Chongfei Manual - Chapter 152.2

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Chapter 152.2

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Chapter: 152.2 out of 171

By the time Wei Luo came back from outside, Zhao Jie had already lied down on the bed. He was stilling properly wearing his clothes. Wei Luo had Jin Lu and Bai Lan stay outside while she walked inside towards the bed. She looked downwards at Zhao Jie.

Zhao Jie’s phoenix eyes swept up to look at her. There was a hint of a smile on the corners of his lips.

Wei Luo’s heart jumped for a moment. Then, she climbed onto the bed and while she was half-kneeling, she diligently untied Zhao Jie’s belt.

Zhao Jie was currently still very calm.

Then, Wei Luo lifted up both of his hands and tightly tied his wrists to the yellow rosewood bed.

A hint of surprise was seen in Zhao Jie’s eyes. Soon after, he meaningfully closed them. “Ah Luo, are you sure you want to play like this?”

Wei Luo thought that if she tied up his hands, then he wouldn’t be able to resist no matter what she did later. She raised her small face. There was a very pleased with herself smile on her face. “Why can’t I? Big brother, didn’t you say you would do whatever I wanted?”

The young girl didn’t realize she was lighting a fire. She straddled Zhao Jie’s waist and lightly patted his cheek, “Big brother, smile for me.”

Zhao Jie looked at her with burning eyes.

Wei Luo didn’t care if he was smiling or not. Her fingers slowly stroked the outline of his cheeks. When she reached his thin lips, she rubbed his lips for a while before her soft, white fingers separated his lips and slipped into his mouth without any fears.

Zhao Jie gently held her fingers with his teeth. His gaze was like a bright torch.

Right after that, Wei Luo saw him exerting his strength and easily breaking apart the belt that she had used to tie his hands.

Wei Luo stared at the fragmented pieces of cloth. Before she could react, she felt her vision spinning and she was pressed underneath Zhao Jie’s body.

Wei Luo’s eyes opened wider in astonishment.

Zhao Jie leaned over and bit down on her smooth neck. He hoarsely said, “It’s my turn to play with you.”


Next morning, Wei Luo felt as if her waist was going to break in half.

The consequence of lighting a fire was that the raging inferno had reached her body and almost burned her to ashes. Zhao Jie was really too much. He had clearly said she could play as she wanted, but he still did what he pleased at the end! Wei Luo rubbed her waist and rolled farther away inside the bed. She wanted to be far away from this starving wolf. She would never trust his words again.

As a result, when Zhao Jie opened his eyes, he saw a young girl hiding from him and her eyes were gleaming with tears. Her dudou was loosely hanging on her body and her neck and shoulders were full of blemishes. A glance would show that she had been fiercely tormented. Zhao Jie’s eyes deepened. His hand stretched out to bring Wei Luo closer, then he pressed her beneath him and fiercely tormented her once again.

Wei Luo wouldn’t say a single word to him even after he came back from practicing martial arts in the courtyard.

He waited until after Wei Luo finished her bath and was sitting in front of the bronze mirror having her hair brushed. He took the comb from Jin Lu’s hand and continued brushing her hair. He didn’t forget to lower his voice as he asked, “Did you have fun playing?”

Wei Luo threw a hairpin with golden wires twisted to form a grasshopper sitting on a blade of grass down onto the dressing table. Then, she turned around, glared at him, and said, “Big fat liar!”

Zhao Jie smiled, “How did I lie to you?”

“You clearly said…” Wei Luo was utterly flustered and exasperated. Right after she stood up, her waist and legs felt weak, so she ended up falling down to sit again. Since she had lost her imposing manner and there were so many servant girls watching them, it wouldn’t be good for her to mention their agreement. Wei Luo’s eyes turned red. A long time later, she finally squeezed out the words, “Go sleep in the study tonight.”

This was a big deal. Zhao Jie finally realized the seriousness of the situation. He sent Jin Lu, Bai Lan, Yun Gua, and Yu Suo away from the room, then he carried Wei Luo onto his lap, rubbed her waist, and tried coaxing her.

Fifteen minutes later, Wei Luo’s residual anger hadn’t disappeared. She stretched her hand out and scratched his neck. “This is completely your fault. I was planning on going out today. How can I go out like this?” She didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

Zhao Jie took hold of her hand and held her fingertips in his mouth. “Where did you want to go?”

Wei Luo said, “Yang Zhen is returning to the capital today. I promised Liuli that I would go with her to Emerald Restaurant to look.”

Emerald Restaurant’s private rooms would have an excellent and clear viewpoint of the army when they returned to capital.

Zhao Jie hesitantly said, “I’ll arrange for a carriage to bring you over there.”

Wei Luo nodded her head in agreement. This was her only option.

After Wei Luo changed her clothes and was going out, Zhao Jie was coincidentally also leaving the residence to go to Shen Ji Barracks, so they left the residence together. Zhao Jie supported Wei Luo’s waist the entire way there. Only a fool wouldn’t be able to tell what had happened. His action annoyed Wei Luo to death. She kept pushing his hand away. His action revealed what she wanted to hide! Unfortunately, Zhao Jie was thick-skinned and her resistance was futile.

Only one morning has passed before most of their servants knew that the prince had fiercely loved the princess consort last night.

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