Chongfei Manual - Chapter 166.2

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Chapter 166.2

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Chapter: 166.2 out of 171

Wei Luo also felt very interested. She placed her hand on her belly. Little watermelon really seemed as if it was responding. It replaced its foot with a small hand to touch Wei Luo’s hand on the other side of her belly. Wei Luo’s eyes suddenly felt damp. She had been pregnant for so long. This was the first time that she truly felt her child’s existence. She really wished that it could come out sooner and wondered how it would look when it came out. Since it was Zhao Jie and her child, it definitely wouldn’t be ugly.


It wasn’t early anymore. The sun was moving towards the western horizon. Wei Luo and Zhao Liuli bid Empress Chen farewell and planned on returning to their respective residence next.

Empress Chen went with them to Qing Xi Palace’s entrance to send them off. She rather ruefully said, “Seeing that the both of you are living well, I can put down the worries in my heart.”

Zhao Liuli thought Empress Chen was only feeling sad because there was no one by her side anymore. She held Empress Chen’s hand and said, “Imperial mother, don’t worry. I’ll frequently come back to the palace to se you. I definitely won’t let you feel lonely.”

Empress Chen helplessly said, “You’re already married. How will it look if you frequently come back? Rather than hoping for you come to visit me, wouldn’t it be better for me to hope that Ah Luo will frequently come to the palace to keep me company?”

Wei Luo said, “Once my child is born, I’ll bring the child to see imperial mother. Once you have a grandchild to play and spoil, there won’t be a reason for you to worry about not having people to accompany you.”

Empress Chen smiled and said, “You’re right. I’ll just look forward to my grandchild’s birth.”

After Wei Luo and Zhao Liuli left Qing Xi Palace, Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen left first while Wei Luo sat inside the carriage and waited for a bit before Zhao Jie came out through the palace’s main doors.

Wei Luo thought Empress Chen’s recent words and she had a peculiar feeling. She asked, “Has imperial mother said anything to you recently?”

Zhao Jie brought her onto his lap and fiddled with her fingers as asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wei Luo said, “Imperial mother didn’t seem happy today. She’s probably feeling lonelier in the palace now that Liuli is married. And, she doesn’t seem like she has any intentions of forgiving His Majesty. I’m worried that she’s feeling too lonely by herself. I want to come to the palace more often in the future to keep her company.”

Zhao Jie kissed her small face and said with a smile, “Of course, you can. Just wait until after you give birth.”

Right now, Wei Luo’s belly was becoming bigger and bigger. It wasn’t convenient for her to go out and she might also meet danger on the way to the palace. Thus, it would be safer for her to stay at home.

Wei Luo considered for a moment. She nodded and said, “I previously asked you to arrange for more people at Bao He Hall. Have you arranged it yet?”

Zhao Jie said, “I did this a while ago.” As he scratched her nose, he deliberately joked, “How can I not obey Ah Luo’s words?”

Wei Luo pouted. Just as she was about to say something, the carriage shook and stopped on the road.

Zhao Jie lifted the curtain and asked, “What happened?”

The carriage driver replied, “To respond to Your Highness, the carriage in front of us broke and is blocking the road. Should we take a detour to return to the residence?”

Zhao Jie said, “Take a detour then.”

Through the gap from the lifted curtain, Wei Luo caught a glimpse of a girl standing next to carriage in front of them. She was wearing a lavender jacket and skirt. This girl was definitely Gao Qing Yang without a doubt.

Wei Luo had the carriage driver stop the carriage again. At the very least, she did have previous interactions with Gao Qing Yang, so she asked her if she wanted a ride home. After all, Duke Zhen’s residence was near Prince Jing’s residence. In addition, the sky looked gloomy and seemed as if it would rain soon. Who knew how long she would have to stand her before she could go home?

Gao Qing Yang thought for a moment before coming into the carriage without acting bashful. After she sat down, she gratefully said, “Thank you Your Highnesses.”

Wei Luo asked, “Where did you go before? Why did the carriage break down?”

Gao Qing Yang was sitting across from them. She explained, “I went out to buy some inksticks from an ink store. I was planning on going home and using them to practice calligraphy. Unexpectedly, one of the wheels on the carriage suddenly broke and I had stop by the side of the road.

Wei Luo nodded and said, “We’re heading home now. Once we reach home, I’ll have the carriage driver drive you to Duke Zhen’s residence.”

Gao Qing Yang didn’t refuse. She sincerely thanked her again, “Thank you Your Highness.”

Wei Luo shook her head and said, “No need.”


They quickly arrived at Prince Jing’s residence’s entrance. Zhao Jie carried Wei Luo down from the carriage. When they turned around, they saw a person standing tall and straight at the front of the entrance.

In front of the vermillion-lacquered doors, Wei Chang Hong was wearing a bluish-green robe made with ramie fabric. He was as calm and soothing as the rustling sound between pine trees and as elegant as the lofty clouds. The servants at the entrance had recognized him and knew that he was Princess Consort Jing’s younger brother. They didn’t dare to slight him and had asked him to go inside to sit down. Unexpectedly, he had said no and stood outside until now.

As soon as Wei Luo saw Chang Hong, she was so startled that she came out from Zhao Jie’s embrace. She lifted up her delicate green skirt that was embroidered with a pattern of orchids, bamboos, and chrysanthemums as she went up the stairs. She stopped next to Chang Hong and asked, “Chang Hong, why did you come here? Why didn’t you go inside to sit down? It’s so tiring to stand out here.”

Wei Chang Hong showed a faint smile and said, “The servants said you would be coming back soon, so I decided to wait here for you for a bit. I still have to return home after I speak with you.”

Wei Luo tilted her head and asked, “What happened that so urgent?”

“It’s not anything urgent.” Wei Chang Hong took out a bright red sachet that was embroidered with a pattern of a hundred children from his sleeve. He lifted up Wei Luo’s hand and placed the sachet on her palm. “Fourth aunt specially went to Da Ci Temple to request a safety charm for you. The charm is inside this sachet. For the time being, keep this charm for your child. Once he or she is born, give it to your child to wear. Fourth aunt says it can guarantee a lifetime of peace.”

Wei Luo clutched the sachet. When she raised her head to look at Chang Hong, her lips curved into a smile and she said, “Thank fourth aunt for me when you go back. I’ll definitely have my child wear it.”

Wei Chang Hong nodded and glanced at Zhao Jie, who was standing behind Wei Luo. Although he didn’t look happy to see him, their gazes weren’t as mutually hostile as before. Chang Hong didn’t stay to say anything else. He started walking forward after saying, “I’m going home.”

Just as he was about to raise his foot, the gloomy sky started to rain. The sudden sound of the raindrops hitting the ground caught them off guard.

Wei Chang Hong froze for a moment. He hadn’t brought an umbrella when he came out today and had ridden here on a horse. The tall, fine steed didn’t care about being rained on. It even lifted up its hooves underneath the downpour.

Wei Luo looked at Chang Hong, then she looked at the carriage that hadn’t left yet. She had a sudden idea and ordered Jin Lu to bring an umbrella over. Very quickly, Jin Lu came back and said, “Your Highness, here’s the umbrella that you wanted.”

Wei Luo took the umbrella, brought the double-ring oilpaper umbrella to Wei Chang Hong’s hand, and pointed at the black, flat-roofed carriage at the entrance. She said, “Miss Gao’s carriage broke down and she came back here with us. Chang Hong, since you’re here and it’s raining heavily, could you send Miss Gao back home just in case?”

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