Chongfei Manual - Chapter 62.1

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Chapter 62.1

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His lips didn’t kiss hers.

Wei Luo opened her eyes wider in surprise. If he had dared to kiss her, she would have bitten off his tongue. Unfortunately, before she could do this action, she was torn away from Li Song's hold by a stronger force. When she opened her eyes, there was a sky blue robe in front of her. She couldn't see that person's face and could only feel that person's arm tightly holding her with oppressive anger.

Zhao Jie had appeared without warning. One hand was around Wei Luo. The other hand was choking Li Song until his blue veins appeared. A layer of haze enveloped Zhao Jie’s face. Word by word, he asked, "Li Song, do you want to die?"

Just now, he had seen Wei Luo suddenly leave from the lakeside and walk towards the bamboo forest by herself. He felt a bit worried. This bamboo forest was vast with a complicated composition. He was worried that she would get lost in the bamboo forest, so he asked Gao Dang Yang and Gao He to entered the bamboo forest from the other side. He hadn't expected that he would see this scene. Another man was closely holding his girl and was even lowering his head to kiss her. He had desired her lips for so long, but restrained himself from touching it even once. Was Li Song tired of living?

The more that Zhao Jie thought about this, the angrier he became. His slender fingers tightened and almost disconnected Li Song's bones.

He should have guessed this earlier. Li Song had a hidden ulterior motive towards Wei Luo. They had started their feud as children and their interactions with each other were different than other people's. It was too easy for deep affection to spawn from this type of situation. If Li Song even realized this slightly, he would start becoming interested in Wei Luo. So, he didn't want Wei Luo to pay too much attention to Li Song. If she did, then after a while, it would be easy for this attention to give rise to another type of feeling.

He definitely didn’t want to see that day.

He had lifted Li Song up into midair. Li Song’s face was pallid, but he smiled challengingly and disapprovingly, "Prince Jing... do you also want?”

Zhao Jie paused and his gaze became colder.

They were both aware in their hearts that Li Song's words weren't in response to his earlier question. Instead, Li Song was asking him, "Do you also want to kiss her?"

Li Song knew his thoughts. When he thought about it, this was normal. When you adore a woman, you would pay close attention to her every word and action, including the men that revolved around her. His treatment of Wei Luo was too special. It was too easy for other people to find out as long as they paid extra attention.

Zhao Jie loosened his hold on him and heavily flung him to the ground. He held Wei Luo's hand and started walking out of the bamboo forest. As he walked, he ordered, "Zhu Geng, cripple his hands for this prince."

Zhu Geng had been hidden in the surroundings this entire time. Hearing Zhao Jie's order, his figure appeared out of thin air in a flash, stood in front of Li Song, nodded and said, "Yes, prince."

Although Li Song had martial art skills, Zhu Geng was a person who depended his livelihood on his martial art skills. There was still a difference in their skill levels. Zhu Geng threw a punch at him to declare his intention to fight. At first, Li Song was able to meet Zhu Geng's attacks, but gradually the fight became more difficult and his movements because messy until he didn't have the leeway to hit back. After another ten moves, he saw that Wei Luo and Zhao Jie's backs were going farther and farther away. During this moment of distraction, Zhu Geng kicked him a far distance and he heavily hit a bamboo plant!

The bamboo leaves rustled. The bamboo plant was cut off in the middle and fell backwards with a loud crash. Li Song held his chest and heavily coughed. The injury there had just healed. Now that Zhu Geng kicked the injured spot, it was piercingly painful.

He turned his head and spit out a mouthful of blood. Before he was able to feel more at ease, Zhu Geng captured his left hand. In the next moment, a sharp pain came from his wrist. The sound of the bamboo leaves whirling and the water gurgling concealed the sound of his bones breaking. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead. With great difficultly, he resisted calling out. His eyes closed and he fell down backwards!

Outside of the bamboo forest, there was a moon gate. After they passed through the moon gate, there was an area that didn't attract many people's attention. One side was a pale wall. The other side was the bamboo forest. If it wasn't because he sometimes deliberately came here, no one usually passed by here.

On the way here, Zhao Jie tightly held Wei Luo's wrist without speaking.

Wei Luo had followed behind him. She had struggled several times on the way here, but he had held her wrist tighter. His strength was great and he had hurt her wrist. She had raised her voice and called out, "Big brother!" But, he wouldn't listen to her words and his face was very ugly. She blew out her cheeks and didn't continue speaking. She could only be patient.

He had probably come to Duke Ding's residence several times. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so familiar with this place. Wei Luo wasn't sure about his intentions in bringing her here.

Zhao Jie let go of her wrist, placed both of his hands on the wall behind her, and corralled her into a corner. He lowered his head, stared at her lips, and hoarsely asked, "Did he kiss you?"

There didn't seem to be a reason for him to ask this question, only his heart knew how much he care about this. He had painstakingly taken care of this girl, had held her in the palm of his hand, and had treated her as treasure for several years. She had grown up to be as tender and lovely as a flower. He couldn't even bear to touch her and that Li Song had dared to try to kiss her. Right now, he felt that even if he hacked Li Song into mincemeat, it wouldn't be enough to quell the anger in his heart.

Wei Luo blinked. She didn't understand his question, so she asked, "Didn't big brother see? Why are you still asking me?"

He had seen, but he was worried that he hadn't seen everything. After all, he had arrived late and wasn't clear about what had happened before he came. What if Li Song had already kissed her? As soon as he thought of this possibility, it was hard to endure. He looked at Wei Luo's cherry lips, leaned over, and couldn't help stretching out his thumb to wipe at her petal-like lips. Soon after, his eyes darkened and his thumb went left and right. He wanted to erase any traces of Li Song.

Wei Luo made a quiet noise from his rubbing. She turned her head away because of the discomfort, "What's big brother doing?”

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