Chongfei Manual - Chapter 145.1

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Chapter 145.1

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Chapter: 145.1 out of 171

After the family ate lunch, Wei Luo went with fourth madam to the reception pavilion to talk for a while, then she went to first branch’s Banyan Tree Courtyard with Liang Yu Rong. There were still leftover bright red paper cutouts of the “double happiness” from the wedding day. The lanterns in the verandah also hadn’t been taken down yet.

When they entered the bridal chamber, Wei Luo saw shining, red candles that were decorated with a dragon and a phoenix on a long, narrow table. Next to the candles, there was a golden tray filled with peanuts, red dates, lotus seeds, and other items. Wei Luo smiled as she looked at Liang Yu Rong and asked, “Can I go inside to look?”

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In a slightly bad mood, Liang Yu Rong cast her an annoyed look and asked her a question in response, “If you want to look, can I stop you?”

Wei Luo pursed her lips and laughed. She grandiosely walked into the inner room. The inner room had a twelve piece red sandalwood divider that was decoratively carved with lotus flowers. Behind the divider, there was all of the furniture that the newlyweds would need.

Wei Luo looked around with keen interest as if she wasn't already married herself. She walked to the bedside and pointed at the pair of crimson pillows that were embroidered with a pair of mandarin ducks. She asked, “Yu Rong, did you embroidered this yourself?”

Liang Yu Rong nodded. She proudly said, “In addition to the pillows, the quilt and bed sheet were also embroidered by me.”

Wei Luo blinked and asked with a smile, “I remember that your embroidery skills weren’t very good. Why did you embroider so much?”

The tips of Liang Yu Rong’s ears turned red. Without saying a word, she led Wei Luo to sit down on a couch by the window and pretended that she didn’t hear her question.

Wei Luo supported her cheeks in her hands and wouldn’t let her off. She smilingly asked, “Yu Rong, how was your wedding night with oldest cousin?”

Liang Yu Rong took an orange and stuffed it into Wei Luo’s hand. Angry out of embarrassment, she said, “Eat an orange. Why are you asking so many questions today?”

Liang Yu Rong wasn’t a person that was easily embarrassed, but her young girl’s heart had been fully appeared after she had recently married the person she loved. Her shy and embarrassed appearance made her looked much cuter than normal. No wonder Wei Luo couldn’t resist teasing her.

After Wei Luo mentioned it, Liang Yu Rong couldn’t help thinking about her wedding night with Wei Chang Yin. She had always thought that Wei Chang Yin was an elegant and noble person that had didn’t have any earthly desires. Unexpectedly, even he had moments when he couldn’t restrain his emotions…

That night, it had been the first time for the both of them. There were bound to be mishaps. Since Wei Chang Ying’s leg wasn’t fully recovered, he guided her to complete the wedding night with his words. As his quiet and hoarse voice entered her ears, Liang Yu Rong felt as if her brains were turning into a tangled mess. She couldn’t think of anything. She even forgot about the booklet that her mother had given her the night before the wedding. She could only follow Wei Chang Yin’s words. Whatever words he said, she obediently did them.

On the first attempt, it went to the wrong place. Liang Yu Rong felt so pained that tears came rolling down her eyes. She curled up against Wei Chang Yin’s chest and cried out, “It hurts.”

Wei Chang Yin wrapped his arms around her shoulders. This was the first time that he realized this girl was so slim and frail. Feeling heartache, he kissed her forehead, “I’m sorry…” But, he didn’t say he wanted to stop.

All women had to experience this. Since she had married him, he wanted to give her everything a wife would have. He didn't want other people to think badly of her. His leg was his only injured part. The other parts were perfectly fine.

When Liang Yu Rong went to greet her father-in-law and mother-in-law the next day, her sore legs felt completely lacking in strength and she even felt embarrassed every time she looked at Wei Chang Yin.

Two days later, she gradually became more comfortable.

Wei Luo peeled the orange. As her teeth bit down into the orange, sweet and fresh juice burst out. She curiously asked, “It’s the not the season for oranges, why are these oranges so sweet?”

Liang Yu Rong explained, “Big brother Chang Yin knows that I like to eat oranges, so he especially had people deliver these oranges from the south.” After saying this, she saw Wei Luo’s suddenly enlightened gaze. She poked Wei Luo’s forehead and said, “You couldn’t possibly be feeling jealous over this, right? Don’t think that I don’t know. Your Prince Jing treats you so well. If you want to eat oranges, he might actually buy all of the orchards for you.”

Wei Luo clutched her forehead, laughed, and confidently admitted, “That’s true.”

As two girls that had recently married, they had endless topics to talk about. After chattering for an hour, they heard noise from the outside courtyard. Liang Yu Rong tilted her head and looked out through the window. Wei Chang Yin was standing up from his wheelchair and toddling around the courtyard with the help of a cane. Liang Yu Rong immediately put down the items she was holding, jumped up from the arhat couch, and said, “Ah Luo, I’m going over there to look. Wait here for bit.”

Right after Wei Luo said, “Okay,” Liang Yu Rong disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

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