Chongfei Manual - Chapter 87.2

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Chapter 87.2

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This was how he came to see the scene in front of him.

Zhao Jie's eyebrows were stormy and the air became chilly. A bottomless pair of dark eyes stared at Song Hui. Without saying anything, the pressure used to hold Song Hui’s hand involuntarily increased.

Duke Ying came forward, furrowed his eyebrows, and asked, "What happened? Ah Luo, what did you say to House Song's heir?"

From behind, he could only see that the two people had been standing very close. Song Hui was tightly holding Wei Luo's hand and Wei Luo couldn't break free. It seemed that something had happened between them. When Zhao Jie stepped forward to stop them, Duke Ying didn't notice anything was strange. Instead, he felt somewhat grateful.

Song Hui directly looked at Zhao Jie, then he looked at Wei Luo who was behind him. The desolate and injured feeling he had in his eyes disappeared in flash. He immediately lowered his head, let go of Wei Luo's hand, retreated two steps, saluted Duke Ying, and sincerely said, "This younger generation has acted rudely towards younger sister Ah Luo. Please forgive me Duke Ying."

Song Hui had always been seen as a young man who had a sense of propriety and rarely acted rashly like today. Duke Ying was slightly displeased, but he didn't say anything to make it difficult for from. He only quietly said, "Although you're engaged to Ah Luo, you still shouldn't be too close to her. Don't display this type of behavior again."

Song Hui didn't explain what had happened. Instead, he showed an apologetic attitude and said, "Yes, Song Hui will obey your edification.”

Duke Ying grudgingly nodded and looked at Zhao Jie, "What message did Prince Jing want to pass along to Ah Luo?"

Zhao Jie turned around and walked a few steps away from Wei Luo to give a proper appearance. Perhaps, the anger in his heart wasn't quelled yet, so his voice was slightly cold as he said, "Next month, Liuli will leave the capital to go to Zi Yu Manor for a summer holiday. She especially invites Fourth Miss to go there with her."

Wei Luo stood in place and considered. If Liuli wanted to go to a villa for a summer holiday, why was Zhao Jie the one telling her? However, this wasn't the appropriate place to say these thoughts out loud. He wasn't giving her a chance to refuse. After thinking it over, she said, "I'll have to inconvenience older brother Prince Jing to tell her that I'll go there with her when the time comes."

Zhao Jie looked at her. He used have a smile in his eyes whenever he looked at her, but right now, there wasn't the slightest trace of a smile in his eyes. After she thought about it, it was to be expected. He was injured and she didn't visit him even once. His heart probably felt very bad?

But, she didn't have any other options. Who told them to have a relationship that couldn’t be shown to others?

Zhao Jie looked away from her and quietly said, "If Fourth Miss agrees, then personally go to the palace now. Liuli has other words she wants to say to you."

Wei Luo's thought were sluggish as she said, "Go now?"

He looked down and said, "Yes, there's a palace carriage outside the residence. Liuli has specially asked this prince to personally bring you to the palace."

Wei Luo, “…”

Was this really Liuli’s idea? Or, was this his idea?

Wei Luo knew that she couldn't refuse. She pursed her lips, nodded, and said, "Since it's like that, older brother Prince Jing, wait a bit for me. I'll come right back after changing my clothes."

Because the temperature was too hot, she was currently wearing casual clothing. She was only wearing a thin, almost transparent short-sleeve top inside her outer robe. It was okay to wear this at home, but it wouldn't be good to wear this outside. Who would have expected that after glancing at her, Zhao Jie would open his thin lips to offer his opinion, "No need to change. Just go like this." His gaze lowered and he looked at her pomegranate skirt and shoes embroidered with golden begonia flowers. His tone was very meaningful as he said, "Liuli won't mind."

There was a serene and hidden emotion in his eyes. Wei Luo subconsciously took a step back and wanted to hide her shoes so that he couldn't look, "Oh... Okay."

In that case, she could only go the palace.

Duke Ying started to respectfully walk Prince Jing out of the residence. Wei Luo hesitated for a moment, then she followed along with Jin Lu and Bai Lan. When Wei Luo passed by Song Hui, she paused for a moment before continuing to straightforwardly walk away.

She was truly a cruel little girl. When she decided to draw a boundary, she wouldn't even leave behind anything for delusions.

Song Hui slowly turned around and watched Wei Luo's back as she walked further and further away. Her recent words hovered around his ears. It was impossible to get rid of them

She really wanted to end their engagement?

She was a little girl that he had watch grown up. He wanted to put her into the innermost center of his heart. Countless times, he had thought of ways to treat her well after they got married. He would care for her and love her. Nothing would come between them. Before, he wasn't able to see her enough. After they were married, he could close the doors and properly look at her until he was satisfied. Unfortunately... she wouldn't give him the opportunity.


At Duke Ying's residence's entrance, a vermillion-lacquered, flat-roofed carriage slowly drove away in the direction of the palace.

Fifteen minutes later, the carriage suddenly stopped on the road.

Inside the carriage, Wei Luo's mind cried out.

In the next moment, the deep black cloth curtain with golden embroidery was lifted from the outside. Zhao Jie's navy blue robe with a python pattern appeared in her sight. She couldn't help clenching her small fist. "Older brother Prince Jing..."

Zhao Jie's gaze swept past her and towards Jin Lu and Bai Lan. He said, "Leave. This prince has words to say to your Miss."

Jin Lu and Bai Lan's faces showed their hesitation. If they left, only their Miss and Prince Jing would be inside the carriage. Prince Jing wouldn't do anything to their Miss, right?

Wei Luo thought for a moment, then she said, "You can leave. I have some words to say to older brother Prince Jing. If anything happens, I'll call you inside."

Hearing these words, Jin Lu and Bai Lan left the carriage.

Zhao Jie bent down and went inside the carriage. Originally, the carriage wasn't narrow. She didn't why, but after he came inside, the carriage felt especially crowded. Perhaps, it was because his tall and straight body was right in front of her and made her feel an indescribable sense of oppression.

“Prince Jing…”

Before she could finish her words, the carriage's curtain fell down and blocked the light from outside. The inside of the carriage instantly became dimmer.

Zhao Jie leaned over so that she was between him and the carriage wall. One hand was against the wall and the other hand was holding her little face. He held her mouth between his lips and stopped her words.

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