Chongfei Manual - Chapter 138.2

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Chapter 138.2

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Chapter: 138.2 out of 171

On the other side, in Tong Zhou’s city, they couldn’t continue to build the dam for the river channel due to the sudden and heavy snowfall. They could only temporarily stop.

Tong Zhou’s prefectural magistrate, Lin Qiu Tang suggested, “The snow doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon. This one’s humble home isn’t far from here. Your Highness, how about coming to this official’s residence to sit down for a bit and drink a hot cup of tea?”

Standing underneath an umbrella, Zhao Jie looked at the snow that was profusely falling into the river. A short while later, he nodded and said, “Okay.”

Prefectural Magistrate Lin couldn’t contain his joy. He hurriedly ordered people to go to his residence to prepare and reverently led Zhao Jie to a carriage as if he was in the presence of His Majesty. “I heard that the princess consort also came to Tong Zhou with Your Highness. Where is she staying? My humble home doesn’t have much, but there are plenty of empty rooms. It’s inconvenient to stay outside the city. How about asking the princess consort to move to my residence? My daughter could also keep her company.”

Zhao Jie’s face was expressionless. “She doesn’t like to have any contact with strangers.” Then he raised his eyes to look at Prefectural Magistrate Lin, “Sir Lin, you don’t need to be concerned about this matter.”

Prefectural Magistrate Lin didn’t expect that Zhao Jie would be so straightforward in his refusal. He embarrassedly laughed and said, “This official has said too much.”

When they arrived at Lin’s residence, Lin Qiu Tang invited Zhao Jie to the main room and servants immediately came into the room with tea. Lin Qiu Tang discussed with Zhao Jie the problems with the river channel at first. People that were able to reach this position all had some skills and talent. Lin Qiu Tang’s insights were quite original. Many of them were useful.

However, Zhao Jie’s expression seemed absent-minded as he listened.

An hour later, the snowfall outside became even heavier as time went on instead of stopping. Zhao Jie probably wouldn’t be able to leave anytime soon. Zhao Jie thought of Wei Luo in Tian Chang Mountain. Was she still angry? It was such a heavy snowstorm. She should probably be staying inside, right?

He put down the teacup that had a colorful pattern of plum blossoms and sparrows, stood up, and said, “It seems that snow won’t be stopping today. The construction for the dam will have to be delayed for a day. This prince will be leaving now.”

Prefectural Magistrate Lin hadn’t expected that he would leave right after saying those words. He was slightly disoriented for a moment as he hurriedly stood up and said, “This… this official will send off Your Highness.”

Zhao Jie didn’t take his words seriously as he walked out of the room.

Right after Zhao Jie left the main room, he saw a red figure braving the snow as she ran to the verandah. There were several freshly picked plum blossoms gathered in her arms. She called out to Lin Qiu Tang, “Daddy, it’s such a heavy snowstorm. Why did you insist on having me pick plum blossoms? Ah…”

Before she could finish speaking, she raised her head and saw a handsome man next to her father. She immediately lost her voice.

This flower-like beauty was wearing a crimson cloak with a golden treasure pattern. Snow had fallen onto her head and shoulders. Her lips were red, her teeth were white, and her cheeks were rosy. All in all, she was a pretty daughter from a relatively humble family. Perhaps, because the weather was too cold today, her nose was red from the cold. The moment when she saw Zhao Jie, her cheeks also turned red. She swallowed down all of her complaints and asked, “Daddy, who is this person?”

Lin Qiu Tan chuckled, walked forward, and introduced her to Zhao Jie, “Your Highness, this is my young daughter. Please excuse her poor behavior.” Then, he stopped smiling and said to his daughter, “Rou-er, hurry and greet His Highness.”

Lin Rou Yin blushed from embarrassment. When her father had said that a prince would be coming to Tong Zhou, she thought that the prince would be an old middle-aged man. Prince Jing was surprisingly young. Moreover, his appearance was incomparably handsome. Her heart skipped a beat. Lin Rou Yin timidly walked forward and said with a blushing face, “This subject greets Your Highness.”

Right after these words were said, because her footing was unstable, her body stumbled and fell forward.

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows. The angle that Lin Rou Yin’s had fallen was very clever. She had fallen straight towards his chest. Even if he didn’t reach out to support her, he would still be making contact with her body. In addition, it would only be reasonable to help a girl if she was falling down in front of you. Just as the other people thought that Zhao Jie would stretch out a hand to help her, he shifted a step to the side and adequately avoided Lin Rou Yin.

It was too late for Lin Rou Yin to stop her fall. She solidly fell onto the ground and felt a piercing pain coming from her ankle that was probably twisted.

Zhao Jie looked at her coldly without feeling the slightest bit moved. When he looked at Lin Qui Tang, his earlier politeness had changed into a warning. He coldly said, “Sir Lin, if you act this presumptions and foolish again, don’t blame this prince for not being polite.”

Scared, Lin Qui Tang started sweating despite the cold winter temperature. He realized that his petty tricks wouldn’t work with Zhao Jie. He immediately kneeled down, “This official acknowledges his error in overstepping his authority. Your Highness, please forgive me.”

Lin Qui Tang had heard the rumors about Zhao Jie. He knew that he had an unreasonable temperament. He had been hoping to take advantage of this lucky change in weather to get the prince to take a fancy to his daughter. He hadn’t expected that Zhao Jie would be disdainful of her and straightforwardly expose his intentions. It was very humiliating.

Zhao Jie lowered his eyes and looked at him. He lightly said, “Since you know you’re wrong, then continue kneeling. The prince will come tomorrow morning.”

His words meant that he wanted him to kneel until tomorrow morning.

Prefectural Magistrate’s face became deathly pale.

Zhao Jie left without looking back. He entered the carriage and headed towards Tian Chang Mountain.

It was only 2 PM when the carriage reached the top of the mountain. The sky shouldn’t be dark yet, but the snowfall was too heavy and blocked the sunlight. Zhao Jie brushed off the snow on his shoulders before walking into the verandah and headed towards the bedroom. However, Zhao Jie felt that something seemed wrong as soon as he pushed open the doors. The room was extremely quiet. If Wei Luo was in the room, there would still be a little bit of sound even if she was still angry at him.

His eyes hesitantly moved back and forth, “Ah Luo?”

There wasn’t a response.

Zhao Jie came out of the inner room and expressionlessly asked Bai Lan, “Where’s the princess consort?”

Bai Lan trembled. She nervously kneeled down and acknowledged her mistake, “To respond to Your Highness, the princess consort went to the backside of the mountain…”

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