Chongfei Manual - Chapter 48.2

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Chapter 48.2

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After she finished bathing that night, she sat down in her bed, put down the bedside curtains, and tried the medicine that Han-shi had given her. Her skin felt hot after she had finished rubbing the medicine into her skin in circles. She couldn’t tell yet if the medicine would be effective.


The effect wasn’t obvious in the first few days. It still hurt. About half a month later the medicine showed it effects, the pain of growing was still there, but it was a little bit lighter than before. Not only that, when she was wearing her dudou, it felt tighter than before. At the very least, she was growing up.

Without a better option, she had Jin Lu sew her a few more dudou with her new measurement. She continued using the medicine that Han-shi gave her, closed herself off in her rooms, and wouldn’t allow anyone to see her.

Today, Wei Luo was currently in the greenhouse watering the roses and saw Bai Lan hurriedly walking over.

“Miss, a really bad thing happened!”

Wei Luo put down the watering can she was holding. She turned around to look at her, “What happened to make you so hasty and impatient?”

Bai Lan composed herself and organized the words she wanted to say, “Master and fifth young master had a dispute. In his anger, Master punished young master to kneel in the ancestral hall.”

Wei Luo paused in her movements. She almost couldn’t believe her. How could Chang Hong have an argument with daddy? What happened? She furrowed her eyebrows and started walking in the direction of the ancestral hall. As she walked, she asked Bai Lan, “What happened exactly? Tell me in detail.”

Bai Lan wasn’t sure either. She had heard this from another servant girl. It seemed that master wanted to arrange a marriage for young master, but young master wouldn’t agree with it. The two of them couldn’t come to an agreement and master eventually lost his temper during their talk.

As Wei Luo listened to this, her eyes sunk. Arranged marriage? In her previous life, Chang Hong had only been married to one person. Could it be that father had settled Chang Hong’s engagement with Li Xiang at this time?

Her eyebrows deepened. She quickened her steps as she rushed to the ancestral hall.

The ancestral hall was in the back of Pine Courtyard. When she arrived there, Wei Kun was already gone and there was only Chang Hong kneeling on the praying mat in front of Wei family’s ancestor’s memorial tablets. Chang Hong’s head was slightly hanging down, but his back was very straight and showed an unyielding wish to continue kneeling rather than assent.

She walked forward and patted Chang Hong’s shoulder, “What did daddy say to you?”

Chang Hong looked. Seeing that it was her, something flickered in his eyes, “He didn’t say anything.”

Wei Luo was actually able to laugh at his words. Her lips curved up as she said, “Don’t lie to me. If he didn’t say anything, why would he punish you with kneeling? I already heard everything from Bai Lan. He wanted to arrange a marriage for you?”

Chang Hong didn’t open his mouth to admit or deny.

She continued asking, “Who is the other person? Why didn’t you agree?”

After a while, Chang Hong finally said, “Prince Ru Yang’s daughter, Li Xiang.”

When Wei Kun came home today, before he had time to change clothes, he had called him to the main room to ask him about his impression of Prince Ru Yang’s daughter, Li Xiang. He rarely saw her, so naturally he didn’t have much of an impression of her. Who would have expected that Wei Kun’s next words would be that Prince Ru Yang wanted to become relatives with Duke Ying by marriage? In their residence, Chang Hong’s age was the most suitable with Li Xiang’s, so he wanted to arrange a marriage between the two.

Chang Hong refused without even thinking about it. Li Xiang was Li Song’s younger sister. Li Song had pushed him into the lake when they were children and he had bullied Ah Luo by inappropriately touching her when they were outside on Spring Lantern Festival. Thus, he didn’t have a good impression of any member of House Li.

However, Wei Kun said that he wasn’t considering the current situation and that he was being too willful. He wouldn’t agree no matter what Wei Kun said. In the end, Wei Kun couldn’t do anything about his refusal and had him kneel at the ancestral hall to carefully think this over.

What was there to think about? Even if he thought about this for three days and three nights, he wouldn’t agree.

Hearing that it was indeed Li Xiang, Wei Luo was slightly astonished. So, they had set their engagement so early? She very much approved of Chang Hong’s actions. Li Xiang wasn’t a good thing. In her previous life, it was because of this engagement with her that she and Li Song had destroyed Chang Hong. Naturally, in this lifetime, she wouldn’t let Chang Hong jump into this living hell. There wasn’t anyone good in House Li. She didn’t care who married Li Xiang, but Chang Hong definitely couldn’t agree.

She thought about this and then said, “First, stop kneeling. I’ll go talk to daddy and persuade him to give up on this idea.”

Chang Hong slowly nodded.

Wei Luo left the ancestral hall and asked the servants to check Wei Kun’s location. The servant said he was in the study, so she quickly walked there.

When she arrived at the study’s doorway, she pushed the door open and saw Wei Kun in front of a black table inlayed with golden spirals and engraved with clouds. He was holding a painting of a woman in front of him. His eyes were sentimental. He was so enthralled with looking at the woman that he didn’t even notice her entering the room.

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