Chongfei Manual - Chapter 157.2

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Chapter 157.2

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Chapter: 157.2 out of 171

Fifteen minutes later, a servant girl wearing a pink jacket and skirt came inside and said, “First Young Madam, First Young Master came here to bring you back.”

This room had been Wei Luo’s room when she was an unmarried girl. It wouldn’t be good for Wei Chang Yin to enter this room, so he waited outside near the doorway.

Liang Yu Rong hurriedly put down the clothes in her hands and walked outside.

Wei Luo followed behind Liang Yu Rong. She was slightly surprised when she saw the elegant and handsome man standing outside. Wei Chang Yin’s leg had mostly recovered and he could freely walk around.

He was currently standing underneath a locust tree in the courtyard. The flower petals fell from the tree with a faint rustling sound and onto his shoulders. He looked towards the doorway and faintly smiled when he met Wei Luo’s line of sight. He turned his gaze towards Liang Yu Rong and said, “You already spent enough time outside. You should go back and rest.”

After Liang Yu Rong became pregnant, Wei Chang Yin would closely watch after her. Liang Yu Rong had a careless and excitable personality, so Wei Chang Yin couldn’t be blamed for feeling worried. There was a set schedule of when she could go out each day. As soon as the time arrived, she had to go back to their room to rest.

Although Liang Yu Rong said Wei Chang Yin was too controlling, her heart felt very happy and sweet. What woman wouldn’t want to be watched over by her husband like this? The more he managed her life, the more it showed that he cared for her.

Liang Yu Rong reached Wei Chang Yin in a few steps and wrapped her arms around his neck. She said, “Ah Luo is here today. Can’t I spend more time talking to her?”

Wei Chang Yin smiled rather helplessly, “Today is already an hour later than yesterday.” The implication was that he had already extended the deadline.

Wei Luo didn’t put Wei Chang Yin in a difficult position. She smoothed things over by saying, “That’s good. I have to leave soon too. I’ll come back on another day to visit Yu Rong.”

Shortly after Wei Chang Yin and Liang Yu Rong left, Wei Chang Hong returned to Pine Courtyard.

Wei Luo was currently lying underneath a Chinese parasol tree in the courtyard and enjoying the cool air. Wei Chang Hong was wearing an indigo robe today. He walked to Wei Luo’s side and furrowed his eyebrows as he asked, “Ah Luo, I heard that Wei Bao Shan offended you.”

Wei Luo opened her eyes. Seeing that it was Chang Hong, she sat up and said, “How did you find out about this?”

Wei Chang Hong said, “I heard the servants speaking about it. There was a huge fuss when second aunt wanted to punish Wei Bao Shan. Everyone in the residence knows about this.”

Second aunt had an irritable temperament. She had dislike Wei Bao Shan from the beginning. Now that Wei Bao Shan had caused her to lose face in front of other people, she naturally wouldn’t let her off. The second branch’s courtyard was probably in a panic-stricken and chaotic state. Wei Luo didn’t find this matter strange at all. She shifted slightly to the side to give Chang Hong space to sit down. “She spoke disrespectfully to her superior. I already had Jin Lu discipline her.”

Wei Chang Hong didn’t sit down. After considering for a moment, he turned around and headed out of Pine Courtyard. “I’ll tell second uncle about this and have her driven out of this household.”

Wei Luo wasn’t able to stop him. She watched as he walked farther and farther away.

If second uncle could be easily persuaded, second aunt wouldn’t have ended in a stalemate with him originally. Their second uncle was usually very agreeable, but once he became stubborn about something, he was very stubborn. Wei Cheng felt a deep affection for his deceased outside mistress and was very fond of that woman’s daughter. If they wanted Wei Bao Shan to leave Duke Ying’s household, the only option was marrying her off sooner rather than later.

As for whom she would marry, that was very negotiable.


Zhao Jie had also heard about Wei Bao Shan offending Wei Luo. He didn’t ask Wei Luo any questions. Instead, he directly looked for Second Master and told Second Master Wei Chen to properly disciple his daughter. Wei Cheng was terrified by his powerful aura and didn’t say a single word in Wei Bao Shan’s defense. He repeatedly nodded and promised that he would properly disciple Wei Bao Shan. He even said that he would bring Wei Bao Shan over to apology to Wei Luo.

Zhao Jie calmly said, “No need. Ah Luo doesn’t want to see her.”

Wei Cheng started another round of apologies. Although Zhao Jie had married Wei Luo and was Wei Cheng’s junior in the family hierarchy, Wei Cheng wasn’t able to stand up against Zhao Jie at all. Honestly, it would already be good enough if he didn’t tremble in Zhao Jie’s presence.


After they returned to Prince Jing’s residence, Wei Luo single-mindedly thought about Liang Yu Rong’s words and remained distracted even during dinner.

Zhao Jie used his chopsticks to add a slice of fish in cream sauce to the small plate in front of her that had a pattern of peony flowers and lightly rapped her head with his other hand. “What are you thinking about? Didn’t you say you wanted to eat sliced fish in cream sauce? I specially had the chef learn how to make this dish. Try it.”

Wei Luo ate a bite of the soft and velvety fish. Zhao Jie had already removed the bones in the fish before putting it on her plate. It tasted deliciously creamy. Normally, a person would want to eat another bite after trying the first piece. However, Wei Luo wasn’t interested in food right now. She only ate a little bit of the meal before putting down her chopsticks and bowl and saying, “I’m full. I’m going to go take bath. Big brother, your should eat more.”

Zhao Jie stopped eating and watched Wei Luo’s back figure as she left.


Inside the cleansing room, Wei Luo entered the bath and mulled over what she would say to Zhao Jie later. When she saw the clothing that Liang Yu Rong had prepared for her future child today, Wei Luo felt for the first time that she really wanted a child with Zhao Jie. She generally didn’t like children. She felt their endless crying was too noisy and they also tended to have runny noses. They were so dirty. But, when she thought about it more, if the child was Zhao Jie and hers, she would like him or her even if he or she were slightly dirty.

Zhao Jie probably felt the same way as her. At his age, he probably wanted an heir more than her. During today’s visit to Duke Ying’s residence, she paid special attention. Most men of Zhao Jie’s age already had three or four children. Zhao Jie was the only without any children.

Feeling despondent, Wei Luo’s eyebrows were twisted. Empress Chen had told her that if she had a child, he or she would help her in the future. But, Wei Luo didn’t feel this way. She liked Zhao Jie, so she naturally wanted to give him a child. It wasn’t because she wanted someone on her side in the future, much less have someone to rely on.

After Wei Luo finished her bath, she dried her body off, put on a light blue robe that was embroidered with butterflies, slipped into a pair of embroidered satin shoes, and walked back to the inner room.

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