Chongfei Manual - Chapter 153.2

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Chapter 153.2

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Chapter: 153.2 out of 171

Zhao Liuli felt as if her body was going to be snapped in half by him. How did his hands become so strong after going to Guang Dong? The young princess blinked. Still feeling angry, she asked, “Why can’t I? Someone even recently gave you two captured slaves. I saw them. They look very beautiful. You already have other women. Why do I have to continue obediently stay with you?”

Yang Zhen awkwardly explained, “I didn’t accept them.”

Zhao Liuli leaned against his chest and heard the sound of his beating heart. It didn’t seem to match his calm expression at all. “Did you have other women in Guang Dong?”

Yang Zhen seemed to want to absorb her into his body, “I didn’t.”

Zhao Liuli raised her head to look at him, but she could only see his firm chin and his blade-sharp silhouette. She couldn’t see his eyes. “Then, did you think about me?”

Yang Zhen hugged her without speaking. The longing that he felt for her couldn’t be clearly expressed by words.

Of course, he missed her. He was only able to pass every life-threatening moment because he was thinking of her.

But, Zhao Liuli wouldn’t wait to hear his answer. She angrily pushed him away and prepared to jump down from the horse. “Never mind then. I want to go back. Let go of me.”

How could Yang Zhen be willing to let her go? He held her by the waist to prevent her from jumping down from the horse. He said, “I thought about you.”

Zhao Liuli was unwilling to easily forgive him. “How much did you think about me?”

Yang Zhen silently looked at her with his pitch-black eyes as if there was something brewing inside of him. Before Zhao Liuli could react, he held her small face and swooped down to kiss her. Their lips seemed glued together. Right now, Yang Zhen didn’t care about adhering to the etiquette between a princess and her subject. After touching Zhao Liuli’s lips, he impatiently rushed in. He hadn’t tasted her for so long and he couldn’t stop once he started. Yang Zhen was remarkably like a wild wolf that had been hungry for a long time. Once he seized this small, white rabbit, he devoured it with all his energy. The sound of their kisses was so loud that Zhao Liuli blushed as she heard the sound.

A long time later, Zhao Liuli’s mouth and tongue had already become numb. Their transparent saliva slid down her lower jaws. Yang Zhen continued to linger over her lips, then he lowered his head and licked her chin clean of saliva.

Yang Zhen’s burning hot palm held her waist as he whispered into her ear, “I thought about you this much.”

Zhao Liuli’s face was thoroughly red. She bit her bottom lip, but it only tasted of him.

The young princess’s gaze moved about. Her hopeful eyes were dazzling. She was much more obedient after being fiercely kissed and didn’t mention that she wanted to return to the palace.

Yang Zhen required a great deal of self-control to restrain his emotions and stop his hands from violating her. He said, “Liuli, don’t marry someone else.”

Zhao Liuli wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his sturdy chest. “You were the one that wrote those words in the letter.”

Yang Zhen paused. Then, he said, “I wrote the letter when I was injured and my life was in peril.” Actually, he regretted writing the letter as soon he finished writing it.

Zhao Liuli finally remembered the other parts of the letter now. She hurriedly raised her head, “What about now? Is your injury okay now?”

Yang Zhen nodded. He lifted her hand and placed it on the left side of his chest. “It’s mostly recovered. It’s okay now.”

Because he didn’t want to hide anything from her, he told Zhao Liuli the story of how he got injured.

When their side had attacked the rebel army led by its leader, the opposing group had surrounded Yang Zhen. While Yang Zhen was heavily outnumbered, he received a arrow wound to his chest. The arrow had struck only half an inch from his heart. Moreover, the tip of the arrow had been soaked in poison and Yang Zhen remained unconscious. A few doctors had watched over him for two days and two nights before they were able to save his life. He really thought he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Zhao Jie had coincidentally sent people to inquire about him at this time, so that was why he had written that sentence in the letter before he fell unconscious.

But, he had regretted his words right after he finished writing the letter. He couldn’t bear to give Zhao Liuli to someone else. Thus, he relied on his mental strength and unexpectedly woke up. On the third day, his fever diminished. The doctors all said that his recovery had been a miracle.

Even now, his wound wasn’t completely healed even thought the poison had been removed. But, Yang Zhen didn’t tell this part to Zhao Liuli.

He had downplayed what had happened, but Zhao Liuli knew that he must have suffered unendurable pain. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have written those words. “Let me see your injury.” She couldn’t let go of her worries.

Yang Zhen held her hand and said, “Really, it’s fine.”

How could Zhao Liuli believe to his words? The two of them came down from the horse and she pressed him down on a flat, smooth stone by the side of the stream. She opened his robe to examine his injury.

Yang Zhen stared at her as she did this. He seemed helpless, but there was a hidden smile in his eyes.

Zhao Liuli immediately saw the frightful-looking scar. The wound had only recently scabbed. There were crisscrossing marks left on the flesh from the doctors cleaning out the poison from the injury. Her heart felt pained as she saw this sight. She touched the newly healed over flesh and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Yang Zhen shook his head.

Yang Zhen had several other deep and shallow scars on his body in addition to the scar on his chest. There were new scars and old scars. Zhao Liuli glared at him in dissatisfaction. “Older brother Yang Zhen is still young. Look at these scars. How are you taking care of yourself? Don't you value your life?” If something had happened to him and he didn’t return, what would she do?

Yang Zhen closed his robes and took her into his arms. “I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Zhao Liuli sniffled and obediently cuddled into his embrace. Never mind, everything was fine as long as he came back. She would take care of him in the future.


It was a harmonious spring day and the Japanese roses and peonies in the back garden had blossomed into flowers. Wei Luo wanted to make new rouge, so she called Jin Lu and Bai Lan to her side and carried a colorful, flower bowl to the back garden to pick flower petals.

Yang Zhen had come to the residence an hour ago. He and Zhao Jie were currently having a conversation in the study.

After Wei Luo had picked half a bowl of peony petals, she had Jin Lu bring a copper basin of purified water. Then, she poured the petals into the basin to begin washing the flower petals.

An hour later, Wei Luo finished washing the flower petals and was starting to lay out the petals underneath the sunlight to dry them.

Zhao Jie had finished discussing his work. When he returned to their bedroom, he found out that Wei Luo was in the back garden drying flower petals, so he walked over there.

Wei Luo was kneeling on the bamboo mat laid out next to the flowerbed. She picked up a flower petal and put it into her mouth. After she tasted it, her bright, black eyes turned and she said to Jin Lu, “Go and bring back more honey and mica.”

Jin Lu acknowledged the order. When she turned around to leave and saw Zhao Jie, she hurriedly saluted, “Your Highness.”

Hearing Jin Lu’s voice, Wei Luo turned her head and asked, “Did you finish talking with Yang Zhen?”

Zhao Jie walked to her side, grasped her white wrist, and lifted it up. He lowered his head and licked the flower nectar from her fingertips. He asked a question in reply, “Do flower petals taste good?”

Wei Luo blinked, “They taste pure and sweet.”

“Let me taste them too.” As he said this, his left hand moved to the back of Wei Luo’s head and not allowing any resistance, he kissed down.

After he pried open her lips and teeth and tasted everything inside and out, he finally commented, “It’s not as tasty as milky egg soup.”

Wei Luo pushed him away, pursed her lips, and said, “Bai Lan is still here.”

But when she turned her head, she saw that Bai Lan had already discreetly walked away with Jin Lu.

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