Chongfei Manual - Chapter 98.2

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Chapter 98.2

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The mood in the study wasn’t good.

Wei Luo stared at the teapot in front of her. After the tea was ready, she poured it into three black cups that had a bamboo and bird pattern. One cup went to Chang Hong, another cup was left for herself, and just as she was about bring the third cup to Zhao Jie, Chang Hong coldly looked at her. She paused, lowered her head, and slowly said, "I'll drink two cups."

Wei Chang Hong's held his teacup tighter and his veins became more prominent. Wei Luo was worried that if she continued to speak, Wei Chang Hong would start attacking Zhao Jie. She lowered her head and silently drank the tea.

After the tea had slightly cooled down, Wei Chang Hong drank the tea in one gulp without caring about how hot it was. After mulling over the issue, he slowly asked, "Ah Luo, did you give him that jade hairpin?"

Wei Luo sipped her tea and quietly said, "En."

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Wei Chang Hong didn't know how describe the feeling in his heart. It felt slightly sour and stuffy. If it was Song Hui, then fine. Although he didn't like Song Hui, he had already come to terms with giving Wei Luo to him. But, Zhao Jie's sudden appearance out of nowhere had crushed his emotional preparation. His body felt unwell as if he had suffered an enormous shock.

Why did it have to be him? He used to think that Zhao Jie's demeanor and identity didn't match, but he reluctantly let that thought go. But now, no matter how he looked at him, Zhao Jie was unpleasing to look at.

When Wei Luo was a child, she had been Zhao Liuli's study companion and had met Zhao Jie several times. But, most of the time she would either see him in the palace or right outside of the place. They very rarely openly met in Duke Ying's residence. So, although Wei Chang Hong knew this person existed, he didn't know about his relationship with Wei Luo.

Wei Luo had also intentionally never mentioned this to him. It was only today that he found out and suspected.

Wei Chang Hong lifted his eyes and viciously looked at Zhao Jie while asking Wei Luo, "When you went out last time, was it to buy a gift for him and on the way you brought a gift for me?"

Wei Luo repeatedly shook her head. That really wasn't true. If this was the reason why he was mad, then she was willing to explain. "Of course not. I went outside to buy you a gift. I only bought the jade hairpin incidentally.”

At this moment, Zhao Jie almost stopped smiling.

Wei Chang Hong's expression became slightly better. After thinking, he asked, "Your engagement with Song Hui... Was it canceled because of him?"

Wei Luo shook her head again and honestly said, "That wasn't the reason. I wanted to cancel the engagement with older brother Song Hui a long time ago. Even if there wasn't older brother Prince Jing, I would still do this."

The corner of Zhao Jie's mouth went down. His expression slightly sunk.

Contrarily, Wei Chang Hong's mood was gradually improving. There was a hint of a smile on his lips. He thought that Zhao Jie wasn't that important in Wei Luo's heart. "Then, why did you give him a jade hairpin? What kind of relationship do you have with him? Ah Luo, did he take advantage of your youth and inexperience? Did he threaten you with his status?"

Zhao Jie's eyes were covered in a layer of haze, "..."

He raised his phoenix eyes and looked at Wei Luo as if he was waiting to hear her answer.

Wei Lou froze for a moment. She soon lightly shook her head. "It's not like that. Where did your mind go?" She lowered her long eyelashes and blocked the flow of brilliant light in her eyes. "We mutually like each other."

Zhao Jie stared at her. This was the first time that he heard the young girl say she truly liked him. He had questioned her countless times, but she had always refused to clearly state her affection for him. Now, facing Wei Chang Hong, she had finally said these honest words. He supported his chin and fixed his gaze on the young girl across from him. He was waiting for her to say the other words that he wanted to hear.

Under his gaze, Wei Luo felt even more embarrassed. Burning redness went from her ears to her bright, slender, white jade neck. Her long eyelashes fluttered. Slowly and firmly, she said, "Older brother Prince Jing treats me very well... He protected me since I was a child. No matter what I did, he would fix my mess. I used to think of him as an older brother, but not anymore. Chang Hong, I don't want to marry older brother Song Hui, but I want to marry older brother Prince Jing."

This could be considered a very bold expression of opinion.

After all, Wei Luo's face wasn't thick. Before she finished speaking, her face was completely red. Her gleaming eyes turned, but she wouldn't look at Zhao Jie.

Hearing these words, Wei Chang Hong was silent for a long time.

Contrarily, the smile on Zhao Jie's lips became bigger and bigger. It was a sharp contrast to Chang Hong. He couldn't restrain his emotions. He grabbed the hand that Wei Luo had placed on the table and squeezed her hand. "Dearest..."

Wei Luo slapped his hand away and gave him a seething look. "Don't touch me."

Chang Hong was here and he still dared to act so unrestrained. Did he still want his reputation? If he hadn't worn that jade hairpin outside, how could this current situation have happened? When all was said and done, he had made the error of showing off.

Zhao Jie smiled and took his hand back, "Okay."

Wei Chang Hong naturally didn't miss seeing this. The shock he had received wasn't light. After sitting in a daze for a long time, he stood up and asked Zhao Jie, "When do you plan on proposing marriage?"

Zhao Jie lifted his eyes to look at him. "The day after tomorrow."

Wei Chang Hong slowly nodded and seemed to have made a serious decision. He pulled Wei Luo up from the chair and started walking towards the door. "Then, before the wedding, it would be best if you don't see Wei Luo."

Wei Luo hurriedly put down the teacup before following after him.

Chang Hong walked out of the doorway. Just as she was about to take the first step past the threshold, a hand came out from behind, suddenly wrapped around her waist, and gently held her back.

Surprised, she stiffly let go of Chang Hong's hand. Before she had time to call out, the doors in front of her were closed. The room was isolated from outside.

After Zhao Jie turned around and pressed her against the door, he stared at her small face. Her recent words kept echoing in his mind. Even when Wei Chang Hong told him to not see her, he didn't take it seriously. He leaned over to kiss her lips. "Your little lips are so sweet. Let me taste them to see if you rubbed honey on them."

Wei Luo whimpered and closed her eyes. She couldn’t help standing on her tiptoes to meet his kiss.

His hand went inside her clothes and paused when it reached her delicate, silky, jade-like flesh. Soon after, he unhesitatingly went inside her dudou and wantonly rubbed.

Wei Luo couldn't resist closing her eyes. Translucent saliva came out from her lips. Her soft cheeks were red. Zhao Jie finally kissed her enough and let her go. He used his thumb to wipe away the saliva on her lips and hoarsely said, "En, sweeter than honey."

Wei Luo's cheeks were flushed red. She opened her mouth and bit his thumb.

Outside, Chang Hong stood in front of the doors. He clearly heard everything that had happened inside. His face was ashen. He really regretted not punching Zhao Jie's face.

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