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Chapter 72: 72

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The next day I met with Managing Director Insu Sok like my father said at a bit past 9 AM in my main house in Cheongdam-dong.

“That’s why I have to revive Pioneers’ City. I have to develop it into a city completely different from the current Pioneers’ City.”

What is important is what I’m going to do about it.

So, I briefed him about the past events. Of course, I made sure to mention the Gahwa Guild. When Myongjin makes inroads into Pioneers’ City, Soktae Kang, the Gahwa Guild Leader, would definitely try to obstruct them. Although it was unlikely that he would be able to do any harm to the Myongjin Group, I wanted to warn Insu just in case.

After hearing my story, Insu opened his mouth with twinkling eyes, and lowered his head.

“Honestly, I thought it was rather strange when our chairman told me to take action to help you, because i thought your project was a trivial thing. I’m sorry that I thought of you like that.”

He once again apologized to me, bowing to me politely. But I wasn’t particularly upset or offended because I hadn’t shown him anything yer.

He raised his head, met my gaze and said, “And now I think I know why our chairman keeps paying attention to you like this.”


He had more experience than anyone else among the people in the Myongjin group. That was why he was Myongjin’s person in charge of everything related to “Revival Legend”.

Of course, the general manager of this whole project was my father.

Anyway, this experienced managing director Insu Sok seemed to have recognized at a glance that this quest was extraordinary. But he didn’t ask me any specific questions.

Rather, he was just stroking his chin as if he was pondering over it.

“Revival of the city…Okay, let us do it this way. We will move the base of Myongjin’s 3rd league to Pioneers’ City, followed by our 4th league.”

“Really? Can you do that?”

I initially just wanted the 4th league, since I thought that was more than enough to make Pioneers’ city bustling and crowded.

However, Director Insu went one step further.

Although the 3rd League was not better than the 1st and 2nd Leagues that Myongjin Group paid the most attention to, it was the most active group.

When I asked him whether he could do it for me, he replied with a smile on his lips, ” Isn’t this quest a big thing for you?”

He was right. It was a big deal for me. A very big deal.

In particular, the 300 stat points was a bountiful reward, and this was not including the golden rings, EXP, coins and accessory boxes. Besides, I had the Mutual Growth trait.

So I opened my mouth and emphasized it very clearly while looking at Director Sok.

“It’s very important!”

“Then let me go ahead as with the plan we just discussed. If our company accepts this motion sometime today, there will be a large-scale relocation of the 3rd and 4th Leagues sometime tomorrow. And moving their main bases means that those involved with the leagues will also move.”

“Got it. Thanks.”

It took only 3 minutes for the director to make the decision to relocate the two leagues, though it still needed my father’s final approval.

Anyway, after that, I talked more with Director Sok because I had to discuss some other stuff.

Namely, the undigested mineral masses of the stone squirrels.

As expected, Director Sok did not know about the mineral masses. Of course, I expected that he would not know about it. If he knew it, not only he but also my father and Myongjin would not sit idle.

So I told him about it in as great detail as possible because these mineral masses were items that would affect Myongjin later in some way or another.

And there was a high possibility that such an influence would make Myongjin take one step ahead of the other groups and guilds.

My one-room studio near Mt. Kwanak in the outskirts of Seoul.

After having lunch at home, I returned and accessed the game right away.

Now that I had done what I set out to do, I was just waiting for the results.

“Move to the swampy area.”

[You have been moved to the swampy area.]

Because the Gahwa Guild itself had disappeared, the Safety Zone of the swampy area that came into my eyes was empty. That’s why I came here. Tomorrow, this place will be full of new people from the 3rd and 4th Leagues of Myongjin.

It was certainly not an attractive hunting ground, but it has great potential as it would house the main base of a giant guild with tens of thousands of guild members.

“Let me hunt a lot before they move in! Tomorrow, I will decide on a different hunting ground and leave for there.”

I had to leave the ant den and Desert Scorpion forest that I liked so much.

Although I didn’t leave that place against my will, I had to make the decision to leave anyway.

Otherwise, I would have to go through some annoying stuff, which would affect my levelling negatively. This time I made the decision with my own will.

So, I stepped into the swampy area, and used Ice Field everywhere.

That day I hunted in the swampy swamp all day long.

At my mansion in Cheongdam-dong that night.


Chairman Sangman Hong was confused after checking the document presented by Director Sok because he found that the headquarters of the 3rd and 4th Leagues would be moved to another place all of a sudden. So, he cast a dubious glance at the director

Director Sok could read the Chairman’s mind accurately as he had served the chairman as his right hand man for more than a decade. He opened his mouth with a small smile on his lips.

“You gave me the direction, Chairman!”

“Me? When?”

Chairman Hong was a bit embarrassed by the director’s response because he did not recall issuing such an order.

“You told me to meet Juyoung this morning and take the necessary actions, right?”

“Oh, is this the necessary action?”

“Yes, sir.”


Director Sok was quite a reliable man to Chairman Hong. That’s why Chairman Hong had him in charge of Myongjin’s ‘Revival Legend’ affairs. However, he could not help but be embarrassed by the director’s blatant reply imbued with pride and satisfaction.

At that moment Sok said, “I was always puzzled that you kept paying attention to Juyoung who didn’t show any merits or talent until now. I even thought that it would help the Myongjin Group if you diverted some of your attention to Kiyoung and Suyoung. But today, I could confirm your great insight and perception.”


One of the reasons why Chairman Hong trusted Director Sok was because he didn’t pay lip service at all. And Hong himself didn’t like that. But this time he had no choice but to like the director’s remarks because the subject of his praise was his youngest son Juyoung.

“I’m not sure yet. However, it seems that Juyoung hit the jackpot. I think it will bring tremendous benefits to both Juyoung himself and the Myongjin Group.”

In fact, Director Sok dispatched a specialist to investigate the truth of Juyoung’s project.

Although he mentioned the relocation of 3rd and 4th Leagues, he was ready to stop it if Juyoung’s words held any falsehoods because that was his duty.

And he confirmed that what Juyoung said was true. He could also confirm the presence of the stone squirrel’s undigested mineral mass because lots of people were involved in it, and tens of billions of won were spent for this stone squirrel project.

Based on this reliable intelligence, Director Sok immediately found out that a larger force than he initially thought must have moved secretly given the huge amount of money involved.

“Let me compile the relevant facts and report to you, sir. I think Juyoung may be greater than you think, sir.”

Director Sok gave Chairman Hong an outline of the stone squirrel project, but Chairman Hong didn’t ask further because the director was now praising his son. And Hong was happy that his son was praised more than him now.

The next day I got up early, as always, and logged in to the game after having cereal for breakfast. Of course, the place where I was after logging in was the Safety Zone in the swampy area that I logged out of yesterday.

It was noisy and crowded as it usually was previously.


But there wasn’t a single person when I logged out yesterday.

However, there were quite a few people in front of me now.

I knew right away who they were. They were from Myongjin’s 3rd and 4th Leagues.

Excluding them, there would be no other men here.

‘Wow, they’re so fast…’

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