Chongfei Manual - Chapter 139.2

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Chapter 139.2

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Chapter: 139.2 out of 171

Zhao Jie stood at the doorway. His malicious expression terrified the servants. His right hand clenched into a fist and he smashed his fist into the doorway. The doorway couldn’t stand the forceful blow and an imprint of his fist was left in the wood. At this time, he didn’t have the strength to rebuke them. He closed his eyes and hoarsely said, “Continue searching.”

The servants looked at each other in dismay, then they stood up and said, “Understood, Your Highness…”

During the past few days, they had already realized that the princess consort was the prince’s most precious person. She was someone that he placed in the innermost part of his heart. Normally, he couldn’t even bear to accidentally wake her up when he left in the morning. If the princess consort died, they didn’t know what would happen to the prince.

Everyone clearly understood that they had already searched the entire mountainside without seeing the princess consort. Something had most likely happened to her.

As long as they could find her, there would at least be a justification.

After tidying up their minds with this thought, just as they prepared to set out once more, they heard a voice coming from the verandah.

“What are you all looking for?”

It felt as if they were hearing a voice from the heavens.

Everyone looked towards that direction and saw Wei Luo wearing a pomegranate red cloak embroidered with a pattern of butterflies and lined with fox fur. She was in perfect condition without the slightest trace of injury and standing in the verandah. Her hair was slightly messy and her gaze was somewhat blank as if she had just woken up.

Wei Luo looked at the servants, then she looked at Zhao Jie, who was standing at the doorway. She thought of the words she had heard on the way here. After pondering over those words, she vaguely understood what had happened.

Zhao Jie only stared at her without saying a word.

When Wei Luo reached his side, he hoarsely asked, “Where did you go?”

Wei Luo lowered her eyes and happened to see the slush on his shoes. He had probably been walking outside for a long time. He had only attended to changing his clothes and hadn’t had time to change his shoes. The upper front parts of his shoes were completely soaked through.

She paused for a moment, then she pointed towards the verandah that was behind them. “It was too drafty in that room, so I went to the room behind here to take a nap. The floor heating in that room was too warm, so I accidentally slept until now.”

Then, she looked at the servants in the courtyard and said, “You can all withdraw.”

The servants felt like criminals that were given a pardon. They were like people that had been on the verge of a precipice and were suddenly pulled up to safety. They felt very grateful towards Wei Luo. Everything was good as long as she was fine.

Wei Luo walked back into their room. Zhao Jie looked at her back figure, then he followed after her.

Wei Luo went around the divider. She sat down in front of the bronze mirror that had a pattern of golden fauna, wiped off the melted snow from her face and hair, then she walked further inside to changed into a light purple robe that was slightly pink.

Jin Lu and Bai Lan weren’t in the room. Those people from before had been looking for her, so it wasn’t difficult for her to imagine the unfavorable situation those two would be in right now. Zhao Jie must have been locked them up. Jin Lu and Bai Lan were her trusted servants. Zhao Jie probably wouldn’t have harmed them for now.

Wei Luo walked towards the bed and leaned over to lift up the quilt. It seemed that she would have to sleep by herself. However, before she lied down, a pair of arms tightly wrapped around her waist. The strength of his arms was so great that it felt like she was being firmly bounded against his very hard chest.

“I looked for you for a long time.” Zhao Jie’s voice was hoarse and his arms were even slightly trembling.

He had really thought she had encountered danger. He didn’t dare to think what his life would be like without her in the future. He never wanted to experience that feeling again.

Wei Luo turned around and pushed him away. She stood on the step that led to the bed and was barely able to see eye to eye with him. She asked him, “Did you think that I had run away from home?”

This time, Zhao Jie was really obedient. He didn’t insist on hugging her, but he looked at her with a burning gaze as if he was looking at a regained treasure. No matter how much he looked, it wouldn’t be enough.

He didn’t need to answer. The answer was a definite yes.

Wei Luo pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something, but she slowly shifted her gaze away after looking at him for a moment. “That’s a different issue. I’m a very reasonable person. Even if I’m angry and quarrel with you in the future, I still wouldn’t run away from home.”

Zhao Jie’s recently changed out of clothes was hanging on a corner of a red sandalwood frame. It was very wet and there was even water dripping from it. She asked, “When did you come back? How long were you searching for me?”

Zhao Jie said, “I came back at 2PM. It wasn’t long, only four hours.”

Wei Luo remembered that when she returned from the rear courtyard, the snowstorm had gotten worse. A glance showed that it wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon, so she had decided to come back instead of continuing to stroll around the courtyard. The servant that had said he had seen her must be wrong.

He has actually searched for her in such a heavy snowstorm? Wasn’t he worried that something would happen to him?

It would be a lie if she said she wasn’t touched by his actions. This was the first time that Wei Luo felt Zhao Jie was utterly foolish. And he had the nerve to frequently call her foolish. She stopped the corners of her lips from curving up and deliberately asked in a serious tone, “Then, do you know what you were wrong about?”

Zhao Jie nodded, “That scholar was an ungrateful person with a corrupt character. He abandoned the person that had helped him. He truly deserves to be hacked into pieces.”

Seeing Wei Luo’s satisfied expression, he took a small step forward. He looked at her as he said, “Ah Luo, my words from yesterday were wrong. I never looked at you that way in the past and I definitely won’t in the future either. Back when we weren’t married yet, it was my fault for not controlling myself. Everything was absolutely my fault. Wouldn’t I be getting a cheap advantage if you injure your body from being too angry with me?”

Wei Luo tilted her head and directly looked at him, “Do you really think that?”

Zhao Jie’s phoenix eyes were dark and deep, “Really.”

Wei Luo attentively watched him for a while. She wanted to see if there were any traces of lies on his face, but she was unsuccessful.

A long time later, she slowly spread her arms open and said, “Okay, you can hug me.”


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