Chongfei Manual - Chapter 65.1

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Chapter 65.1

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Fortunately, Wei Luo's walking speed wasn't fast. He reached her in a few steps.

Hearing his footsteps, Wei Luo stopped. Confused, she turned around to look at him, "Big brother, did you want to say something else?"

Zhao Jie stood in front of her and looked at her delicate white face. This was the first time he experienced having something to say, but was unable to speak. How should he tell her? His little girl had grown up. She had her first period. He should probably be happy for her, but he felt a little bit worried. Growing up meant she was maturing. The flower bud was blossoming into a beautiful flower. She would only become more and more beautiful. Her beauty would attract everyone's attention.

It was already difficult now. She was still young and she had already attracted Li Song and Song Hui. Wouldn't he worry even more when she grew matured?

He couldn't help but continue to think further. Should he watch over her more carefully in the future? She could only belong to him. He had watched her slowly grow up as if she was a delicate flower that he had personally nurtured, watered, and fertilized. He had finally waited until his flower had blossomed today. He was the only one that could pluck this flower. No one else could touch her.

Zhao Jie only looked at her without speaking. Wei Luo inevitably felt slightly anxious, "What do you want to say?"

He returned to his senses and looked at the servant girl next to Wei Luo. Without changing his expression, he called Wei Luo to his side, "I recently picked up a sachet. Look and see if it’s yours."

Hearing these words, Wei Luo walked closer. Half way, she remembered that wasn't carrying a sachet today. How could it be hers? Just as she was about to speak, she saw Zhao Jie taking out a sachet. To be cooperative, she simply picked up the green jade sachet with an ornamental lotus pattern from his hand to look, then she shook her head and said, "It's not mine. Big brother, this looks like a man's sachet?"

Zhao Jie's expression didn't change and he had her continue to look, "Do you recognize the spices inside the sachet?"

Jin Lu was standing behind them and patiently waiting. First, she looked behind Zhao Jie, then she look at the pillars on the side, and finally her gaze fell on Wei Luo. As she looked, a strange expression appeared on her face. She carefully looked at Wei Luo's skirt and finally determined what she was seeing. Her face suddenly froze before her nervousness showed. She temporarily forgot the rules and called out in panic, "Miss!"

It wasn't a strange thing for a woman to have a period and for some of the blood to seep through her clothing. However, they were in a public place right now. It would be too embarrassing if outsiders saw! This was Wei Luo's first period, so she didn't notice. Also, in her previous life, she didn't get her first period until she was fourteen. Since it had started a year earlier, she was naturally caught off guard.

Wei Luo was currently trying to figure out which spices were inside the sachet. Hearing Jin Lu shouting, she turned around to ask, "What's so urgent?"

Big problem! Extremely big problem! Jin Lu didn't know if anyone else had also seen it on the way here. Jin Lu carefully thought. Other than Zhao Jie and Abbot Qing Wang, they didn't meet anyone else after the leaving the room. Abbot Qing Wang probably didn't see anything. As for Zhao Jie... his expression seemed calm and natural. He probably didn't see anything, right?

Thinking of it that way, Jin Lu sighed in relief. Before His Highness Prince Jing and other people notice, she had to hurry with bringing Miss back to her room!

Jin Lu walked forward, quickly thought of a reason, ashamedly said, "This servant suddenly remembered that I forgot to bring something. Miss, could you accompany me back?"

Wei Luo blinked and subconsciously asked, "What thing?"

Jin Lu couldn't figure out a reply. After she stammered for a while, she finally said with a red face, "A very important thing!"

Oh. Since Jin Lu said it like that, Wei Luo reluctantly agreed. She handed the sachet back to Zhao Jie. Before she left, she didn't forget to tell him, "There's sandalwood and dahurian angelica inside this bag. I don't recognize the other spices. If big brother wants to know, I'll ask Aunty Han for you when I go home." Before she had time to say good-bye, Jin Lu rushed her into leaving and they left in the direction of her room.

Jin Lu was worried that other people would see the blood on Wei Luo's skirt, so she deliberately walked behind her the entire time to block other people's line of sight.

Zhao Jie stood beneath at the verandah for a long time. He held the sachet and watched Wei Luo's back that gradually went further and further away. His dark eyes were deep and his expression was unfathomable.

Of course she wouldn’t recognize this sachet. This was his sachet.

He stopped looking. His lips slowly curved into a faint smile. He was born with long eyebrows and had a handsome appearance. Normally, his expression was cold. Even when he laughed, other people felt an aura of oppression from him. But, at the current moment, his laughter was joyful. His phoenix eyes were gentle, his smile was cheerful, and he looked especially good-looking.


At the back of the temple, in a guest room.

Wei Luo had been inexplicably brought back here by Jin Lu. Standing in her room, she asked, "Jin Lu, what did you forget to bring?"

Jin Lu walked into the inner room and took out a set of clean clothes from her bag. Soon after, she came out of the inner room, put away the nervous look from before, smiled, and pointed out to Wei Luo, "Miss, look at the back of your skirt."

Wei Luo scrunched up her eyebrows. What was Jin Lu thinking? Wei Luo turned her head and after a moment, she saw the blood that had already dried. Her small face froze for a moment before finally understanding why Jin Lu had rushed her back. So her period had came! No wonder her body had felt sore and weak the entire day.

After she understood, she couldn't help thinking. Zhao Jie had also been there. Did Zhao Jie also see? Would he laugh at her? In her previous life, didn't her first period come when she was fourteen, why was it so early in this life?

Seeing Wei Luo's unhappy expression, Jin Lu quickly guessed what she was thinking and hurried to comfort her, "His Highness Prince Jing probable didn't see. This servant had checked his expression just then. His expression was very natural without the slightest peculiarity."

After saying this, she brought Wei Luo into the inner room and unfolded the moon white and pale yellow robe. As she helped Wei Luo change clothes, she sighed with emotion, "Miss has already grown up. You’re an adult now."

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