Chongfei Manual - Chapter 140.1

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Chapter 140.1

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Chapter: 140.1 out of 171

Jin Lu and Bai Lan were let out of the shed. When the two of them found out that Wei Luo had been found, they let out sighs in relief.

Later, they also heard that Wei Luo had never gone to the backside of the mountain. She had only been sleeping in a back room for four hours. Because she had been sleeping, she didn’t hear the loud movements. Moreover, the people in the courtyard had all thought she had gone to the backside of the mountain, so no one had carefully searched through the villa. This was why the huge, unexpected mistake had happened.

When Jin Lu and Bai Lan heard these words, they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. If their miss had slept any longer, the rest of the people in the villa would have probably died. As soon as they thought of Zhao Jie’s oppressive presence, they continued to have lingering fears.

The two of them mustered up their spirits and energy. Then, they got hot water from the kitchen, fetched towels, and went to the bedroom to attend to Wei Luo.

“This servant’s service was unsatisfactory and almost caused Your Highness to suffer. Please punish this servant.”

There wasn’t a response. Jin Lu and Bai Lan carefully raised their heads and saw an unexpected scene.

The hairpins in Wei Luo’s hair had all been taken out and her glossy, black hair flowed downwards like a waterfall past her shoulders. It made her small face look as if it was the size of a palm. She was truly a beauty with her dark hair and a delicate face with snow-white skin.

Zhao Jie was covering her body and pressing her against the wall as he held her small face. He was kissing her like a thirsty person that had finally seen water and like a hungry beast that had met a lamb and was impatiently sampling its delicious taste.

As Zhao Jie was kissing her white jade-like throat, he murmured, “Dearest, don’t make trouble for me next time…”

Wei Luo’s back was pressed against the wall. She was completely trapped in this small corner and her body seemed as if it would soon melt. She caught a glimpse of Jin Lu and Bai Lan’s agitated faces behind the divider. She thumped Zhao Jie’s chest with her fist and complained with a red face, "Who caused trouble for you? Get up. Your body is so hot. You must be getting a fever. Go take a hot bath to warm up your body."

When she had said, “Okay, you can hug me,” she had only meant a simple hug! How could she have known that he would rush over like a dog that had seen a meaty bone treat? Wei Luo almost stopped breathing because of his frantic kisses.

It seemed like this had really terrified him.

When she had come out of the back room, she had seen his expression from far away. It was so gloomy that it was frightening. This was the first time that Wei Luo saw this expression. No wonder everyone else called “King of Hell”. It wasn’t a false reputation. Fortunately, he was never like that towards her.

Zhao Jie didn’t move. His forehead was pressed against her neck and Wei Luo felt ticklish as she felt his warm exhaling breaths on her body. He had risked the dangers of snow and wind to look for her in the backside of the mountain and had also gotten himself completely soaked. He hadn’t rested all evening and it seemed as if his body couldn’t endure it anymore. When he had rushed over to hug her, Wei Luo had already noticed that something was wrong. However, Zhao Jie’s strength had been too much at the time and Wei Luo couldn’t break free, so she had partially retreated and partially went along with him. Now that her servant girls had come here, she couldn’t let him continue to mess around.

Zhao Jie tightened his hold around her waist and lowly said, “Take a bath with me.”

The bathing pool in the cleaning room was very spacious and had more than enough space to contain two people. Looking at his weak appearance, Wei Luo decided that he wouldn’t be able to bath by himself and her heart would be uneasy if servant girls attended to him.

After hesitating for a moment, Wei Luo said to Jin Lu and Bai Lan, “Bring my clothes and the prince’s clothes to the cleansing room. After taking out the towels and soap, you two can leave.” Remembering that the two of them had suffered, she added, “I don’t blame the two of you for what happened today. I was too willful and I won’t punish the two of you. After the two of you leave, go and let out Yun Gua and Yu Suo.”

Jin Lu and Bai Lan nodded. They had their heads properly lowered so that they didn’t see the scene on the bed. “This servant will go right away.”

Wei Luo supported Zhao Jie as they walked to the cleansing room. She put him down at the elmwood couch that was by the bathing pool and and started to untie his sash. Honestly, Wei Luo had never attended to a man like this since she was born. She hadn’t even attended to Chang Hong with taking a bath before. Although Wei Luo and Zhao Jie had been married for many days and had done everything there was to do, this was the first time she experienced something like this.

After she took off his clothes, Zhao Jie still fortunately had some consciousness. Wei Luo didn’t have to exert that much strength when she pushed him into the bathing pool. However, right after Zhao Jie sat down in the bathing pool, he stretched his arm out and pulled Wei Luo down into the water!

Wei Luo was caught off guard. She fell into the bathing pool while still wearing clothes. She had fortunately fallen on top of Zhao Jie’s body and didn’t suffer any injuries. She pulled herself up by pulling against his shoulders and angrily asked, “Why did you do that? My clothes are wet now.”

Zhao Jie leaned against the bathing pool’s wall. He lowered his eyes and chuckled, “You helped me take off my clothes. Courtesy demands reciprocity, so it was my turn to help you.”

Wei Luo felt exasperated. This person was already this feverish and he still wasn’t behaving properly.

There was nothing that could be done. Wei Luo could only comply with him.

Zhao Jie’s movements were very slow and wasn’t as quick as usual. Perhaps, it was because he was sick. Wei Luo closely looked at him and discovered that he was more obedient when he was sick. Perhaps, it was because he was tired. He leaned against the area between her clavicle and shoulders and his long eyelashes kept fluttering against her skin. It felt strange and itchy.

While Wei Luo was lost in her thoughts, he firmly sucked a spot on her neck. Surprised, she lowered her head to look at her reflection in the water. “What will I do if I see other people tomorrow?”

Zhao Jie’s brain wasn’t completely muddled. He readily gave her good advice, “Then don’t see anyone else. We’ll stay in our room for a day.”


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