Chongfei Manual - Chapter 144

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Chapter 144

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 144 out of 171

Wei Luo felt regretful that she wasn’t able to attend Liang Yu Rong and Wei Chang Yin’s wedding. But when she thought about how the two of them didn’t even have the opportunity to stay together in her past life, she decided that missing their wedding wasn’t that regretful. Wei Luo believed that her oldest cousin Chang Yin would definitely treat Liang Yu Rong very well in their married life. After his leg was fully recovered, they would become a golden couple that would be envied by others.

Wei Luo selected a jade that was carved into the image of “Child-Sending Guanyin” from the storeroom. The jade felt moist and supple. In addition, the carving was exquisitely done. A single glance would show that it wasn’t a common item.

(T/N: Guanyin is commonly known as the goddess of mercy, but she’s also the patron saint of mothers. This image of “Child-Sending Guanyin” is associated with blessing parents with filial children. Below is a picture of that image.)

She asked Zhao Jie about the item. As expected, it was a priceless treasure that had been passed down from one generation to the next. A Buddhist monk, Great Master Han Kong, had created this in the previous dynasty. Wei Luo was already used to his prodigal behavior, so she calmly said she understood. She also selected several presents to give to her grandparents, father, and aunts.


They were able to arrive at Duke Ying’s residence before 9AM.

Wei Luo and Zhao Jie walked into the receiving room. Wei Luo was immediately able to see Liang Yu Rong standing behind Wei Chang Yin. Wei Chang Yin was still sitting in his beech wheelchair. Actually, he was already able to start walking. He just couldn’t walk for too long. He would walk for an hour every day to recuperate his legs and feet.

Liang Yu Rong was wearing a pomegranate red jacket that was embroidered with a silk treasure pattern and a white, pleated skirt embroidered with auspicious symbols. She looked as lovely as flowers. Her smiling face showed dimples on the bottom of her soft cheeks. She originally had her head lowered to speak with Wei Chang Yin. After she heard a servant girl announcing that Wei Luo had entered the room, she lifted her head. Her face turned red after she directly looked at Wei Luo’s bright eyes.

Wei Luo and Zhao Jie greeted the older generation first and presented their gifts. When it was Liang Yu Rong’s turn, Wei Luo took a long, red sandalwood box that was carved with a pattern of daffodils from Jin Lu. She teasingly said, “This is for oldest cousin Chang Yin and older sister-in-law Yu Rong.”

Liang Yu Rong took the box and opened it to see. There was a jade figurine of Guanyin. She blushed and wanted to have a few words with Wei Luo. But since she was a newly married wife, it wouldn’t be good for her to act discourteously in front of the elders. She only stealthily sent Wei Luo a rebuking glance before saying, “Thank you… fifth sister-in-law.”

Wei Luo said, “Your welcome.”

On the side, Second Madam Song-shi saw the item and said with a smile, “Yu Rong and First Young Master have only been married for a few days, there isn’t any rush. But, Ah Luo, you’ve been married to Prince Jing for two months. Is there any movement in your stomach?”

Wei Luo didn’t expect that the topic would shift towards her. She immediately felt embarrassed. She usually didn’t think about this issue. She felt that was plenty of time and there was no need to be anxious. It would be best to let nature take its course. Now that second aunt was asking this question in front of everyone, she paused for a while, “I…”

Zhao Jie held her hand and said, “Ah Luo is still young. It might be harmful for her body to have a child right now. This prince isn’t anxious for an heir. Let’s talk about this later.”

Second madam awkwardly smiled. It wouldn’t be good her to continue asking questions.

Wei Luo looked around. Not seeing Wei Chang Hong, she asked Wei Kun, “Daddy, why isn’t Chang Hong here?”

Wei Kun said, “Chang Hong is writing rhyming couplets in the inner court. I already ordered people to call him over here.”

Wei Luo said, “I’ll go over there to look. I haven’t walked around the residence for a while.”

Wei Kun didn’t say anything to stop her.

Zhao Jie knew about this younger brother’s tendencies. He didn’t know what Chang Hong would say to Wei Luo when they met, so he lifted his lip and said to Wei Kun and Duke Ying, “This prince will also go to look at younger brother-in-law’s rhyming couplets.”

As a result, Duke Ying and Wei Kun naturally couldn’t stay in the receiving room. They undoubtedly had to follow Zhao Jie to the inner court.

Duke Ying’s household had a habit of writing their own rhyming couplets for the New Year. This year was Wei Chang Hong and Wei Chang Xian’s turn. However, Wei Chang Xian was a hyperactive person that couldn’t sit still. He had only written a few verses before slipping away to play somewhere else and left Wei Chang Hong behind in the inner court to write the rhyming couplets at a remarkable speed.

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, Wei Chang Xian is Qin-shi’s son.)

Underneath an osmanthus tree, Wei Chang Hong was sitting at a black desk that was outlined in gold and had curved edges. There was more than a dozen written rhyming couplets by his hand. He looked very serious and meticulous. The movement of his hand as he was writing seemed as natural as moving clouds and flowing water. It was a very pleasing sight to observe.

At his side, there was a servant girl grinding ink for him. She was so absorbed with watching him that she didn’t even notice when the group of people had come over.

The young servant girl couldn’t be blamed for being starstruck. After the New Year has passed, Chang Hong was fifteen years old and the age when teenagers were growing up. His thin body had become tall and straight and his face was gradually changing into a man’s face. He was good-looking to begin with. As he became more mature, young noble women were even more attracted to him, much less a young servant girl.

The servant girl glimpsed from her peripheral vision that the important people in the household had come here. She hurriedly saluted and said, “This servant greets Duke Ying and the other masters.”

Wei Chang Hong put down his brush, stood up, and said, “Paternal grandfather, father…” His line of sight shifted and he saw Wei Luo behind them. He couldn’t resist showing happiness. He said with a smile, “Ah Luo, you’re also here?”

Wei Luo walked to his side and looked down at the rhyming couplets he had written before she raised her head and said, “It’s your fault for not coming to see me in the receiving room. I could only come here to look for you.”

Wei Chang Hong said, “I wanted to finish writing the fifty rhyming couplets before going to the receiving room. I didn’t expect that you would come here.”

Duke Ying saw that he was the only person here and asked, “Where’s Chang Xian?”

Wei Chang Hong said, “Third cousin’s friend came here to look for him. He had something to do, so he left the residence first.”

Duke Ying shook his head. He was very displeased as he said, “That child is already twenty years old and he still gets impatient.”

Wei Chang Hong didn’t say anything.

Duke Ying and the other masters picked up the rhyming couplets that Chang Hong had written and were very pleased with these poems. Duke Ying commented, “The brushstrokes are elegant and outstanding. The calligraphy is strong and powerful.”

The family joyously and harmoniously talked for a while.

Duke Ying was worried about slighting Zhao Jie, so he suggested going back to the receiving room to sit down. Just as they were about to walk back, a little fellow wearing a crimson robe animatedly rushed over here from the other end of the verandah. He ran straight into Wei Luo, held her arm, and said, “Older sister Ah Luo, you finally came back. I missed you so much.”

This little fellow was no other than Wei Chang Mi.

The servant girl behind him hurriedly stepped forward to say, “Duke and Madam, please forgive me. Seventh Young Master insisted on coming here…”

Fourth madam didn’t blame her. She waved her head and said, “You can withdraw.”

Qin-shi didn’t expect that Wei Chang Mi would continue to stickily stay by Wei Luo's side.

He raised his small face and asked, “Older sister Ah Luo, will you still be leaving after coming back this time?”

Wei Luo nodded, “Of course, I’ll be leaving in the evening.”

Wei Chang Mi pouted and disappointedly blinked his eyes. “Can’t you stay for a few extra days? We haven’t been able to play together after you got married.”

Fourth madam helplessly reprimanded him, “Mi-er, come here. Don’t say nonsense.”

Wei Chang Mi held Wei Luo’s arm and didn’t move. His slippery dark eyes turned and he looked at the silent person next to Wei Luo. Although he was only ten years old, he understood the meaning of marriage and knew that Zhao Jie was the person that Wei Luo had married. After thinking, he obediently called out, “Older brother-in-law, are you well?”

Zhao Jie curved his lips, “En.”

Although this little fellow was sticky, he was much more sensible than Wei Chang Hong. At the very least, he had never heard Wei Chang Hong called him, “Older brother-in-law.”

Zhao Jie rather benevolently said, “The next time you miss older sister Ah Luo, you can come over to Prince Jing’s residence at any time.”

Wei Chang Mi’s eyes brightened and he repeatedly nodded, “Thank you, older brother-in-law.”

On the side, Wei Chang Hong glanced at Chang Mi and thought he was such a suck-up.

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