Chongfei Manual - Chapter 38.1

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Chapter 38.1

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After the New Year’s celebrations were over, Wei Luo was seven years old.


Classes resumed on January 16th. Wei Luo accompanied Zhao Liuli in class every day. She would also occasionally have to go to Zhaoyang palace hall to see Empress Chen. Empress Chen seemed to really like her. It was probably because Zhao Liuli timely ate her meals and took her medicine due to Wei Luo’s monitoring. As a result, Zhao Liuli’s health was much better than last year’s. Empress Chen praised Wei Luo by saying she was a little lucky star and that she was even more reluctant to let her leave.

Wei Luo didn’t know what Zhao Liuli’s situation was like in her previous life. If Zhao Liuli’s health could continue improving, it would be wonderful. But, if Zhao Liuli couldn’t escape her previous life’s ending of dying from sickness, then no matter how hard Wei Luo tried, her efforts would be futile.

But after Wei Luo had spent so much time with her, she couldn’t help having affection for her. Zhao Liuli was pure and willing to accept new ideas. If she liked someone, she would wholeheartedly treat that person well and be devoted to him or her. Even though Wei Luo was a girl who’s heart was a little bit somber and gloomy, she was still emotionally moved by Zhao Liuli. If it were possible, Wei Luo would try to help her live a little longer and not let her die so young.

Today, when Wei Luo arrived at the First Study Room, she looked around and saw that there were three empty seats.

Li Son and Zhao Zhang hadn’t attended classes for a long time. Tutor Chang didn’t seem concerned about their absence and everyone else acted as if the two of them didn’t exist. And now, there was an additional person missing. Zhao Liuli.

Wei Luo was extremely confused. Everything was fine yesterday when she and Zhao Luili were playing with snow. Why would Zhao Liuli be missing today?

She asked the tutor what happened, but he didn’t know the reason. He probably wasn’t informed yet.

Wei Luo waited until class was finished. Instead of going directly home, she walked to front of Qingxi palace. A mama wearing pink and blue clothing had just come out.

Wei Luo walked forward and asked, “Mama, why didn’t Princess Tianji go to the First Study Room today?”

Wei Luo had been Zhao Liuli’s study companion for over half a year, so all of Empress Chen’s servants recognized Wei Luo.

The mama had come out to throw out the charcoal ash with teary eyes. Her words revealed the reason for her sorrow.

“Something happened to her highness yesterday… She’s currently at Zhaoyang Palace. I’m not sure about her current situation. The Empress is watching over her.”

Wei Luo was surprised. Wasn’t she okay yesterday? How could an accident have occurred in such a short period of time?

Wei Luo asked the mama what happened. At first, the mama hemmed and hawed instead of answering. Palace rules forbid them from gossiping. But, since Wei Luo was only a child, she couldn’t resist revealing to her a little bit of gossip. It seemed to be related to Princess Zhao Linlang.

Yesterday, Zhao Linlang and Li Xiang were playing in an inner garden. Zhao Liuli was passing by that area. It wasn’t clear what happened between the three, but Zhao Liuli fell into the garden’s pond. The surface of the pond was covered in a thin layer of ice. Zhao Liuli had floundered in the pond for a while before the mamas rescued her. She had been chilled to the point that her entire body was uncontrollably shaking.

She became very sick and had a high fever that night. Although she had recently finally recovered her health, in a single night, her health was worse than before.

After Empress Chen received the news that this was related to Zhao Linlang and Li Xiang, she was extremely furious. She threatened to severely punish the two. But, because the matter wasn’t clearly investigated yet and the other side had Noble Consort Ning pleading for leniency, their punishment was temporarily suspended. It was also more important to focus on Zhao Liuli’s illness.

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Since Zhao Liuli’s body was originally weak and fragile, when she was ill, her illness was more severe than average person’s. An illness or wound that would be minor on another person’s body was life threatening on hers. At present, she was lying in bed and unable to awaken with an unchanging high fever. Her condition worried many people. Empress Chen stayed beside her day and night without sleep or rest. Her anguish was at its most extreme.

When Wei Luo heard about all of this, she wanted to go over to look at Zhao Liuli’s condition. However, after she thought about it more thoroughly, she went home first instead. There would definitely be many imperial physicians in that room and she wouldn’t be able to provide any help. She would only be an inconvenience if she went now. She would go visit Zhao Liuli once she recovered from her illness.

As she was sitting in the carriage going back home, Wei Luo kept thinking. Why did Zhao Liuli die so early in her previous life? When exactly did she die?

Wei Luo knew that she had died six years later when she was sixteen during a large snowfall. It should probably have happened in late December. If she were to frequently keep her company and pay attention to Zhao Liuli’s health during that period, would she be able to extend her life?

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