Chongfei Manual - Chapter 169.3

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Chapter 169.3

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Chapter: 169.3 out of 171

Li Song thought he was only putting on act, so he said, “But I’m somewhat curious. Why did you agree to this engagement? Did Wei Luo not tell you that I was the one that shot you in the hunting grounds?”

Right not, it should be shortly after the hunting competition. Li Xiang had recently injured Wei Chang Hong. It was strange that he would still agree to this engagement.

Wei Chang Hong stood in silence for a moment. His eyes were even colder than before. He only glanced at Li Song before directly leaving the private room.

That look… How to describe it? It was as if he was looking at a lunatic.

After Wei Chang Hong left, Chen Hong Sheng said to Li Song, “Are you crazy? How could you break that thing with you bare hand? You seem kind of off today. House Wei’s Fifth Miss Wei Luo had already died ten years ago. Why did you mention her for no reason…”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Song tightly grabbed his shoulder with his other hand. Li Song’s expression was terrifying as he asked, “What did you say?”

Chen Hong Sheng said, “I asked if you're crazy…”

Li Song involuntarily increasing the strength he was holding Chen Hong Sheng’s shoulder.

Chen Hong Sheng yelped and trembled as he continued to say, “Wei Chang Hong only has a younger sister. Her mother is Fifth Master Wei’s second wife. His younger sister is called… I think she’s called Wei Zheng. Oh, Wei Chang Hong’s fraternal twin, Wei Luo, died ten years ago…. Aiya, why would you mention this? I only know about this because my mother mentioned this once.”

As he said this, he saw that Li Song’s expression gradually became confused. Li Song had also loosened his grip on his shoulder, so he added, “But it’s such a pity. Based on Wei Chang Hong’s looks, Wei Luo would have become an outstanding beauty when she grew up. What a pity…”


Wei Luo died?


Heart palpating in fear, Li Song looked at his badly mutilated palm. He clearly remembered that little girl pushing himself into a lake when she was six years old. When she was seven years old, she had a played a trick on him on the streets. When she was fifteen years old, they had met underneath the colored lanterns during the Spring Lantern Festival. Later, she had been engaged to Prince Jing Zhao Jie… Li Song slowly retracted his hand. He didn’t even pick out the shards from the porcelain bottle from his hand before standing up and walking out.

Behind him, Chen Hong Sheng shouted, “Ah Song, where are you going?”

Lost in his thoughts, Li Song couldn’t hear anything.


When Li Song returned home, he immediately ordered people to investigate about Wei Luo’s matter. Very quickly, he received his answer.

As it turns out, Wei Luo was different in this world. Wei Luo hadn’t died like Chen Hong Sheng said. When Wei Luo was six years old, her stepmother, Du-shi, had taken her outside. Wei Luo had been kidnapped while they were on the way to somewhere. When Du-shi went back and brought people to look for her, they weren’t able to find her. Duke Ying’s household had grieved for a long time when they found out about this news originally. Later on, Wei Luo’s name was gradually forgotten as time passed. And now, people rarely mentioned her name.

When Li Song heard about this news, he expressionlessly leaned back against the chair that was decoratively carved with chrysanthemums and clouds. His eyes slightly darkened and his hands tightly gripped the armrests on the rosewood chair.

Puzzled, Lu Shi asked, “Young Master, why did you want this person investigated?”

Li Song didn’t say a word. A short while later, he raised his hand and waved it to indicated for Lu Shi to leave.

He wanted to be alone.

After Lu Shi left, Li Song sat in his room for an entire afternoon by himself.

He had originally planned on doing nothing. He just wanted to the chance to see her more. Unexpectedly, the heavens had been this cruel to him. Even though he had been reborn, the heavens didn’t give him any hope. Li Song bitterly smiled and randomly picked up a book on the table to cover his face. He didn’t want to let anyone see his expression right now.

Two days later, Li Song went to Duke Ying’s residence because of Wei Chang Hong and Li Xiang’s engagement.

At this time, their two families hadn’t become enemies yet. Duke Ying and Wei Kun’s attitude could be considered amiable. After the matters related to the happy occasion was settled, Li Song said his farewells and left Duke Ying’s residence. Unexpectedly, a mishap suddenly happened to his carriage, so Duke Ying’s steward arranged for a carriage for him to use. The carriage was parked at Duke Ying’s household’s corner entrance. Li Song walked to the corner entrance, went into the carriage, and ordered the carriage driver to bring him back to Prince Ru Yang’s residence.

In the moment that he put down the curtain, his line of sight shifted and he coincidentally caught a glimpse of a shadow near the corner entrance.

Li Song’s paused and looked over there again. But, there was nothing there. It was as if that glimpse had just been his hallucination. The carriage started to slowly move forward and headed towards outside the alley.

Li Song blurted out, “Wait.”

The carriage hurriedly yelled out, “Whoa!” to stop the horse. The carriage stopped on the side of the road.

Li Song stared at the corner wall for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t resist his mind’s intuition. Curious at the unexplained event, he got off the carriage and walked towards that corner wall. He didn’t walk quickly. He was afraid of startling something away and also scared that he had been mistaken. It was clearly only a few steps away, but it felt as if it had taken him half a lifetime.

Li Song finally stopped in front of the corner wall and said towards the inside, “Who’s in here?”

After he had waited for a long time, no one responded.

Li Song continued, “Come out.”


He had really been mistaken. Li Song lowered his eyes. He didn’t know what feeling had temporarily gushed forth in his heart. Right now, he felt very dejected as if he had been hollowed out. There had been no point in his rebirth. He clenched his hand into a fist and forcefully punched the wall in front of him until there was a hole in the wall. The back of his hand had also been injured and was now stained with blood.

There was suddenly a faint sound from the inside of the wall. It sounded like a frightened and panicked kitten. Although the person was doing her best to suppress her voice, the sound was still captured by Li Song.

At first, Li Song was too surprise to react. Soon after, he stretched his hand into the corner wall without the slightest hesitation. He tightly grabbed a wrist and pulled the person out.

The person was suddenly pulled out into the sunlight. Her almond-shaped eyes were wide open and her mouth was slightly open. Her long eyelashes were like the wings of a butterfly. As they fluttered, it was if that butterfly flew into Li Song’s heart. Although she was wearing a simple and unadorned light purple jacket and skirt and her glossy hair was braided into two pigtails, it couldn’t cover the beauty of her face.

Li Song stared at her until it felt as if he was going to cry. His heart softened. A long time later, he finally hardened his eyes and gritted his teeth as he said, “Wei Luo.”

Wei Luo was currently trying to retract her wrist, but she wasn’t able to do it. When she heard her name, she was startled and asked, “Do you know me?”

Li Song opened and closed his mouth, but he couldn’t say a single coherent word.

In the end, he closed his eyes as his body continued to slightly tremble.

Not only did he recognize her, he would still recognize her even if she had changed into dust.

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