Chongfei Manual - Chapter 168.6

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Chapter 168.6

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Chapter: 168.6 out of 171

The little fellow had been perfectly fine, but a moment later, he suddenly started to wail. No matter how she tried to coax him, he wouldn’t stop. He grasped the lapel of Wei Luo’s robe and cried as if he was so sad that he wanted to die. Wei Luo felt heartache seeing him like this.

On the side, the wet nurse said, “The little heir is probably hungry. Let this servant feed him.”

Wei Luo thought for a moment. She shook her head and said, “I’ll do it. You can withdraw.”

Since little Zhao Xi had been born, Wei Luo hadn’t fed him milk many times. Wei Luo’s milk wasn’t much and Zhao Jie drank most of it, so little Zhao Xi didn’t receive much of it. Coincidentally, Zhao Jie hadn’t been home much during the past few days and Wei Luo had accumulated milk, so she fed it to Zhao Xi today. As expected, the little fellow was hungry. He sucked Wei Luo’s nipple and started drinking. He didn’t cry or fuss as he eagerly drank.

Wei Luo used her fingers to wipe the tears from his eyelashes. She said with a smile, “You’re so silly. Crying just because you’re hungry…”

The little fellow whimpered for a bit and continued drinking.

After Wei Luo finished feeding him milk, it was time for Zhao Xi to sleep. She carried him back to the cradle in the side room. After she coaxed him into sleeping soundly, she walked out of the room.

Bai Lan came into the courtyard. Her expression was slightly strange. She seemed as if she wanted to say something, but she kept stopping before the words came out. “Your Majesty…”

Wei Luo asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bai Lan followed Wei Luo inside. In a baffled voice, she said, “When this servant wanted to go out to buy something, this servant saw many guards standing outside the residence. Not only are there guards at the front entrance, there’s also guards protecting the corner and side entrances as well. What do you think is happening? Hasn’t the capital been peaceful lately?”

Wei Luo paused. She turned around and asked, “Did you personally see this?”

Bai Lan nodded with certainty. “Your Highness, there isn’t anything wrong with this servant’s vision. This servant really did see this. There are many guards inside and outside the residence.”

Wei Luo pursed her lips and thought of the words that Zhao Jie had said to her last night. She had though those were just ordinary instructions. After all, Zhao Jie hadn’t said anything else. However, from the current situation, it wasn’t as simple as she had thought. What exactly was Zhao Jie planning? Why didn’t he tell her? Was he in danger?

Wei Luo passed the afternoon with an unquiet mind. When little Zhao Xi woke up, Wei Luo brought him into her arms to coax.

Fortunately, the little fellow was very good. After she fed him, he played by himself. His large, dark, limpid, eyes would occasionally turn to look at her and he would babble sounds that nobody could understand.

By the time it was nightfall, Bai Lan had gone out and brought back shocking news.

The fifth prince and Prince Rui had rebelled! The two of them had brought all of the soldiers they had control over. They invaded the palace to force Emperor Chong Zhen to abdicate.

Wei Luo had been drinking tea. When she heard this news, her hand shook and the tea spilled onto her hand. Without thinking, she asked, “What about Zhao Jie?”

Bai Lan said, “This servant heard that His Highness Prince Jing is guarding Han Yuan Hall. This servant doesn’t know the details of the situation.” After saying this, she glanced at Wei Luo’s pale face and said, “Your Highness, the prince probably didn’t tell you anything because he didn’t want you to worry. Look, there are so many guards in the residence. You can see how much the prince cares about you.”

Wei Luo also knew this. At this moment, she shouldn’t be concerned about why Zhao Jie didn’t tell her anything. Instead, she was worried about his current safety. The fifth prince and Prince Rui had work together to instigate a rebellion. They had probably prepared for this in advance. Would Zhao Jie be able to stop them? Emperor Chong Zhen was also sick and probably wouldn’t be able to help. Wei Luo was very worried about Zhao Jie.

Preoccupied with these thoughts, Wei Luo walked back and forth. When she looked up, the sky wasn’t dark yet.

She didn’t know the situation in the palace. She wanted to send Bai Lan out to ask around, but the residence was too tightly guarded. Bai Lan had gone out too much and was stopped by the guards at the entrances.

The only thing that Wei Luo could do was wait.

Wei Luo barely closed her eyes this night. As soon as she closed her eyes, she would see Zhao Jie holding a sword and riding a horse. She was scared of seeing something happening to him, so she sat on the couch that was near the window the entire night until the sky gradually revealed a smear of pale blue. This night had finally passed.

Wei Luo jumped down from the couch, hurriedly washed her face, and started to walk out of the room.

Seeing this sight, Jin Lu and Bai Lan hurriedly stopped her. “Your Highness, where are you going?”

Wei Luo said, “I’m going to go and ask what’s happening in the palace.”

Jin Lu and Bai Lan couldn’t stop her. They could only take out a fox fur cloak for her to put on and go with her. But, just as they walked to the front entrance, two black-robed guards stopped them.

One of the guards said, “Greetings, Your Highness. The prince has ordered for the princess consort and little heir to remain in the residence. It’s dangerous outside. Your Highness, please return.”

Wei Luo didn’t go back. She looked at the guard and said, “Tell me, how is the prince right now? Where is he?”

The guard’s expression didn’t change. He said, “To respond to the princess consort, this subordinate doesn’t know. This subordinate’s task is to protect the princess consort.”

Wei Luo didn’t move. She looked towards the north side of the capital from the front entrance. The palace seemed exceptionally tranquil. What was happening there?”

She bit her bottom lip. A moment later, she made her decision. She pushed the two guard’s swords and said, “Step aside!”

She couldn’t keep waiting. She had to know how Zhao Jie was.

The guards didn’t dare to injure her. They hurriedly put away their swords. A flash of imposingness had let her walk out of the residence.

The guards chased after her. They hadn’t run far before they saw a large military group ahead of them. They immediately stopped.

Wei Luo stood outside of the residence’s entrance and saw people riding horses as they headed towards here from far away.

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