Chongfei Manual - Chapter 56.1

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Chapter 56.1

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Chang Hong?

How could he be injured? He should understand what was appropriate behavior and wouldn't do anything dangerous.

Wei Luo's heart was panicked. She promptly pushed pass the servant and walked towards the courtyard!

From behind her, Liang Yu Rong called out, "Ah Luo, walk slower. Your ankle hasn't healed yet!"

But how could she listen to her? Chang Hong had been injured and she didn't know how serious the injury was. From that person's words, it seemed very serious. Where was he injured? She was panic-stricken as she walked into the room. She saw two doctors at Chang Hong's bedside. They were staunching his bleeding and applying medicine. There was an arrow stuck deep in the right side of his chest and his blood had dyed a big patch of his clothes red. His face was deathly pale, his eyes were tightly closed, his eyebrows were furrowed, and he was already unconscious.

Wei Luo endured the pain from her ankle, walked forward, and asked Liang Yu, "Older brother Liang Yu, why did Chang Hong get injured?"

Liang Yu had come back with Chang Hong. He should know what had happened.

As expected, Liang Yu clenched his fist. He recalled that scene and slowly said, "It was Li Song..."

At that time, he hadn't been near Chang Hong so he wasn't aware of the exact circumstance. He only knew that when he went over there, the arrow had already shot Chang Hong down and Li Song was on his horse and holding a bow. Liang Yu stepped forward, grabbed Li Song's collar, and fiercely scolded him. Just as he was about to hit him, he saw that Chang Hong's physical condition wasn't good. He could only let go of him and hurriedly bring Chang Hong back.

Wei Luo's body trembled and she bit her lips tightly. Li Song. It was Li Song again. What did he want to do? Why couldn't he die?

Probably because Liang Yu could detect her unusual behavior, he comforted her, "Younger sister Ah Luo, don't worry. The doctors said that the injury wouldn’t be fatal. As long as the arrow is taken out and he rests in bed for half a month, he'll be fine.

But, Ah Luo didn't feel that way. Just because the arrow didn't take his life, it didn't mean that Chang Hong should endure this injury for nothing. This matter shouldn't be left unsettled.

She suppressed her anger and asked, "Where's Li Song?"

Liang Yu truthfully replied, "He returned from the hunting area with me. He's probably in Eastern Crane Courtyard right now.

She nodded. She already had a plan in her heart. She requested Liang Yu, "If Chang Hong wakes up, older brother Liang Yu, please help me take care of him. I have to leave for a little bit."

Liang Yu said, "Okay." He immediately thought of something and anxiously asked where she was going. But, she didn't reply. She turned around and disappeared behind the red sandalwood screen. Her slender and frail back showed unwavering ruthlessness.

Ah Luo took down her jade and golden hairpin from her hair and hid it inside her sleeve. Step by step, she walked towards Li Song's courtyard. The feeling of piercing pain continuously came from ankle, but it wasn't as deep-rooted as the anger in her heart. She wished that she could kill Li Song right now by having him taste the feeling of an arrow through his heart and to never appear in front of them again.


At Eastern Crane Courtyard, Li Song was wearing his hunting clothing and standing in the middle of the courtyard. A faint trace of anxiety was showing in his eyes, "How is Chang Hong's injury?"

His servant reported, "To report to Young Master, I heard from other people that he hasn't woken up yet and the doctors are staunching his bleeding right now..."

His eyebrows furrowed. He didn't reply for a long time, and then he twitchily waved his hand and swept the plates and dishes from the stone table. There was the sound of crashing porcelain on the ground. He said, "Is it serious? Is his life in danger?"

The servant said, "No one has come out from his room. This subordinate isn't sure either..."

Li Song could only compose himself and ask about the other matter, "Was Xiang-erpeacefully sent down the mountain?"

The servant nodded, "It's settled. Eldest Young Miss is already in the carriage and on the road back to Prince Ru Yang's residence."

His complexion became a little better. He warned again, "If anyone asks, say that everything was because of me. You can't mention Xiang-er's name to prevent harming her reputation."

So, it turns out that Wei Chang Hong's injury wasn't only related to Li Song, it was also related his younger sister, Li Xiang.

Li Xiang had suffered a grievance yesterday and cried the entire night. This morning, her things had been packed away and she was prepared to go home a day early. At that time, it was still the hunting competition and she was walking down the mountain with only a servant girl. It was possible that she would meet danger.

When Li Song received the news, he hurriedly rushed over there and persuaded her to let him escort her down the mountain. They hadn't walked far before she had requested to shoot a rabbit to bring back with her. Li Song had hit her last night, so his heart felt somewhat guilty and he agreed in order to make her happy.

Li Xiang had followed Prince Ru Yang since she was a child, so she was familiar with bows and arrows. Her posture when shooting was extremely proper. She aimed her bow at a grey rabbit that wasn't far away. But, when she was releasing the arrow, she suddenly turned towards Wei Chang Hong who had come closer to them. The arrow was released.

Wei Chang Hong was caught off guard. He only had time to move his body slightly to the side and he evaded the arrow from hitting his vital point. The arrow hit the right side of his chest instead. He fell down from his horse and heavily landed on the ground!

Li Song was completely stunned, “Li Xiang!”

Li Xiang hatefully flung the bow down to the ground. The edges of her eyes were red when she said, "Older brother, I hate Wei Luo! People from House Wei are all bad. Wei Luo set me up last night. I want to kill her younger brother..."

Li Song quickly covered her mouth. This time, even though he had the intention of immediately teaching her a lesson, there wasn't time. Soon, other people would be coming here. If other people found out that Li Xiang had shot Chang Hong with the intention of killing him, then her reputation would be ruined. He quickly analyzed the pros and cons of each plan, then he had the servants bring Li Xiang down the mountain and he stayed behind to take the blame for Li Xiang.

(T/N: Since Wei Luo is 23 years old (16 age she died in previous life + 13 current age – 6 age she woke up current life), I wonder if she’s old enough to know that it’s not a good idea to fall in love, so she won’t even let herself consider it. If she was a normal 13 year old, she would be having crushes like Liang Yu Rong, but she’s 23 years old. From her parents, Liang Yu Rong,  and other people, she knows the negative consequences when people let their emotions dictate their actions.

Plus, if she marries Li Song and he treats her badly, she can always complain to the father. Their families are equal in status. But, if she marries Zhao Jie and his feelings changed, no one will be able to help her. She also knows that Zhao Jie will become the emperor in the future, so maybe she just doesn’t want to become one of his hundreds of concubines. Unlike us, she doesn't know everything about Zhao Jie.

Or, maybe she’s just really dense and I’m overthinking. Anyways, in the following chapters, you’ll see more of Wei Luo’s thought about love and marriage.)

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