Chongfei Manual - Chapter 156.1

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Chapter 156.1

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Chapter: 156.1 out of 171

Today, the sunshine illuminated everything and there wasn’t a cloud in sight for a thousand miles.

Wei Luo’s period started last night and she was feeling very gloomy. She hadn’t been concerned with this matter originally and felt that a child would come when it was time. There wasn’t anything to worry about. However, Empress Chen and fourth aunt had repeatedly inquired about this matter. One said that Zhao Jie was old enough that they should be considering the problem of descendants. The other said that Liang Yu Rong was already pregnant. Why wasn’t she pregnant yet? Their fussing had caused Wei Luo to be anxious too. In addition, her period had just started, so her mood hadn’t been good. She had even reprimanded several servants this morning.

Zhao Jie had specially freed up a day in his schedule to go with Wei Luo to Da Long Temple to burn incense in worship. He knew that she wasn’t in a good mood, so he stayed patient and tried to coax her. “I’m not even worried. What’s there for you to be anxious about? Ah Luo, I married you because I want to pamper and take care of you. It wasn’t because I wanted you to burn incense for me. If I only want a heir, I could have married anyone. Why would have I insisted on only being willing to marry you? Don’t take imperial mother’s words seriously. She’s been thinking too much about having a grandson. If you feel too pressured, I’ll talk with imperial mother so that you can decrease the frequency of going to Zhao Yang Hall to pay respects.”

Wei Luo was sitting on his lap and moving his fingers back and forth as she counted them again and again. “But I want to give birth to our children.”

Zhao Jie kissed the top of her head, but he felt that it wasn’t enough. He closely held her small face and said, “Naturally, we’ll have children in the future. Let’s have three children. Two son and one daughter, okay?”

Wei Luo nodded. Her mood had improved after hearing his persuasive words.

When they arrived at Da Long Temple’s foothills, they saw Duke Ying’s residence’s carriage. Wei Luo had Jin Lu go over to the other carriage to inquire and found out that first madam and Liang Yu Rong had also come here to burn incense. They had also brought second branch’s Wei Bao Shan with them.

Liang Yu Rong had recently been diagnosed as being pregnant for over a month. Her pregnancy didn’t seem noticeable yet. First Madam was very concerned and had arranged for several servants to serve Liang Yu Rong. She was treated like a moon with all of the stars revolving around her.

Liang Yu Rong was very happy to see Wei Luo. She pulled Wei Luo to her side as they climbed the stairs. “Is your prince that unwilling to part from you? He’s even coming with you to burn incense.”

Wei Luo somewhat jealously looked at Liang Yu Rong’s stomach. Yu Rong had only been married for two months and she was already pregnant. She had been married for half a year without any signs of pregnancy. It really wasn’t fair. “What about you? Why didn’t oldest cousin Chang Yin come with you?”

Liang Yu Rong laughed as she objected, “You have to climb up long stairs to get to Da Long Temple. His leg hasn’t fully recovered yet. There’s no way I would let him come here with me.”

Look at that pleased with herself expression. Wei Luo wanted to ask Liang Yu Rong for advice on private bedroom matters. However, that Wei Bao Shan came over to greet her and Wei Luo curved the corners of her lips down.

Wei Luo didn’t have a good impression of Wei Bao Shan. Last year, she had tried to seduce Zhao Jie by pretending to pull down her handkerchief from a tree at the hot spring villa.

Thus, Wei Luo only nodded in response and showed a very alienated attitude.

Liang Yu Rong pulled Wei Luo to walk faster for a few steps and whispered, “You should keep away from Wei Bao Shan.”

Wei Luo stopped herself from raised her eyebrows. She had thought she was the only one that disliked Wei Bao Shan. “Why?”

Liang Yu Rong said, “Just remember my words. I heard that she’s a person that’s not satisfied with her position. She tried to seduce Heir Song when we went to Count Zhong Yi’s residence as a guest last time, but Heir Song only ignored her.”

Song Hui? Wei Luo felt somewhat surprised. She hadn’t expected that this Wei Bao Shan would be a person that was so discontent with her position. But when she thought about, it wasn’t that surprising. Second aunt was deliberately oppressing her and not allowing her to marry. Wei Bao Shan had already aged to an old maiden of eighteen years old and her status in Duke Ying’s household was awkward. If she didn’t get married soon, no one would want her. By that time, her only choice would be to marry a widower or be someone’s concubine.

Wei Luo said, “Don’t worry. I rarely come into contact with her.”

Da Long Temple was at the top of a mountain. When they had climbed halfway up, Wei Luo ran out strength and Zhao Jie had to carry her up the rest of the way in the end. Liang Yu Rong felt very envious when she saw this. In her heart, she felt that Wei Luo’s life was too wonderful. Before she was married, she had Wei Chang Hong to carry her. After she was married, she had Prince Jing to carry her. The more she thought, the more envious she felt.

Liang Yu Rong was pregnant and shouldn’t be exercising too strenuously. As a result, she would frequently pause as she walked up the stairs and arrived at the temple an hour after Wei Luo.


Since it was praying for a child, then it would only seem sincere if they came here together to pray. Wei Luo pulled Zhao Jie to kneel down on the praying mats with her. They bowed to the Bodhisattva statue three times, lit three incense sticks, and inserted the incense into the three-legged incense burner.

When they were walking out of the main hall, Zhao Jie rapped Wei Luo’s head. “Have you stopped worrying now?”

Wei Luo clutched her head. Just as she was about to speak, she saw someone at the entrance when she raised her her head.

Wei Bao Shan took a step back and said with her head lowered, “Greeting Prince Jing, Greetings Princess Consort Jing.”

Wei Luo unobtrusively furrowed her eyebrows. She didn’t know how long Wei Bao Shan had been standing here.

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