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Chapter 67.2

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Bai Su: “Noisy.”

Seeing his Lord’s unsightly complexion, Ren Jia also begins to worry and get anxious.

“Is it about that strange tree in the sea? Will it attract the attention of the people up above? Do we have to leave, my Lord?”

When Ren Jia brings that up, Bai Su smiles instead, “Since there will be a lot of people coming down, it wouldn’t look strange if I’m seen here. And under the restrictions of Heavenly Law, everyone from above will be suppressed.  If this Realm were to be a battlefield, who knows who would win and who would lose!”

Talking about that topic, there’s a small glint in Bai Su’s eyes, a sudden chill to his body, making his prowess known. Ren Jia and Ren Yi(II) could perceive these changes themselves, and both could feel their hearts beat harder.

However, the words they hear from the front instantly break this chilling mood they’ve condensed.

“Master, we’re flying too fast, the Ren brothers might lose us.”

“They’re flying slowly, Ren Yi (Bai Su) is afraid of heights. Let’s wait a for a bit.” Su Tingyun helpfully adds.

With that voice up ahead, a corner of Bai Su’s mouth twitches. He raises his hand slightly, gesturing for Ren Jia and Ren Yi to pick up the pace. Before they could come close, they see the people up ahead slowing down.

“Oh, okay.” says Zhan Yu.

“Ah, I’ve an idea. My flying sword is wide, let him sit on it, it would be just like a flat ground.” Third Senior Uncle turns around and proudly waves to Bai Su, “Come here, boy.”

Bai Su: “…”

Once they’ve finally arrived at  the Wuliang Mountains, Su Tingyun immediately goes to buy medicinal herbs. She didn’t buy a lot of second grade herbs, but she bought some seeds. The ten pieces of middle-grade Spirit Stones that everyone pooled together at the beginning are now just one piece, plus ten low-grade Spirit Stones. She asked around about Pill Furnaces, and the cheapest one is fifty pieces of middle-grade Spirit Stones. She can’t afford it at all.

She can only go down the mountain and try her luck.  But before going down, Su Tingyun first goes to the Sealed Heaven Border. She had already picked some flowers on the way up the mountain, but she waits until she’s at the edge of the cliff to take out that vine, then weaves it. After softly calling out for Big Bai, she throws down the wreath.

Down the mountain, Big Bai is rolling its ball.

It suddenly feels something, then it jumps up until it’s next to the cliff. Then it directly sucks the falling wreath into its body.  This time, the other colorful flowers on the wreath disintegrates, but the little blue leaves glow in the darkness, like twinkling stars in its consciousness.

It remembers staying in this border since its birth, but because of blood inheritance, and the stories from those people back then, it knows that there are blue seas and blue skies out there. But knowing is different from seeing.

Big Bai very carefully uses some leaves to places the wreath on its head, but its very reluctant to wear it just after putting it down. After a moment of hesitation, it hides the wreath in its stomach.

Unexpectedly, Big Bai suddenly feels strange.

Boundless Spiritual Energy enters its body, and the power lost from molting slowly recovers, to its surprise. Its body starts growing at a speed visible to the naked eyes, as if it’s getting inflated.

It jumps in surprise, quickly taking out the wreath. Seeing that the wreath has lost a lot of leaves, Big Bai is so anxious that it almost cries.

In any case, having a high Cultivation is useless, it’s much better to have a nice, beautiful wreath.

Since you can’t put it in your stomach, you should put it on your head…

On the Sealed Heaven Border, Su Tingyun goes down the mountain without stopping, because she needs to catch up, and her Master and Martial Uncles have already searched around several times at the black market at the foot of the mountain. Of course, they haven’t found anything good.

Just then, Su Tingyun sees a person in dark gray very slowly walking to the side of the stone steps, and sits down. He takes out a lump of black cloth and spreads it out. Then he proceeds to bring out a small cauldron.

Ren Yi(II) enthusiastically extends a finger, giddily saying, “They’re selling a Pill Cauldron over there!”

Ren Jia: “You’re overdoing it, can’t you act a little more convincingly?”

“You do it then!” Ren Yi(II) turns his head to glare at Ren Jia. Ren Jia snaps: “I want to control the Puppet.”

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“Then, M’Lord…” Ren Yi bites his tongue, and doesn’t dare to say more.

Su Tingyun makes her way over to the dark-clad man selling the pill cauldron. As soon as she gets near, she hears him say, “Heaven Mending Cauldron, do you want it?”

Third Senior Uncle also comes over to look, “For something like this, you call it Heaven Mending Cauldron, why don’t you just go right ahead and call it Farm God’s Cauldron? And this shape, it’s not a chamber pot your brought from the mortal world, is it?”

Su Tingyun: “…”

The Ren brothers: “…”

Zhan Yu coughs, “How many Spirit Stones for this?” He is unable to determine if this Pill Cauldron is good or bad. But no matter how bad it is, it’s still a Pill Cauldron, with a little bit of treasure light from Spiritual Energy.  They are so poor in Spirit Stones, they can’t afford to be tricked by others.

“One middle-grade Spirit Stone and fifteen low-grade Spirit Stones.” Ren Jia knows how many Spirit Stones are on Su Tingyun, and answered accordingly. He reckons that if this thing is any cheaper, they would all be suspicious of it.

“It’s too expensive, fifty low-grade Spirit Stones at most.” Third Senior Uncle speaks up again.

Su Tingyun is an alchemist, so she naturally knows that although the treasure light on this Pill Cauldron is dim, it gives her a very good first impression. Even the pill fire in her body is itching to get on with it, so it must be a good thing.

“I…” As soon as Su Tingyun opened her mouth, she hears the seller say, “A piece of mid-grade Spirit Stone.”

The other party has taken the initiative to lower the price, and Su Tingyun inwardly loses confidence. She starts to really feel like she might be getting conned, so she asks, “Can I have a look?”

“You may.”

Holding the Pill Cauldron in her hand, she only feels her fingers getting warm, it feels great to the touch. The Pill Fire in her body gets even more excited. This is most definitely something good.

Even if it’s some stolen property that the other party is eager to get rid of, and will cause a lot of trouble if she buys it, right now she feels that she must have this Pill Cauldron.

Su Tingyun gives the last piece of mid-grade Spirit Stone to the man in black, and is about to place the Pill Cauldron in her Storage Treasure, “Wait, I want this Pill Cauldron.”

Su Tingyun starts, glances at the incoming person from the corner of her eyes, and quickly stores the Cauldron in her Storage Treasure.

However, the man in black moves faster than her, and suddenly disappears like a gust of wind. Everyone only sees an afterimage, and they witness him disappear without a trace.

This Cultivation, it must be on Nascent Soul Stage…
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