Chongfei Manual - Chapter 59.2

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Chapter 59.2

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After Li Song left the palace, he didn't go home. Instead, he invited a few friends to Ping Kang neighborhood's red-light district and decided to drink away his worries.

These friends were just lounge lizards and lackeys that liked to stir up trouble. They were ignorant and incompetent. But, they all followed Li Song's orders. Now that Li Song told them to come out, they were naturally happy to do so. A short while later, five or six people were gathered together. They requested a private room in Bao Gui, ordered a few women to accompany them, and started their drinking party.

Li Song sat in the top seat. He had already drunk a lot in the palace, but when the wine was brought to him, he focused only on drinking and ignored everyone else.

Next to Li Song, a young noble wearing a blue robe gestured at a young woman. The young woman tacitly understood. Like a snake, she pressed her soft body against Li Song, "Sir Li, it's so boring to drink by yourself. How about letting this servant accompany you?"

Li Song's movement in pouring wine didn't stop. He raised his head and finished another cup. He didn't agree or refuse. It was as if he didn't hear her words.

That young woman had great eyesight and the ability to make discerning judgments. She immediately took the wine cup from his hand. After the wine cup was full, she brought the white jade wine cup to his mouth.

He paused for a moment. He didn't refuse and drunk from the wine cup held by the young woman.

Her strong fragrance lingered around him as if he had placed himself in a cluster of flowers. He wasn't used to the strong smell. He thought of Wei Luo's light and sweet fragrance that was completely different from this young woman's. Why was thinking about her? Hadn't he already drunk a lot? Why was he still thinking about her?

The blue-robed young noble saw that Li Song was lost in thought and couldn't resist asking with a smile, "Ah Song, didn't you win second place in the hunting competition? You must have received a reward from His Majesty, right? Why do you look so disappointed? Was there something unsatisfactory?”

He lowered his eyes and stared at the liquid in his wine cup. The liquid was sparkling and translucent. He swirled it around and looked at the ripples. A blurry, pretty, and lively face suddenly appeared on the surface of the liquid. That smiling face softly and warmly asked, "Li Song, do you like me?"

"I don't... "He closed his eyes and painfully repeated, "I don't."

How could he like her? He loathed her. She was a cunning and treacherous person with malevolent heart. He couldn't like her!

But that voice kept repeating itself in his ear as if it was magician's spell that he couldn't break free from. He could only drink cup after cup of wine to numb himself until he stopped hearing Wei Luo's voice.

A seductive and lovable body suddenly crashed into him and curled up in his arms. A soft hand restlessly fondled his chest and gradually moved up to his Adam's apple, chin, mouth... He frowned and fiercely grabbed that hand, "Don't move."

The young woman was wearing a pink peach jacket and skirt. She delicately laughed and didn't treat his words seriously. She took this opportunity to move her mouth to gently bite his ear and blew into it, "Sir Li, you're joking. Who comes here and doesn’t do anything?" As she said, she took his other hand and placed it on her waist.

However, in the next moment, he pushed her away and furiously shouted, "Leave!"

She didn't know if it was that sentence had provoked him. He covered his ear and his eyes were red. He lifted his foot and kicked over the small vermillion lacquered sandalwood table. The items on the table crashed onto the floor! He continued to angrily berate her, "All of you leave! Get lost!"

Everyone was shocked by his action. One after another, they retreated towards the door. They didn't know what kind of drunken fit he was having.

The young women had already left through the door. The lounge lizards didn't dare to go forward to persuade him and only looked at each other in dismay. In the end, one by one, they left.

After everyone had left, Li Song's body collapsed. With a loud bang, he fell onto the ground. He was drunk and his mind was unclear, but he still clutched his left ear. He curled up and continuously repeated, "I don't. I don't."


Although Empress Chen was angry with Zhao Jie on the surface, she was still worried about him in her heart. He still didn't want to marry at this age. As his mother, she would naturally be worried. In addition, she had recently heard that catamites were popular in the capital. Those with power and status all liked to keep one or two catamites in their residences to satisfy their different tastes. Although Empress Chen understood her son's personal character, she was still a bit worried. After pondering over this for a long time, she finally couldn't resist arranging two young women to send over to Prince Jing's residence.

These two young and beautiful women were both from palace dancer origins and clean backgrounds. Empress Chen thought that if Zhao Jie liked them, they could remain in his residence as concubines.

Towards evening, Zhao Jie finished handling his affairs. He left his study to go to his bedroom. After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he was about to change clothes and go to sleep. Just as he sat down on his cedar bed that was carved with clouds, he saw two young women coming out from behind his divider screen. One was graceful and subdued. The other one was charming and flirtatious.

He paused in his movement and looked at the two of them.

The two of them curtsied and saluted. The two young women's petal-like cheeks were blushing. The translucent clothing they were wearing couldn't cover the landscape of their chests. Their white jade flesh was partially hidden and partially visible. They said, "Your Highness, we'll be helping you go to bed in the future..."

Zhao Jie's gaze quickly cooled. He didn't move and his voice was so low that it was scary, "Who allowed the two of you to enter?"

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