Chongfei Manual - Chapter 88.1

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Chapter 88.1

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Wei Luo felt confused and disoriented from his kisses, even breathing felt like a problem. But, he still wouldn't let go of her. He sucked and bit her lips as if he was starving beast that finally found food and wouldn't be satisfied until he consumed her completely. His kisses contained sulkiness and intensity. When she tilted her head to avoid him, he bit the tip of her tongue to threaten her. When she obediently stopped moving, his kisses gradually turned into a gentle and soft abrasion that swallowed her whimpering.

A long time later, Zhao Jie finally let go of her. His thumb lightly stroked her lips and he hoarsely asked, "Why didn't you come to see me?"

As expected, this was what he had cared about the most. When he finally saw her today, the resentment and discontentment that he had accumulated over the past several days exploded.

Wei Luo's tongue and lips felt slightly sore. It was totally his fault for kissing so fiercely and he even bit her. Her lips were definitely swollen. How would she explain to Jin Lu and Bai Lan when they saw her like this? She bit his forefinger and didn’t let go as she grumbled, "Why do I have to go see you?"

Did he still have to say? Zhao Jie didn't pull his finger out. He leaned over and kissed the tip of her nose. In a slightly gloomy tone, he said, "I'm injured."

Then, he took his hand away, held her hand and placed it on chest where he had been injured. The wound there hadn't completely healed and was wrapped in layers of white bandages. Even separated by clothing, she could still feel it. His chest was very hard and underneath his ribcage, a powerful heart thumped. His entire body emitted a man's strong aura. Compared to him, Wei Luo was even more petite. She was small and soft. Wrapped in his arms, she was like a little girl that didn't have any way to escape and could only listen as he forcefully asked again, "Ah Luo, baby, why didn't you come to see me?"

Wei Luo's face was red. The redness reached her ears.

From the time he confessed to her, he had started acting unscrupulous and now he even had the cheek to call her "baby". Who was his baby? So nauseating! She didn't like this address at all.

But, for some inexplicable reason, her heart and body softened. She didn't even have the energy to refute him.

Wei Luo tilted her head, stared at the pillows embroidered with dark reddish purple peony flowers inside the carriage, and slowly said, "Older sister Gao told me to not visit you."

The expression on Zhao Jie's face immediately changed. His sword-like eyebrows were slightly knitted. Sitting on the scarlet cushion with rounded embroidery design, he placed her onto his leg, cupped his hands around her little face, and asked, "What exactly did she say to you?

Wei Luo didn't look at him. Her big eyes that could distinguish between black and white blinked and she honestly said, "That day, after older sister Gao escorted me to the entrance, she said that I was grown up and should be considering my reputation. I shouldn't casually come to Prince Jing's residence."

She admitted that she was intentionally saying these words. She felt possessive. From the time that she realized her feelings, she wanted Zhao Jie to be completely hers. Why should Gao Dan Yang be able to show off sovereignty towards her? She also wanted to have Zhao Jie. Besides, she didn't add any additional details to make the story more interesting. She only recounted facts. She looked at Zhao Jie. Her pink and soft lips curved up, "Older brother Prince Jing, do you think older sister Gao’s words were right?"

Zhao Jie's face didn't look good. He lowered his head, kissed her, and rubbed his lips against hers. He couldn't bear to leave. "Don't listen to her words." The young girl's taste was too good, just one taste made him addicted. As soon as he saw her, he couldn't resist wanting to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her entire body. His mind could still be counted as clear-headed. He remembered that they were inside a carriage and didn't act too wild. He continued to say, "Whether or not you can enter Prince Jing's residence, only this prince's words matter. Later, when you marry this prince, the entire residence will be yours. You can enter and leave however you want."

Wei Luo grabbed his sleeve. She almost couldn't go on. Her body felt as if it had melted into his embrace, "But Count Zhong Yi’s family came today to discuss my marriage with older brother Song Hui...

Although she had clearly told her feelings to Song Hui and hoped that he would cancel their engagement, Song Hui hadn't agreed.

Song Hui's last words "I don't want to end our engagement" were stilling ringing in her ears. She felt slightly ashamed and uneasy. It wasn't like there wasn't another method. Wei Zheng liked him. She would only have to use a few small tricks to pushed Wei Zheng to him. She had wavered between not wanting to give Wei Zheng this small advantage and not hurting Song Hui. In the end, she had taken too long to decide.

Zhao Jie straighten up and thought of the scene he had witnessed at Duke Ying's residence. An ominous look appeared in his eyes, but it was soon hidden away and his phoenix eyes appeared unfathomable again. He held and kneaded her small hand to remove the heat traces left behind by Song Hui's touch, "What did they talk about?"

Wei Luo recollected the words that Bai Lan had heard from eavesdropping and told him, "Daddy says we'll get married first, then the wedding will take place a year later and I'll enter Count Zhong Yi's residence then."

Zhao Jie didn't say anything, but the arm around her waist tightened, "What do you want?"

Wei Luo didn't understanding his meaning, "En?"

He lowered his head to look at her. His eyes were solely focused on her. "Ah Luo, do you want to marry Song Hui, or do you want to marry me? If you marry me, this prince will immediately help you cancel this engagement."

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