Class Reptilia (Progression Fantasy)

Class Reptilia (Progression Fantasy)
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One hundred years ago, being diagnosed with the "affliction" was the kiss of death. Whether by mutation or firing squad, Linnaeans lived notoriously tragic lives. The few that lived suffered from irreversible mutations. These creatures, few as they were, inspired legends of werewolves, mermaids, and sirens.

Then came the treatments for the Linnaean affliction. The discovery of temporary gene repression meant that the development of mutations could be slowed and managed. This created an "unholy" new race that shared the DNA of both humans and animals.

Feared and hated by the outside world, they created a stronghold to develop their medicines and amass their power. Today, Linnaeans from all over the continent live in the City of Mendel and train under the renowned Professor Corax, a brilliant and eccentric geneticist.

Just before her eighteenth birthday, Ember is diagnosed with the affliction. Suddenly, instead of moving into her dorms and studying with the brightest in the country, she is whisked off to the City of Mendel by government officials who are as scared of her as she is of them. As she contends with a new city and her own treatment, she'll also have to face the tension of the half-baked treaty between the Linnaean people and the outside world.

There's no doubt - life won't be easy in a city where the population is able to harness the abilities (and instincts) of animals.

*This is a cross-post from Royal Road. Romance is not the primary focus of this work. I will likely update several times a week until I'm caught up to the other platform, then updates will drop back to weekly.

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