Chongfei Manual - Chapter 57.2

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Chapter 57.2

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Inside Chang Hong's inner room, the two doctors had already treated Chang Hong's wound. His wound had stopped bleeding, but he wasn't awake. The doctors said that he might have a fever during the night. If that happened, he just needed to drink a bowl of medicine and would be fine when he woke up the next morning.

Liang Yu had been at Chang Hong's bedside and keeping watch this entire time. Seeing Zhao Jie carrying Wei Luo inside, he was stunned for a moment before he cupped one fist in the other to make his salutations, "Greetings your Highness Prince Jing."

Zhao Jie placed Wei Luo down a rosewood chair. After he thought for a moment, in order to protect her reputation, he explained, "Ah Luo's ankle was injured and she can't walk, so this prince carried her over here."

Liang Yu suddenly understood and didn't think any further. He retreated to the side to give his spot to Wei Luo.

Wei Luo looked at Chang Hong, who was lying in bed, and felt a pang of sadness. She couldn't help reaching out and holding his hand. He had been perfectly okay yesterday night when he stood in front of her and complained about Zhao Jie. Who would have expected that in a single day he would become like this? She tilted her head to childishly wipe away her tears on her sleeve. It was if she was a completely different person from the girl that had used a hairpin to hurt someone.

At nighttime, as predicted, Chang Hong became feverish and his entire body sweated and his mouth said nonsensical words. Wei Luo was extremely worried and hurriedly had the servants prepare the medicine. She wasn't reassured until she personally saw him drink down the medicine.

Fortunately, he was much better after he finished drinking the medicine. He continued sleeping until the next morning.

This had been a night of unbearable torment for Wei Luo. She hadn't closed her eyes even once the entire night and closely kept watch over Chang Hong by his bedside. She was afraid that something would happen to him. Zhao Jie had been next to her and keeping her company. He asked her to go back to her room several times to rest, but she stubbornly shook her head and wouldn't leave no matter what he said. She lasted until the first glimmer of dawn covered the mountain before she finally fell asleep on the bed.

Zhao Jie walked closer, picked her up, looked at Chang Hong who had awaken, and calmly said, "Properly recuperate from your injury. This prince will take Ah Luo away first." Before he left, he also said, "The doctors said that you shouldn't be moving since you're injured. Wait until the next morning. This prince will arrange for people to bring the two of you back to your residence.”

Chang Hong lied in his bed. His handsome face was deathly pale as he looked at Zhao Jie's back as he carried Ah Luo away. He didn't look away for a long time.


The winner of this year's hunting competition was Liang Yu. Li Song was in second place. Third place went to another imperial official's son. This had been reported to the Emperor yesterday.

After the hunting competition was over, one after another, people left Jing He Villa and returned home. Wei Chang Hong and Wei Luo were the only ones that stayed for an extra day.

Li Song didn't stay any longer. He went back Prince Ru Yang's residence while he was still wounded.


At Prince Ru Yang’s antechamber, Prince Ru Yang and Elder Princess Gao Yang found out that Li Song had been injured. They were appalled and distressed.

Elder Princess Gao Yang was deeply worried when she asked, "You've never been hurt in previous years. What happened this year? Who hurt you?"

Li Song sat in a chair while tightly gripping the armrest and refusing to answer.

Elder Princess Gao Yang could only turn around to ask Li Song's attendant. Li Song's attendant started to speak, but then paused. When he had just opened his mouth to speak, Li Song had fiercely glared at him, so he immediately stopped.

Li Song looked down and slowly said, “ No one hurt me… The injury was caused by my own carelessness.”

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