Chongfei Manual - Chapter 146.2

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Chapter 146.2

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Chapter: 146.2 out of 171

After Wei Luo had selected several bolts of fabric, the female shopkeeper asked, “We still have the princess consort’s measurement from last time. Would Your Highness like us to make clothes using those measurements?”

Wei Luo was slightly surprised, “Doesn’t your store only accept five custom orders?”

The female steward gratifyingly smiled, “The princess consort is different from other people.”

Xiu Chun made very unique clothing. Every time a new style of robe was made, it would become the trend in the capital for a while. Many stores tried to imitate Xiu Chun, but they were never able to successfully copy its original style.

Since the storekeeper had asked, Wei Luo naturally agreed.

The female storekeeper said, “Once the clothes are made, I’ll have them deliver to Prince Jing’s residence.”

Wei Luo nodded and saw Zhu Geng following the female storekeeper through the inner wall partition. He was probably going there to pay the bill. As Wei Luo and Zhao Jie walked out of Xiu Chun, Wei Luo jokingly asked, “Big brother, how much money did you offer this time?”

Zhao Jie said, “I bought this store last year. You can have as many clothes made here as you want.”

Wei Luo opened and closed her mouth. This was the first time she felt that there was truly an advantage to marrying a prince.

After leaving Xiu Chun, just as Wei Luo was about to enter the carriage, she saw a familiar figure from her peripheral vision.

As Gao Qing Yang was walking out of Xiu Chun’s entrance, she saw a young beggar girl with shabby clothing She tilted her head and ordered the servant girl at her side.

Wei Luo saw the servant girl nodding, walking to a nearby dumpling stall to buy two dumplings, and placing the dumplings in front of the young girl. Without waiting for the beggar girl to thank her, the servant girl walked back to Gao Qing Yang’s side. Gao Qing Yang looked away from the beggar girl and without any changes in her expression, she turned around to go into her family’s carriage.

When her line of sight shifted, she met Wei Luo’s smiling eyes.

Gao Qing Yang froze for a moment. She hadn’t expected to meet Wei Luo here. She also lightly smiled in greeting. Then, she went inside Duke Zhen’s residence’s carriage.

Wei Luo currently had a favorable impression of Gao Qing Yang even though they didn’t have pleasant interactions with each other as children. She hadn’t expected that her temperament would change so much. Last time, not only had she helped her win that game, she had also stopped Li Xiang from slapping her that one time. She was truly a dependable person.

Was she already engaged?

Zhao Jie pulled Wei Luo inside the carriage, poked her forehead, and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Wei Luo smiled and mysteriously said, “Not telling you.”

Zhao Jie placed his hand on her small bottom and slightly closed his eyes. “Are you going to tell me or not?”

Wei Luo was really scared about being spanked. Even if he used less strength, it would still hurt. She jumped out from his arms, sat down across from him, and said, “I recently saw Duke Zhen’s family’s Miss Gao. Aren’t you her cousin? What kind of impression do you have of her?”

Zhao Jie thought for a moment before saying, “Gao Qing Yang?”

Wei Luo nodded, “Yes.”

Zhao Jie considered for a moment. He didn’t pay much attention to other girls and had only spoken to Gao Qing Yang a handful of times, so he didn’t any impression of her. He halfheartedly said, “I heard imperial mother say that she has a quiet and steady temperament.”

Wei Luo thought about his words and very quickly let go of her original idea. Chang Hong was a habitually silent person and Gao Qing Yang was also a quiet person. If the two of them were paired together, neither of them would say anything. It seemed that they weren’t suitable for each other. She shouldn’t think about this idea anymore.

During the next few days, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie continued going to their older relatives’ homes one after another and received many red envelopes.

The days peacefully passed by and the temperature gradually became warmer day by day and wasn’t as cold as before.

Today, the villa on Tian Chan Mountain delivered freshly picked cherries. Jin Lu washed some and brought a small plate of the cherries to the study. Wei Luo ate the cherry dessert while lying down on the couch that was by the window and reading a book with interesting stories.

On the side, Zhao Jie was handling official work and would occasionally glance over at Wei Luo. She was eagerly reading her stories and not paying him the slightest attention.

Zhao Jie put down his brush and rubbed the spot between his eyebrows. Just as he was about to call Wei Luo over, he saw Zhu Geng coming inside with a solemn expression.

Zhu Geng said, “Your Highness, this subordinate has news regarding the matter that you had previously ordered an investigation on. ”

Wei Luo had sharp ears and naturally heard these words. She immediately put down the cherry she was holding and turned her head to look.

Zhao Jie said, “Speak.”

Zhu Geng said, “This subordinate has found a dismissed female servant that served Noble Consort Ning fifteen years ago.”

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