Chongfei Manual - Chapter 73.1

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Chapter 73.1

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Startled, Wei Luo opened her eyes wider. She couldn't believe that he actually did this again, especially when she was still awake. At first, he didn't go deep into her mouth. He only sucked her bottom lip twice and lingeringly continued to lick her lips. She didn't dare to move and could only numbly allow him to eat her tofu.

Very quickly, her mind started working. She finally remembered that they were at Yu He. Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen would be returning at any time...

Wei Luo didn't dare to imagine the consequences of them seeing this. She finally remembered that she had to push him away and she raised her hand. But, his embrace was firm. Even after she pushed his chest for a long time, she didn't succeed. Instead, he bit her in response!

The bite didn't hurt and felt more like a slight warning.

Zhao Jie's kiss was so intense that she had no idea how to resist.

The kiss from last time could be continued as insignificant. He had stopped after getting a taste. This time, he was really trying to devour her. Taking advantage of her open mouth, he entered her mouth and entangled with her tongue. She couldn't say any words and could only sweetly and softly whimper.

From time to time, she could hear the footsteps of other customers from outside the door. The sounds felt so close that it felt as if they were walking right next to her. The clamor from the hallway made the room feel even quieter. Wei Luo couldn't hear anyone else's voice. She could only hear the interweaving sound of Zhao Jie and her breathing. It was intimate and impure like sound from next door...

Her heart was like a beating drum. Her entire body was as soft and weak as cotton. She didn't even have the strength to lift her hands.

Not much later, someone pushed open the door. The cordial voice of the waiter was heard before it spontaneously ended, "Customers, your food is here..."

The waiter stood in place and awkwardly looked at the two kissing people in the room. The tall man was holding the petite girl while unhesitatingly kissing her. Even standing at the door, he could hear them. A long time later, the waiter returned to his senses and retreated outside while smiling apologetically, "You two continue...."

Zhao Jie finally let go of Wei Luo. Her lips were bright red and slightly swollen from his biting. He lifted his hand to whistle to the waiter without turning his head, "Wait, is there another private room? We want to change to another room."

Wei Luo's lipstick had been entirely eaten by Zhao Jie. Her cheeks were a deep red from blushing. Her big and dark eyes were shimmering like water underneath sunlight. Her appearance was innocent and made a person want to pamper her.

The waiter hurriedly stopped his steps, turned around, and nodded while bowing, "There is. Is the customer unsatisfied with this room? Please wait. This small one will bring you to another room once the room is prepared.”

She wasn't merely unsatisfied, but extremely unsatisfied... the sound of the people next door making love was so loud that it couldn't be ignored. Who would still be able to eat? In addition, if it wasn't for those people, Zhao Jie might not have kissed her... Wei Luo couldn't resist silently criticizing.

The waiter had them wait for a little bit while he ordered someone else to tidy up another room. Not much later, the other room was prepared and he led Zhao Jie and Wei Luo over there.

Just as they exited the room, they coincidentally saw the two people from next door also leaving.

There was a man and woman. The man was walking in front. The man had a handsome and heroic face that was like white jade. He was born with a rather outstanding and romantic appearance and had the elegant image of a young master. He was neatly dressed in a light blue robe with a jade waist accessory. If she hadn't just heard his actions, she would probably be deceived by his appearance.

The young woman behind him was about fifteen or sixteen years old. She had a delicate and attractive appearance. Although she wasn't extremely beautiful, she had an extremely delicate temperament that attracted people. All men liked this type of woman, who was soft, agreeable, and meticulously caring. This type of personality satisfied a man's desire for control. If they were slightly charming during love, they would be even more pleasing.

There was a slight change in Wei Luo's expression as she remembered hearing her call out "brother-in-law".

It really... made her feel a new level of respect for her performance.

The man seemed to be acquainted with Zhao Jie. Originally, the man's head was lowered as he arranged the creases on his sleeves that had a pattern of golden lotus branches. When he looked up, he inadvertently saw Zhao Jie. He raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Hey, isn't this Chang Sheng*?"

* (T/N: Chang Sheng is Zhao Jie’s childhood nickname.)


Acquaintance? Friend?

At Zhao Jie’s side, Wei Luo had returned to her usual spirit.

The man's eyes shifted from Zhao Jie to her. He smiled and his tone became more intimate, "This is..."

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows. He wasn't happy with how he was looking at Wei Luo. His tone was cold when he said, "Shizi, why do you have the free time to come here?"

(T/N: Shizi means heir apparent to a noble title. I’ll be using heir for the rest of the translation for simplicity.)

This person was Zhao Jue. He was the son of Zhao Jie's second uncle, Prince Rui. Prince Rui's wife spoiled her son and couldn't bear to discipline him since he was a child. Prince Rui had also failed to disciple him. Now, at twenty-three, he still disregarded authority and deviated from societal morals. He was arrogant and stubborn.

Compared to Li Song, he was completely lacking in every aspect.

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