Chongfei Manual - Chapter 64.2

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Chapter 64.2

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At the back Qian Temple, Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong’s rooms were adjacent and only separated by a wall.

Liang Yu Rong had gone to main hall to burn incense. Wei Luo returned to her room to rest.

She didn't know why. Her entire body had felt a bit uncomfortable and weak since this morning. Her waist and legs ached. She couldn't raise her energy levels no matter what she did. She lied down on the bed to rest for a while. Not much later, Jin Lu brought her a cup of tea. The discomfort in her body was somewhat alleviated after she drank the tea. Seeing that Liang Yu Rong hadn't returned yet, she sat up, and wanted to go the main hall to see what was happening there.

Logically, burning incense in worship didn't take much time. Liang Yu Rong had already been there for an hour. Why hadn't she returned?

Could she have met Wei Chang Ying? As soon as she thought of this possibility, Wei Luo wanted to rush over there to stop that from happening.

Wei Luo left the room with Bai Lan. After they passed through a long verandah and detoured a moon gate, they would see the main hall in front of them.

The hallway they were passing through had many doors. Each door was decorated the same way. If there weren’t a different word written on each door, it would be difficult to differentiate the doors. After they passed the door marked "Earth", and had just walked in front of the door marked "Sky", the door was pushed open from the inside. A person leisurely walked out.

It was a monk wearing a kasaya. He looked about sixty years old. He had a round face and an especially bright pair of eyes. Although he was old, his vitality was hale and hearty. A single glance would show that he was different from ordinary people. Wei Luo greeted him. He held up his palm and good-naturedly bent his waist to salute her. Wei Luo followed by repeating his actions. When she looked up, another person came out of the room. After she clearly saw his figure, she was slightly surprised for a moment and blurted out, "Big brother?"

Zhao Jie was wearing an indigo robe with a python pattern as he walked out of the room. He and Qian Temple's senior monk, Abbot Qing Wang, had a somewhat friendly relationship. He had come here today because he had some misgivings that he was hoping Abbot Qing Wang could answer for him. They had sat inside the room for almost an hour. After he finished asking his questions, as he was preparing to leave, he unexpectedly met this girl here.

He lifted his lips and faintly smiled, "Ah Luo, why are you here?"

Wei Luo pointed at the main hall, "I came here with first aunt and fourth aunt. First aunt had something she wanted to ask Buddha." As she said this, her eyes turned and saw Abbot Qing Wang who had already walked far away. She curiously asked, "Is he this temple's senior monk? How was big brother able to meet him?

Zhao Jie held back his laugher and answered her question with another question, "Do you also have something that you want him to solve?"

She shook her head and frankly said, "First madam wanted to meet the senior monk to ask about older cousin Wei Chang Yin's leg."

Zhao Jie already knew that her oldest cousin was suffering from an illness in his leg. He calmly nodded without any changes in his emotion.

Wei Luo knew that it wasn't easy to meet the senior monk, so she didn't put Zhao Jie in a difficult spot. She casually asked, "Is big brother staying in a guest room? When did you come? When are you preparing to leave?"

Zhao Jie had originally planned on leaving the mountain after talking to Abbot Qing Wang. Now, hearing her asking him, he immediately changed his mind. He smiled and said, "I'll leave here tomorrow."

She didn't have the slight suspicion about his reply and even kindly reminded him, "Oh. I heard there's a peach tree grove behind Qian Temple and it's currently the time for the peach flowers to blossom. If big brother isn't busy, you can go there to look at the peach blossoms.”

Seeing that she had been delayed for too long and worried that she wouldn't be in time to stop Liang Yu Rong and Wei Chang Yin from starting their mistake, she said, "I'm going to go look for first aunt and fourth aunt. Good-bye, big brother." Then she turned around and walked forward.

After saying this, she didn't wait for his response and walked away.

Zhao Jie stood there for a while watching the back of her figure. Today, she was wearing a moon white jacket with Su style embroidery and a skirt embroidered with white butterflies. Bright red peony flowers were also blooming on her skirt. The flowers slowly and elegantly swayed from the movement of her steps.

As Zhao Jie continued looking, he suddenly frowned.

On the back of Wei Luo's skirt, there was a hidden patch of blood. Although the blood wasn't obvious because it had blended with the surrounding flower petals, he had been carefully looking and it wasn't difficult for him to notice.

His expression froze. Walking forward with long strides, he reached her in a few steps, "Ah Luo!"

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