Chongfei Manual - Chapter 33.1

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Chapter 33.1

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The maidservants from Gingko Courtyard went to Pine Courtyard to tell Wei Kun the news. Wei Kun was currently teaching Wei Luo how to write in his study.

Since Wei Luo’s hand was small, her hold on the writing brush was unsteady and it was very strenuous for her to write. So, Wei Kun held her hand to teach her how to write each stroke.

Just as they finished writing the Chinese character for “quiet”, a maidservant hurriedly reported from outside the study, “Master, madam is about to give birth!”

Wei Kun’s hand that held the writing brush stiffened. He turned his head to look at the doorway.

Hong Ya was a servant girl that had been recently attending to Du-shi. She had run here and was now puffing and blowing to try to catch her breath. She was too worried to follow the rules at this time.

Wei Kun frowned, put down the writing brush, and asked, “This shouldn’t be the time yet?”

Du-shi­’s was one month pregnant in March. It was calculated that she would give birth at the end of November. It was only early November now. How could she be giving birth?

Hong Ya explained, “The snow had fallen yesterday. Madam had wanted to walk around the courtyard. Who could have known that the steps would be slippery? Madam wasn’t paying attention for a moment and fell down the stairs.”

During this time, she and Lu Yi were washing clothes. There was no one else in Gingko Courtyard and they had to do everything themselves. It was a bitterly cold day. They weren’t carefully watching over Du­-shi. Who could have expected that in a blink of an eye, she would have an accident?!

Hong Ya and Lu Yi had been forced to follow Du-shi to Gingko Courtyard. Previously, they had already felt discontent towards her and normally didn’t do their utmost. However, in the end, Du-shi was the fifth madam of Duke Ying’s family. If something did happen to her, they wouldn’t be able to avoid being punished. This was why they were so frightened at the moment.

Wei Kun asked, “Has someone been sent to fetch the midwife?”

Hong Ya lowered her head, “Not yet… it happened too quickly. We only had time to bring Madam back to her room.”

Besides, Du-shi was still under punishment and fifth master was angry with her. Who would dare mention anything about Du-shi in front of him? So, even now, there wasn’t a single midwife attending Du-shi.

At this moment, unprepared for the pain, Du-shi could only cry and scream on her bed.

Wei Kun thought about the matter, and then said, “Fetch a midwife and bring her to Gingko Courtyard. I’ll decide after the child is born.”

After Hong Ya received his orders, she didn’t delay and quickly left.

Wei Luo wiggled her way out Wei Kun’s lap and looked in the direction that Hong Ya had departed. For a long time, she didn’t say anything.

This child was a protective talisman to Du-shi. If she gave birth to a boy, Wei Kun might bring her back from Gingko Courtyard. How could Wei Luo let that happen? She quickly thought. Without saying a word, she ran outside.

Wei Kun called out, “Ah Luo, where are you going?”

Wei Luo didn’t stop. She only diligently ran. She was so absorbed that she collided with many servant girls on the way. Finally, she firmly stopped in front of Wei Chang Hong’s room.

Wei Kun finally caught up to her. He was worried that something had happen to her because of her unusual behavior. He didn’t expect that she wanted to see Chang Hong. He let out a relieved sigh. He stooped over and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Why were you so anxious about seeing Chang Hong…” Before he finished his question, he suddenly stopped.

The little girl’s face was covered in tears that had been scattered across her face by the wind. She cried without saying anything. The teardrops continued to roll down her face. She was looked indescribably pitiful.

She finally said, “Daddy… daddy doesn’t want us anymore. I feel bad.”

Wei Kun’s heart felt sorry for this child that he loved dearly. He used his sleeve to wipe away her tears.

He couldn’t help lowering his voice to say, “Why are you saying such nonsense? How could daddy not want you? Daddy loves the two of you the most.”

She choked with sobs and murmured, “After the head-wife gives birth to a child, daddy will like him and won’t like us anymore…”

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Wei Kun was speechless. He didn’t expect that she would understand everything. A child’s intuition was the most accurate. Even though he had hid everything from her, she was still aware. She was only an innocent, young child. But, her heart was unexpectedly filled with worries.

Wei Kun felt remorse. He squatted down to hold her and gently patted her head to appease her worries.

“Ah Luo, don’t be scared. Even after the head-wife gives birth to a child, daddy will still like the two of you the most.”

Alarmed by the sound outside, Chang Hong opened the door.

Seeing Wei Luo sobbing at the door, his expression changed, “Ah Luo?”

Wei Luo wiped away her tears on Wei Kun’s shoulder. She looked at Chang Hong with red eyes.

Chang Hong walked closer and asked, “Were you crying?”

Wei Luo didn’t want him to know why she was crying. After all, her fake tears were only meant to deceive Wei Kun.

She rubbed her eyes and said, “Today is really cold. It was so cold that my tears came out.”

Chang Hong wasn’t a fool and he said, “Nonsense. How could cold weather cause you to cry?”

Wei Luo insisted that this was true with an obstinate look on her face.

Chang Hong pursed his lips while looking at her. He wasn’t good at quarreling, so he could only accept her nonsensical logic.


Without entering Du-shi’s bedroom in Gingko Courtyard, one could hear a woman screaming herself hoarse.

Wei Kun stood outside. Fourth madam had also hurried over after she was informed.

Wei Luo was wrapped in a large cloak decorated with red peony flowers. She and Chang Hong played with the snow under the pine trees. The two of them would throw snowballs at each other. In a short time, they were both covered in snow. A snowball happened to hit Wei Zhang’s foot. She was standing next to Wei Kun.

Wei Zheng turned around to glare at them with red eyes.

She tugged at Wei Kun’s sleeve and asked, “Daddy, will my mom die?”

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