Chongfei Manual - Chapter 157.3

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Chapter 157.3

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Chapter: 157.3 out of 171

Zhao Jie was sitting on the couch by the window. His expression was calm as he gestured at her, “Come here.”

Wei Luo could tell that he wasn’t in a good mood. She thought he was blaming her for not properly eating. She hurriedly went over, wrapped her arms around his waist, said, “I ate too much at lunch, so I wasn’t feeling hungry at dinner.”

Zhao Jie embraced her soft waist and carried her onto the couch. They sat on the couch face to face and he asked her, “What did Wei Bao Shan say to you?”

Wei Luo hadn’t expected that he would ask her this question. She mumbled, “Nothing important.”

But, her expression showed otherwise. Wei Luo wouldn’t tell him, but Zhao Jie could guess. It was definitely related to having a child. Zhao Jie stretched his arm out and pulled Wei Luo into his arms. His face light brushed against her cheek. “Ah Luo, don’t worry about it.”

Wei Luo stayed quiet. After a while, she finally slinked out from his arms. She held his face and seriously said, “Big brother, summon a doctor over for me.”

Zhao Jie’s thin lips were lightly pursed. He didn’t say a word.

Wei Luo sat up, tilted her forehead against his so they were touching, and slowly said, “Summon a doctor… to examine me. See if I…” can’t get pregnant. The more she thought, the more dejected she felt. Her small lips flattened. She almost wanted to cry. If this was true, she didn’t know how to face Empress Chen or Zhao Jie.

Zhao Jie kissed her lips and blocked the second half of her sentence. After they kissed for a while, he finally let her go and said, “Little fool. How do you know for certain that you’re the problem? Perhaps, the problem is with my body?”

Wei Luo stared at him with red eyes. A long time later, she finally said, “All the more reason to see a doctor!”

Zhao Jie sighed and brought her into his arms again. He didn’t say if he would summon a doctor or not. This made Wei Luo feel increasingly uncertain.


Several days later, Wei Luo waited at home until Zhao Jie returned from Shen Ji Barracks. She ran over to him and said, “I want to go out.”

Zhao Jie lowered his gaze to look at her. The young girl had probably waited for him for a long time. Her cheeks had become pink from being heated by the sunlight and there was a thin layer of sweat on the tip of her nose. He didn’t know how long she had been standing outside. Zhao Jie took out a handkerchief and wiped her sweat for her. He asked, “Why did you want to go out? Don’t you dislike summer days the most? Today is hotter than usual. Go out on another day.”

Wei Luo shook her head. She showed a serious expression on her small face as if she had made a monumental decision. “You won’t agree to summon a doctor for me, so I can only visit the medical building. Even if you don’t agree, I’m still going to go there today.”

Zhao Jie’s hand paused and he stared at Wei Luo.

Wei Luo went around him and seriously said, “I’m going out.”

However, she hadn’t even taken two steps before Zhao Jie picked her up by her waist and place her on his shoulder. Gobsmacked, Wei Luo tightly clutched Zhao Jie’s back. Her head felt woozy. “What are you doing?”

Zhao Jie stabilized her body with one hand and used the other hand to firmly slap her butt. Feeling as if he was getting a headache, he said, “It’s already dark out. Even if you go to the medical building right now, it’ll be closed. Be good. I’ll summon a doctor tomorrow.”

Wei Luo had a stomach full of grievances. She didn’t say a single word in reply.

Right after Zhao Jie put her down on arhat couch, she jumped up and ended up fiercely collided against Zhao Jie’s forehead. Great, not only did her butt her hurt, even her head felt painful!

Zhao Jie dampened a towel and held it against Wei Luo’s forehead. The words, “Let’s see if you’ll continue to be disobedient” was clearly written on his face.

Wei Luo was physically and emotionally exhausted. She stretched her hand out and grabbed Zhao Jie’s sleeve. She pitifully said, “It hurts.” 

Zhao Jie helplessly sighed. There was a large red mark on his forehead, but he wasn’t as delicate as Wei Luo. He would be fine after applying a little bit of medicine on that spot. “If it hurts, why did you jump up suddenly?”

Wei Luo naturally had to refute, “My butt hurt because you hit me. How could I sit?”

In order to apologize to Wei Luo, Zhao Jie personally attended to her with washing up and changing her clothes. He finally coaxed her into a better mood. Wrapped in Zhao Jie’s arms, Wei Luo said before she fell asleep, “You agreed. Remember to summon a doctor here tomorrow.”

Zhao Jie stroked her hair and said, “En, go to sleep.”

The reason why Zhao Jie wouldn’t agree to summon a doctor during the past several days was because he was feeling uneasy. If the doctor really diagnosed a problem, he didn’t want to see Wei Luo’s broken-hearted appearance. She was his young girl, so she should be unruly and pampered. Even if she was being unreasonable, she could still say something to make her actions sound reasonable.


The steward led a doctor to Zhang Tai Courtyard on the next day in the afternoon.

This doctor’s last name was Sun. He specialized in treating female illnesses and was famous for his research in this area. When Doctor Sun came to the prince’s residence, he didn’t inappropriately look around. He couldn’t help feeling more cautious when he found out that he was here to see the princess consort.

After walking into the inner room, Doctor Sun saw a beautiful, harmless young girl on the couch and actually let out a sigh in relief.

He had originally though that a girl, who could marry Prince Jing, would be fierce and forceful. He hadn’t expected that she would be so exquisitely cute. His heart, which had been anxious the entire way here, was put at ease. In a gentle tone, he said, “Your Highness, what do you wish for this old doctor to examine?” Looking at this girl that resembled a jade doll, he felt as if she could be scared just by a slightly loud voice.

Wei Luo dismissed the servant girls from the room. She looked at Zhao Jie, who was nearby, then her gaze settled on Doctor Sun’s body. “Doctor, I’ve been married to the prince for over half a year. But, I’m still not pregnant. Can you examine me to see if there's a reason for why it's difficult for me to become pregnant?”

Zhao Jie stared at Doctor Sun. Faced with this forceful pressure, Doctor Sun stepped forward. He took a silk cloth, placed it on Wei Luo’s wrist, and comfortingly said, “It’s only half a year. Some couples only have children after a few years of marriage. Your Highness, you don’t need to be worried…”

After checking her pulse, Doctor Sun had Wei Luo lie down on the arhat couch. As he gently pressed his fingers against Wei Luo’s lower abdomen, his face slowly became grave.

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