Chongfei Manual - Chapter 134.1

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Chapter 134.1

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The famous section of Duan Yu Duan’s prince, who first saw the Gu family’s daughter’s money, was on a night with high winds in a month. 
  That day he was eating a meal at Gu Shangshu. He took the three trips to go out alone, but he smelled a strange smell of meat on the way. Strong and sweet, even though he was accustomed to the delicacies of the sea, he never smelled such attractive scent. 
  What is so sweet? 
  He walked around and finally came to a humble cabin. 
  Through the window, he saw a strange black beauty. 
  Beauty stands at the moment and is eating meat. 
  The whole piece of pork is stuffed into the mouth, and then a sip of rice is added. 
  Ah 呜 呜
  棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕 棕呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 
  Hey, bite, chew. 
  The eyes of beautiful women eating are shining, and their faces are deeply intoxicated. 
  Meat, beauty. 
  Gudu, Duan Yu couldn't help swallowing. 
  Huh? Am I actually eager for something? 
  Duan Yu returned to God and felt a bit bizarre. 
  The beauty did not find him. She had eaten one piece after another, so Duanyu's saliva also swallowed again and again. Just as he couldn't help but want to break into the door, he unexpectedly discovered that the beauty's look became paralyzed. 
  The brows are slightly sloppy, and the eyes are filled with mists. 
  Then the nose slowly turned red until tears rolled out of the eyelids. 
  The cold little room, the dim yellow kerosene lamp, and the weak black shadow in the house, miraculously made him feel a pain. 
  "Why are you crying?" 
  He asked outside the carved window and asked softly. 
  "Because the braised pork is so delicious."
  Gu Qingqiao responded subconsciously, and at the same time turned his head and immediately stopped. 
  Absolutely, on behalf of, good, people. 
  Gu Qingqiao looked blankly at the man outside the window, and there was a roar of horses in his heart. 
  Wow... What is Jin Chengwu? Wu Yanzu is standing by the side! As long as the man is in front of him, the idols will be ashamed to go to the Himalayas - ah, you see the hyacinth! Oh, you see that thin lip! Such a demeanor and appearance is really Pan An's reincarnation in the world of Song Yu. It is indeed a rare best in the male world! If this handsome guy is born in modern times, he must catch him to be an idol. What a good male male and male is to spend beautifully, and everyone will be able to pick up a bowl full of pounds.... The
  more she wants to be beautiful, she finally eats a joke. . 
  However, the dream was quickly interrupted. Xu was seeing her ridiculously. The beautiful man frowned. "Why does it cry?" 
  "Because you are afraid of leaving, you will never eat again." 
  She grinned. 
  As the backbone of the appearance association, Gu Qingqiao has always been very gentle with the handsome guy. 
  The handsome guy raised his eyebrows and looked at the interest in his eyes: "No matter where you go, can you continue eating without taking the cook away?" 
  She shook her head: "I can take people wherever I go ." 
  A trace of passing by, fleeting. 
  "You don't understand." She smiled at him leisurely, sweet face, like a cool eight treasure chrysanthemum cake. 
  After many days and nights, she said this to him again. 
  At that time, she still smiled like that. The crescent moon was bent and there was no worry. 
  Only she does not understand. 
  In fact, there are some things. He would rather never understand, really. 
  "What was your name...? Did the family not?" the handsome man said quietly.
  “Qian?” Qing Qiao looked back from the beauty and the brain was working quickly. The handsome man in front of him looked at him with great respect. Presumably it was the veteran who was invited to dinner this evening. He had previously claimed that he was ill and could not attend the banquet. At the moment, he happened to be caught in the kitchen and eat meat by the guests. On the spot, he was dismantled and died. In any case, you must not name your real name. 
  So she put the official expression on her 100th time. Big eyes flashed innocently: "My name is Xiaorou and I was given to the chef Ada by my
  grandfather ." When the words were exported, I was annoyed and secretly observed but found the handsome guy As usual, just gently "oh" loudly. 
  Inexplicable loss in her heart, she had to get Ada Saiqi: "Grandma a bear, Miss Ben today let you take a bargain, look back and I do not find a city's largest meatball to marry you!" 
  Ada in the kitchen burst calf, In the face of raging fire, I could not help but chill. 
  "This little girl, can you give your meat down?" The handsome guy opened his eyes again and stared at her in front of her chest. 
  "Hey?" Qing Joe paused, wondering if he was joking, but only to see the guy's face calm. 
  "What kind of meat? Where you want meat?" She hurried to cover your chest, eyes full alert, "Do not say I did not tell you that recent price of meat rose ridiculously expensive, you want to move any piece are afraid of is not easy Oh!" 
  This suggests It is also obvious enough, but who knows that guy is still full of freedom: "Gu Shangshu was originally so honest, even at home eating blocks of pork is so difficult." 
  Talking, his eyes are not good intentions along her chest floating Go down and keep drifting to the stove. 
  Grumpy, grumbling, the boiled meat on the stove is boiling. 
  this bastard. 
  She smiled and hid her head full of bags. 
  “Yeah!” propped up the carved window, Qing Qiao even bringing the meat into the guy's arms. “Give it to you!” 
  “Yeah—” The guy couldn't help but be hot, and gently sighed, and the next second he picked it up. After the pot stands steady, the grace is still elegant.
  So fast... Gu Qingqiao saw his eyes open, but also resentful. 
  Hey you are! This strange beauty, don't you just "hello" "Yeah" "oh"? Isn't there a word like "my mother" in your dictionary? Don't you know, just how did you cringe to hear your wonderful ghostly cockroaches in just that moment? ! 
  When the handsome guy looked at him again, Gu Qingqiao quickly put down the window and pulled the curtain to isolate him from his own small world. 
  It doesn't matter if the braised meat is gone. I still have the Lantern Festival. 
  She so comforted herself and smiled. 
  On the 15th of the first month, this is a good time to watch the moon. 
  Later in the night, the moon finally defeated the dark clouds, revealing his entire face. This is not easy. Imagine that Wuyun is the first Xiao Qiang in heaven. Even if it is blown away by the wind, it can still be gathered again. It is known as "the black phoenix that can never be killed." Overjoyed, the moon suddenly saw the ground beautiful men, and immediately waved his flag in his heart - Hey! What kind of prince, aren't you amazing? Are you not the first talent? Come and learn from Li X Du X, praise me with two poems! 
  The prince could not feel the enthusiasm of the moon. He just held a pot of braised pork and slowly walked back. 
  At this moment, his mind is full of angry eyes. Even if the moonlight is beautiful again this evening, how can it compare with living beauty? 
  "My name is Xiaorou and I was given to the cook Ada by my master." 
  He shook his head and suddenly laughed. 
  This stupid girl, lying so vowed. 
  However, she just forgot to take down the piece of green chest.


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