hadn't changed. Now that Liang Yu Rong was engaged to Wei Chang Yin, Wei Luo would have to call her cousin-in-law in the future. As soon as Wei Luo thought of Liang Yu Rong's little smiling face, Wei Luo almost couldn't say that word out loud. How happy was that girl feeling right now?

Wei Luo smiled. She was sitting at a vermillion-lacquered rectangle table inlayed with gold and carved with spirals and holding a brush to write a letter.

Her limpid almond-shaped eyes and soft, pink lips were curved into a smiling expression. She rarely felt this happy.

Zhao Jie glanced at her nearby figure and put down the "Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government " that he was holding to support his chin. "Who are you so happy to write a letter to?"

(T/N: "Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government " is a compilation of a collective history of China that was created in the Song Dynasty.)

After Wei Luo finished writing the last word and sealed the letter with wax, she didn't hide anything from him, "I'm writing to Yu Rong. The weather is pretty good recently so I want to go to Qian Temple that's outside of the capital with her. We can stroll around and make a wish to Buddha while we're there."

Zhao Jie raised the tip of his eyebrow and slowly and deliberately said, "Oh. How come I didn’t know that there was something you're wishing for? How about telling husband what the wish is? Buddha might not be able to help you, but husband will definitely be able to help you fulfill your wish."

Wei Luo handed the letter to Jin Lu, walked to his side, and said, "Did big brother forget? When first aunt went to Qian Temple last time to make a wish that oldest cousin Chang Yin's leg would be fixed, you gave us the bamboo stick. This was how first aunt was able to see Great Master Qing Wang."

With this reminder, Zhao Jie remembered and proceeded to say with a smile, "Of course I remember. That was where this prince kissed you for the first time."

Seeing that he wasn't being serious, Wei Luo didn't reply to his words. She only continued to chatter on, "Since Yu Rong is engaged to oldest cousin Chang Yin, there isn’t anything wrong with her burning incenses and paying respect to Buddha for House Wei. Besides, I haven't seen her in a long time. I want to take this opportunity to have a long conversation with her..."

Zhao Jie wasn’t swayed by these words. He wasn't interested in the activities of women and children. He pinched Wei Luo's cheek and said, "We haven't been married for a long period of time yet and you're going to abandon your husband to hangout with another person? Aren't you afraid that I won't agree?"

Wei Luo wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and her soft, fair, and rosy face moved to his front. She blinked and looked at him with her limpid eyes, "Are you really going to say no?"

These words were very sly. If he didn't agree, it would seem like he was committing an unpardonable crime. Zhao Jie held back his laughter and asked, "Is there a reason why I have to agree?"

Wei Luo knew what he wanted. He was saying these words because he wanted her to fawn over him. And so, she kissed his face with a smacking sound. In a sweet and crisp voice, she asked, "Is this okay?"

Zhao Jie chuckled, "Not sincere enough."

Wei Luo could only go down until she reached his thin lips. After hesitating for a moment, she opened her mouth to hold his lips and copied his usual action of slowly sucking. In the end, his phoenix eyes calmly looked at her with a smiling expression as if he was asking, "Are you only capable of this?"

Wei Luo closed her eyes. At this time, she could only throw away her pride and wholeheartedly fawn over him. She imagined him as a piece of silk nest candy and drew him into her mouth to slowly eat. When she felt that Zhao Jie was breathing heavier and heavier, she released him with a blushing face. Her large eyes weren't calm. They were full of spring seductiveness.

(T/N: Below is a picture of silk nest candy. It’s similar to dragon's beard candy.)

Wei Luo expectantly looked at Zhao Jie, " Can I go out?" If he still said no, then she was really at her wit's end.

With one hand, Zhao Jie brought the rest of her body in front of him. As he held her waist, he said, "Husband has an idea..." Seeing Wei Luo's small red face, he lowered his head to touch her forehead and lifted his hand to gently caress her lips. His eyes were a deep black.

Wei Luo naturally had to ask, "What idea?"

And then, Zhao Jie pressed her down.

In the study, there was a vermillion-lacquered desk that was carved with birds of prey and clouds that was blocking the view. There was only the view of Zhao Jie properly siting behind the desk. His attire was neat and he looked like a noble character in all details. However, his expression showed that he was silently restraining his emotions.

Moreover, a delicate voice reprimanded, "It's daytime. What if someone comes into the room?"

Zhao Jie's eyes dimmed and he appeased her worries by saying, "No one would dare to enter without this prince's order. If someone trespasses, this prince will kill him."

Wei Luo didn’t say another word.

The study was quiet for a long time until Zhao Jie inhaled and hoarsely said, "Ah Luo, you're killing me..."

Outside the door, Zhu Geng and Yang Hao was standing ramrod straight and attentively looking in front. The two of them looked calm, but their minds had lost calmness a long time ago. The prince and princess consort could really fool around. It was broad daylight and they were in the study. Did they not consider their feelings at all? Although they silently cursed them and there was sweat on their foreheads, they didn't dare to go inside and bother them.


The next day, Wei Luo fiercely glared at Zhao Jie when she was going out.

After she did that for him yesterday, her mouth was feeling sore until even now . It was entirely his fault for insisting on an unpleasant requirement. She was only going out for a trip, but he watched over her like a mother-in-law. However, Zhao Jie's attitude this morning was indeed very good. Not only did he personally feed her breakfast, he also touched up her eyebrow makeup for her.

Of course, Zhao Jie's attempt wasn’t presentable. Not only was his attempt meandering like an earthworm, he almost drew Wei Luo a unibrow. Wei Luo laughed as soon as she saw herself in the mirror. After she ordered Jin Lu to wipe away the makeup away and redraw, she said to Zhao Jie, "I used to think big brother was talented at everything. I finally found something that you can't do."

Zhao Jie raised two fingers and lightly tapped her head, "If I was good at applying makeup, you should find that more worrying."

That was true. Wei Luo couldn't resist bursting out in laugher at the idea.

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