Chongfei Manual - Chapter 63.2

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Chapter 63.2

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He had always known that he had two mothers. One mother lived in fourth branch's Plum Courtyard. The other mother lived in Gingko Courtyard. He was very afraid of the mother that lived in Gingko Courtyard. He wanted to run away every time he saw her. When he was younger, this mother would cry every time she saw him. Later, when he grew older, she wanted to be nice to him. But, he didn't like the things that she tried to give him to eat. As soon as he refused, she would become very scary. Without saying a word, she would break the dishes on the table. Then, she would hold his shoulder and only ask him, "Did Qin-shi teach you these words?" After that, she would hold him in her arms, occasionally stroke his hair, and repeat these words, "Chang Mi, you're my son. Chang Mi..."

Deep down, Wei Chang Mi didn't consider her as his mother and didn't have any affection towards her. He only felt that she was very pitiful. His heart had only identified Qin-shi as his mother.

Li Xiang hadn't expected this result. Blocked, her tone became impatient, "Are you a fool? You recognize someone else as your mother and recognize Wei Luo as an older sister. Wei Luo isn't a good person. Don't be fooled by her."

On the side, Bai Lan finally couldn't continue only listening and walked forward to remind her, "Miss Li, please don't speak about my family's Miss this way."

Li Xiang turned her head to look at her. She raised her eyebrow and objected, "Did I say something wrong? How did my older brother get his injury? Was it not related to her? You probably participated with the letter that she wrote, right? You must have a clear understanding of her character. Why pretend like this in front of me..."

Angrily, Wei Chang Mi blew out his cheeks and lifted his fist to firmly hit Li Xiang's arm, "Shut up! You're not allowed to say bad words about older sister Ah Luo."

Li Xiang frowned and said in dissatisfaction, "Are my words wrong? You can't even tell who your real sister is and you have the nerve to hit me?”

Wei Chang Mi was very upset. Drop by drop, tears fell from his face as he hit her with his fists, "It's not true. You words aren't true..."

Li Xiang was annoyed by his actions. Although a young child's strength was small and his fists didn't hurt much, she couldn't tolerate another person being rude to her. She lifted her head, reflexively pushed him away, and warned him, "Stop before you go too far!"

Wei Chang Mi wasn't able to put up his guard in time and repeatedly recoiled a few steps. In the moment when he was about to fall to the ground, a pair of hands came out from behind him, caught him, and held him in her arms.

Wei Luo's hands were guarding Wei Chang Mi. She lifted her eyes to look at Li Xiang and coldly said, "Li Xiang, you're the one that should stop before you go to far."


When Jin Lu has said Wei Chang Mi was here and had met Li Xiang, she knew that something would happen and had hurried over here. As expected, she saw this type of scene. How could Li Xiang not even let go of a six-year-old child? She was more despicable than she had imagined.

Liang Yu Rong and Zhao Jie were also here with Wei Luo. When Wei Chang Mi had originally disappeared, Liang Yu Rong had also helped with looking for him and had come here when she heard about Wei Chang Mi's location. Seeing Li Xiang bully a six-year-old child, she felt contempt for her.

However, Li Xiang didn't feel guilty. She looked at Wei Luo, then she looked at Wei Chang Mi, who was in her arms. She smiled and said, "You all just saw that I hadn't done anything. He hit me, so I pushed him."

Hearing these words, Wei Chang Mi turned around and cried into Wei Luo's chest, "She's a bad person... I only hit her because she said bad words about older sister Ah Luo..."

The sound of a child’s crying sounded extremely pitiful.

Li Xiang lightly laughed instead of showing panic from hearing these words. Confident that justice was on her side, she asked, "I only told him the truth about his birth. That’s probably not a secret, right? Should the truth be hidden from him?”

Wei Luo pursed her lips and glared at her without saying a word.

She had always thought that Li Xiang was shameless, but now she knew that she could be shameless to this degree. Li Xiang was one of a kind.

Wei Luo handed Wei Chang Mi over to Liang Yu Rong and walked forward to stand right in front of Li Xiang. She was one year older than Li Xiang and was also a bit taller than Li Xiang. When she looked at her, her eyes would be looking down at her from above as if she was occupying the higher ground. The corners of Wei Luo’s lips were simply curved up into a smile, "You're right. This isn't a secret."

Li Xiang’s face showed that she was proud of herself as she said, “Oh.”

Shortly after, Wei Luo said, "Since you know so much, you can probably guess what I'm going to do next."

Li Xiang lifted her lips to object, "How could I know..."

The next moment, without waiting for her to finish her words, Wei Luo raised her hand and severely slapped Li Xiang!

The sound of the slap was heavy and loud.

Li Xiang was stunned for a long time. When she recovered her senses, she was ashamed and angry. She angrily glared at Wei Luo and raised her hand to slap her back!

Unfortunately for her, her arm was intercepted by someone in mid-air and she couldn't return the slap. Zhao Jie was in front of her. He held her arm and coldly and sternly said, "Li Xiang, stop."

His favoritism was too obvious. Wei Luo had clearly slapped Li Xiang, but he didn't show the slightest intention to admonish Wei Luo. In contrast, when Li Xiang raised her arm, before she even slapped Wei Luo, he hadn't been able to continue only watching.

Filled with anger and hate, Li Xiang stared at the two people and gritted her teeth.

Zhao Jie was her older cousin. They were related by blood, so how could he goes against reason and help Wei Luo instead of her at this time?

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