Chongfei Manual - Chapter 64.1

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Chapter 64.1

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On the eighth day of March, Duke Ying's family travelled outside the capital to burn incense in worship at a temple.

The sky was clear and a favorable wind blew today. It was suitably good weather for traveling. Wei Luo saw that Wei Chang Hong had been feeling stuffy at home the past few days, so she also brought him with her to stroll around and breath in the fresh air. Wei Chang Hong's injury had already improved a lot under Wei Luo's meticulous care. The wound had already scabbed. Once that piece of scab came off, he would be considered completely healed.

Wei Chang Yin had also come on this trip with first madam. He hadn't shown his face in a long time. Now, that he suddenly appeared in everyone's sight, it felt strange and rare.

Wei Chang Yin was sitting in a beech wheelchair. He was wearing a black and green robe with a flower pattern. His graceful and handsome figure looked clear and pure. He didn't seem to have changed during the past several years. His eyebrows were still elegant and simple. There was still a gentle smile on his lips. His gentleness was the same towards everyone. The servant boy behind him pushed his wheelchair outside to the entrance and stopped at the carriages. First madam came out of her carriage and whispered something to him. He looked down and the side of his face was handsome as he seriously listened.

It was truly a pity. If his leg wasn’t damaged, he would look so magnificent.

Liang Yu Rong lifted the embroidered curtain to look outside and couldn't help sighing, "Ah Luo, is your oldest cousin's leg not healed yet? Is there a possibility that his leg can be treated?"

A few days ago, Liang Yu Rong had heard they were going to a temple, so she said she also wanted to come. Liang Yu was preparing to participate in next year's military imperial exam. Liang Yu Rong wanted to help him by praying to Buddha for him to score first place in the exam. At the time, Wei Luo didn't think anything of her request. It was only adding another person, so she easily agreed.

Now, she was somewhat regretful. If she had known that Wei Chang Yin was also going, no matter what, she wouldn't have let Liang Yu Rong come too!

She vividly remembered their endings in her previous life. If Wei Chang Yin's leg didn't heal, they wouldn’t have any good outcome. Rather than have a painful ending, it would better if those two didn't interact to begin with, so they wouldn't develop any feelings that they shouldn't have.

In this life, Wei Luo had done her best to prevent them meeting and had done a good job during the past few years. Wei Chang Yin normally didn't come out to meet people. As long as she was careful, Liang Yu Rong wouldn't even have the chance to see his face. Until now, the two of them didn't have much interaction with each, so Liang Yu Rong would naturally not fall in love with Wei Chang Yin.

It was really beyond her expectations for the two of them to go to the temple to burn incense together today.

Wei Luo had her put down the curtain and responded, "He probably won't get better... I heard from eldest aunt that she's already looked for many doctors and none of them of were able to treat his leg." After saying this, she picked up the peanuts on the small vermillion lacquered table, then she stuffed them into Liang Yu Rong's hand, "Don't look. Eat peanuts. After we arrive at the bottom of the mountain to Qian Temple, there will be a long mountain path to climb."

Qian Temple was outside the capital and was on a high mountain. That mountain was very steep and the carriages wouldn't able to go up. If they wanted to go to Qian Temple, they would have to personally climb up the mountain. In spite of this, there was still an endless stream of people going to Qian Temple. The worshippers were as numerous as the clouds.

It was probably because the Buddha there was very effective. There was also a senior monk that achieved enlightenment. According to rumors, this highly intelligent senior monk was very experienced and knowledgeable. If you were fortunate enough to get pointers from this senior monk, then your path would be smooth regardless of the path you later decide to take.

Unfortunately, this senior monk had poor health and would only meet with one worshipper each day, so it wasn’t easy to meet with him.


When the group of people arrived at the foot of Qiao Temple's mountain, they didn't have any other choice than to leave their carriages and walk up the steps.

Wei Chang Yin's leg made it unsuitable for him to walk. He could only have a servant carry him up the mountain. Initially, Wei Chang Yin didn't feel anything. When they had walked halfway up, Liang Yu Rong enviously looked at Wei Chang Yin's back and sighed with regret, "There’s an advantage to not being able to walk."

Most of the people here were women and children that were raised in boudoirs. They rarely left their homes and seldom walked such a long mountain path. The majority of these people were already exhausted and it was only stubbornness that allowed them to continue walking. Seeing Wei Chang Yin's being carried by someone, it was normal for people to feel envious.

It was only that this girl's words were too heartless.

Wei Luo looked at her in rebuke, then she shook her head and continued walking, "If eldest aunt heard your words, she would definitely be angry."

This was the truth. First madam's hair had turned white over worrying about Wei Chang Yin's leg. Liang Yu Rong had actually said these words out loud. It was truly a fortunate person not being aware of her good fortune.

In front of them, Wei Chang Hong stopped walking. He waited until Wei Luo had reached him, then he lifted his sleeve to wipe the sweat on her forehead, "Ah Luo, are you tired? Do you want me to carry you?"

Wei Luo was really tired, but she cared more about not exhausting Chang Hong, so after a moment of struggle, she still shook her head.

After walking the time it would take an incense to burn, Wei Luo's sore legs were limp and she walked slower and slower. When she looked up, there was a towering stairway in front of her. She still couldn't see Qian Temple. She walked forward with a bit of despair. She had already walked an hour and she still wasn't there. How much longer would she have to walk?

Wei Chang Hong saw that she was exhausted. Without saying anything, he crouched down in front of her, "Get on, I'll carry you. I'm not afraid of being tired."

This time, Wei Luo didn't refuse. No longer being polite, she climbed onto his back, wrapped her arms around his neck, and smilingly whispered, "Chang Hong, you’re really good.”

Wei Chang showed a faint smile, raised her up a little bit higher, and walked forward while carrying her.

Behind them, Liang Yu Rong was admiring and jealous. She blew out her cheeks. Unwilling to admit defeat, she said, "If I had known earlier, I would have told my older brother to come here too..."

Two hours later, the group of people finally arrived at the top of the mountain. There were two monks standing at Qian Temple's entrance. They good-naturedly led them into the center of the temple. First madam had ordered people here in advance, so their rooms were already prepared in the temple. Each person had a room that had been thoroughly cleaned.

This time, first madam had come here for Wei Chang Yin's leg. She wanted to ask the senior monk for advice. Was there a method to fix Wei Chang Yin's leg? If there was, where should she go to seek medical treatment or what method should she use? Unfortunately, the senior monk already had someone he was going to meet today. If she wanted to meet the senior monk, she would have to wait until tomorrow. In addition, even if she waited until tomorrow, she still might not see him. She would have to go to the main hall to draw lots tomorrow. Only the person who drew the winning bamboo stick would have the opportunity to meet the senior monk.

In other words, they might not be able to meet the senior monk even after the long trip here.

First Madam probably already knew this rule before she came here, but she still persisted with coming here. She probably made the determination that she wouldn’t leave here until she met the senior monk.

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