Chongfei Manual - Chapter 142.2

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Chapter 142.2

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Chapter: 142.2 out of 171

Empress Chen said, “A month ago, when House Li met with trouble, Elder Prince Gao Yang came here to plead with this empress. She told me something.” She stopped with her eyes full of guilt. “Guess why Liuli has been sick since she was a child.”

Wei Luo held the colorful cup and slowly asked, “It is it related to Noble Consort Ning?”

Empress Chen said, “Someone poisoned Liuli was she was only a year old. She almost didn’t recover. The imperial doctor had to treat her for three days and three nights to save her life. At the time, Consort Shu was the one that was found guilty of poisoning Liuli and His Majesty ordered Consort Shu’s death. This empress always felt suspicious and finally confirmed a few days ago that Consort Ning was the one that was responsible.”

Wei Luo asked, “Since it’s like that, why doesn’t imperial mother tell His Majesty and ask His Majesty to hold Noble Consort Ning responsible?”

Empress Chen laughed and said, “What difference would it make if I told him this? I don’t have any hope that he’ll stand on my side. I only ask that Liuli and Chang Sheng can peacefully live out their lives. I don’t have any other requests.” Moreover, she had something, but the emperor didn’t believe her. He was wholeheartedly determined to protect Consort Ning. She had long given up on having any hopes toward Emperor Chong Zhen.

Wei Luo was extremely surprised. So, this was the sticking point between the emperor and empress. Empress Chen’s heart had died and Emperor Chong didn’t understand why. It wasn’t surprising that the empress remained indifferent no matter what Emperor Chong Zheng did.

Empress Chen added, “As long as Chang Sheng succeeds in the future, this empress won’t worry about punishing Noble Consort Ning.”

It wasn’t wrong for her to think this way. Zhao Jie was the son of the main wife. He should be inheriting the position of emperor. However, Wei Luo couldn’t help thinking about her past life. Why did the emperor pass on his position to Zhao Zhang? Why was Zhao Jie willing to be a regent?

She carefully thought. At that time, Liuli and Empress Chen had died one after another. Zhao Jie's originally cold temperament had become even more tyrannical. When people mentioned in him in the capital, they would tremble. Although Zhao Zhang was the emperor, Zhao Jie had the full support of the court officials and total control. During morning court, there was even another chair added next to the throne for Zhao Jie to sit in. It seemed as if the situation that had occurred for the Second Zhou Dynasty was appearing again. There had been gossip in the streets that Zhao Zhang wouldn’t be able to keep his position as emperor for long. Zhao Jie would be taking it soon.

As for whether or not Zhao Jie was able to take back his birthright, Wei Luo didn’t know. She had already died by then.

Would the same mistakes be made in this life? Or, would Zhao Jie successfully inherit the throne?

Under the current circumstances, Zhao Zhang had already lost and wouldn’t be a threat unless Emperor Chong Zhen’s brain was broken and insisted on making Zhao Zhang the crown prince. If that were to happen, the court officials would be able to drown him just by the sheer amount of their complaints.

Wei Luo suddenly thought of something and asked, “I heard that imperial mother has recently been looking for a husband for Liuli?”

At the mention of this, Empress Chen’s expression eased. She sighed and said, “Liuli doesn’t like any of the people that I selected.”

Wei Lui pursed her lips into a smile. Zhao Liuli’s heart already had a person. Of course, she wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. She persuaded, “Imperial mother, you don’t need to be anxious about this. Liuli has a noble and precious status. She can’t just randomly marry someone. Besides, is imperial mother willing to part with her?”

Empress Chen was naturally unwilling. But, so what if she was unwilling? She couldn’t forbid her daughter from marrying for the rest of her life.

Wei Luo said, “Liuli recently told me that she’s reluctant to separate from you. She wants to stay by your side and accompany your for two more years… But, she’s worried that you’ll be angry. That’s why she hasn’t said anything. She asked me to express her thoughts to you.”

Empress Chen felt angry and helpless as she said, “This child… There’s nothing that she can’t tell me. What can I do to her? Eat her?”

Wei Luo laughed and didn’t say anything.

Wei Luo accompanied Empress Chen and had a long conversation with her. This was the first time they had such a long conversation while seated side by side after they had become mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Their conversation was very carefree and they talked about everything. Without noticing, two hours had passed and the family banquet at Sheng Xue had ended a while ago.

When Zhao Jie arrived at Zhao Yang Hall, he saw his young wife sitting at vermillion-lacquered table that was inlayed with gold and carved with spirals. She was drinking congee and eating daikon that had been marinated in a sweet liquid.

Zhao Jie stepped forward, sat down on the couch, stretched his arms out, and brought her into his embrace, “Where’s imperial mother?”

Wei Luo’s congee almost spilled out. She complained, “Big brother, why didn’t you say something first? Imperial mother went to sleep. I was hungry, so I had them prepare something in the kitchen and bring it over here.”

Zhao Jie chuckled, “Why do I have to say something before I hug my wife?”

Wei Luo smelled the scent of alcohol on his body and knew that he had drunk a lot. She scooped up a spoonful of chicken congee with shiitake mushroom and brought it to his lips, “You probably haven’t eaten much, right? Are you hungry? Do you want me to order people to bring more food over? Imperial mother said that I could tell them to make me whatever food I want.”

Zhao Jie drank the spoonful of congee that she was holding, then he held her chin and kissed her. “Let’s stop eating and go home.”

Wei Luo nodded and stood up from the couch, “Let’s go then.”

Zhao Jie asked, “What did you talk about with imperial mother?”

Wei Luo stopped moving for a moment. She thought of Empress Chen’s eyes that was as apathetic as clear water. She couldn’t resist honestly asking Zhao Jie, “Big brother, could you help me with two things?”

Zhao Jie raised an eyebrow. “Tell me.”

Wei Luo first mentioned the full story behind Zhao Liuli being poisoned. “If this matter is related to Noble Consort Ning, you have to let His Majesty know the truth…”

Zhao Jie’s eyes darkened. Empress Chen had never mentioned this matter to him. He had only been eight years old when Liuli had been poisoned and didn’t know the inside story. Since Wei Luo had asked him, he naturally couldn’t let the matter go. He said, “I’ll have the matter clearly investigated. And the second matter is?”

As for the second request, Wei Luo looked around and after confirming that there were no palace servants near them, she stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Zhao Jie’s ear, “Could you order people to make discreet inquires about Yang Zhen’s current situation? He’s been gone for two months. Liuli is very worried.”

Zhao Jie turned his head to directly look at her. He pinched her cheeks and said, “You’re very attentive towards other people’s affairs.”

Seeing that he was jealous, Wei Luo smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck to lean closer to his body. She loudly kissed his cheek and said, “Big brother possess remarkable abilities. These things are a piece of cake to you! Right?”

Zhao Jie pointed at his lips, “It only works if you kiss here.”

Wei Luo didn’t have another option. She stuck closer to his body and kissed him a few more times.

When they left Zhao Yang Hall, Zhao Yang Hall’s palace servant girls had red faces that resembled cooked shrimp. Prince Jing and Princess Consort Jing had been so affectionate with each other. Prince Jing didn’t have any of his usual solemn appearance in front of the princess consort. The love in his eyes almost seemed like it would overflow and spill out. As the saying goes, everyone has a weakness.

Shortly after Zhao Jie and Wei Luo left, Emperor Chong Zhen changed into a robe that was embroidered with dragons arranged in circular patterns and appeared at Zhao Yang Hall’s entrance.

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