Chongfei Manual - Chapter 164.2

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Chapter 164.2

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Chapter: 164.2 out of 171

Gao Qing Yang’s father also used five minerals powder, so she was very familiar with its smell. When Wei Chang Hong had still been standing, she already had a rough idea of what had happened. Because Wei Luo and Wei Chang Hong’s faces were very similar, Gao Qing Yang recognized that Wei Chang Hong was Wei Luo’s younger brother. She had only said that last sentence as a kind warning.

Wei Chang Hong didn’t reply. He closed his eyes again. She didn’t know if he would listen to her advice.

This was the reason why Gao Qing Yang had look sullen when she met Wei Luo later.

The servant girl, who was wearing a dark green jacket and skirt, complained, “Miss, that person can’t distinguish good from bad.

Gao Qing Yang returned to Lin De Hall and silently sat down by Duchess Zhen’s side. She wasn’t the type of person that would beam with joy. Duke Zhen’s two daughters had very different temperaments. Gao Dan Yang had a headstrong and proud personality, while Gao Qing Yang was calm and collected. Gao Qing Yang quickly got over her anger and stopped caring about the incident.

However, this incident reminded her of something that had happened during another place banquet. At the time, she had gotten into an argument with Wei Luo, so she had grabbed the peanuts on the table and thrown them at Wei Luo. Back then, she was at age where most children act unreasonably. She was also too spoiled by her family and would get angry at the slightest unhappiness. Later on, Wei Chang Hong had rushed forward, grabbed her hand, and sternly said, “Don’t.”

Although this had happened a long time ago and wasn’t worth mentioning again, it explain why there would be conflict between their incompatible temperaments.


Not long after Emperor Chong Zhen’s birthday banquet, there was a heavy snowfall in the capital. The thickly falling snowflakes fluttered about in the air like cotton that had been torn apart. The snowfall lasted for a day and a night.

When Wei Luo pushed open the doors to look outside on the next day, she saw an overflowing and thick layer of snow covering the courtyard. The snow was pressing down the courtyard’s plum trees’ branches. She heard the sounds of the servants traveling back and forth from the courtyard as their cotton-padded boots trampled on the snow.

Wei Luo held a pure copper hand stove with a squash-shaped bottom and flower pattern openwork as she stood at the doorway. Her exhaled breath turned into a plume of white steam. She exclaimed in surprise, “It snowed so much!”

(T/N: Below is a picture of that hand stove.)

Zhao Jie came outside, took out a creamy white cloak that was embroidered with twinning begonia flowers at the edges, and draped it over her. “You ran out here before dressing properly for the weather. Aren’t you cold?”

Wei Luo put on the cloak and walked around the outside courtyard. Because the temperature was too cold, Zhao Jie didn’t let her stay outside for too long. After she had stayed out for the time it would take an incense stick to burn, he brought her back inside.

Wei Luo asked, “Are you going to Shen Ji Barracks today?”

Zhao Jie was holding a pair of chopsticks to turn the ashes in Wei Luo’s hand stove. “No, I’ll stay at home to keep you company since it’ll be New Years Eve soon.”

Wei Luo took out an osmnathus flower-scented item that had been recently made this year, broke it into two pieces, and put the pieces inside hand warmer. It could mask the smell of burning coals. She raised her small, flushed face. There was a smile in her eyes. “It’s fine if you don’t keep me company. Our little watermelon has been behaving much better recently and hasn’t been bothering me anymore. I rarely throw up after eating now.”

Wei Luo has originally called their baby “little watermelon” because she felt as if she was growing a watermelon inside her swelling belly. Over time, she got used to referring to their baby by this nickname.

Wei Luo knew that Zhao Jie was very busy with work lately.

Emperor Chong Zhen had the intention of establishing the next emperor. Zhao Jie was an unrivaled candidate for this position and was entirely worthy of this title. However, there were a few court officials that were completely against this idea. They had presented a petition to the emperor that said Zhao Jie had a naturally cruel, heartless, and tyrannical disposition. It would be hard to convince everyone that he was the best candidate. How would they be able to stop worrying if the world fell under the control of Zhao Jie’s extremely vicious hands in the future? What if there was unending fighting and killing once he assumed the position of emperor? In the future, wouldn’t the common people be living in an abyss of suffering and fear every day?

These imperial censors tied Emperor Chong Zhen’s ability to take action. He had to listen to them endlessly talk without getting to the point every day. In the end, he decided to temporarily set aside this matter to reconsider later.

Wei Luo knew that Zhao Jie’s mood hadn’t been good recently. Wei Luo had smoothed out his creased forehead several times when he was sleeping, but Zhao Jie would never show this side to Wei Luo when he was awake. He was pampering towards her as always. If she didn’t frequently go to the palace, he would have probably been able to successfully hide this issue from her.

There had been one time when Empress Chen inadvertently mentioned an imperial court matter. Wei Luo remembered her words and had to ask Zhu Geng about it. This was how she finally found out about the entire issue.

Wei Luo sat up straight by bracing her hand against Zhao Jie’s shoulder, so that her body could be level with his as she seriously said, “No matter what you do, I’ll believe that your actions are reasonable. Big brother, you don’t have to care about what other people say. They only say you’re cruel because they haven’t seen your gentle side. It’s not like you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them. I’m the one that will be by your side for a lifetime. It’s fine as long as I know how wonderful you are.”

She lowered her head so that her forehead was against Zhao Jie’s forehead. Her bright, black eyes were dazzling as she said, “Anyways, I’ll support you no matter what you do.”

Zhao Jie looked at her with his deep, black eyes. He didn't move.

Wei Luo started to feel uncomfortable from his staring. She moved back slightly and asked, “What? Did I say something wrong?”

Zhao Jie rose up and pressed Wei Luo beneath his body. He pecked her face a few times and tried to suppress the surging emotions in his heart. He quietly said, “No, my Ah Luo is right.”

Zhao Jie’s lips descended and touched Wei Luo’s lips. He gently sucked her lips. This kiss was gently and lingering without any lust. He just wanted to kiss her. Zhao Jie thought, he would never let go of this girl in this lifetime.

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