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Chapter 68.1

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Chapter 068: Paper Tiger


The ones who’ve come are the Ming Jian Sect cultivators with whom they’ve traded invectives before. But the Golden Core Yuanhong, who clashed with Little Martial Uncle, is absent. There’re the four Foundation Establishment Sword Cultivators, and an elegantly beautiful female cultivator following behind them.

The sole female cultivator isn’t wearing the attire for disciples. She is clad in a white brocade cheongsam, embellished with pale golden flowers, extending from the waist to hem. The wide belt is tightly wrapped around her slender waist which, with her graceful figure, complements her delicate beauty.

She doesn’t have the fragrance of cosmetics on her body, but there’s a faint smell of medicinal herbs. It is the sweet scent of Zhilan grass, so this female cultivator is probably an alchemist, but not a high rank one. Zhilan grass is usually used to refine first-grade Pills.

It looks like she probably wouldn’t be the one who will use the Pill Cauldron.  Su Tingyun makes some speculations, and  thinks that this woman should also be an alchemist disciple of Ming Jian Sect, similar to Liu Feizhou and the others back then.

“Well, you keep walking, we’ll be leaving.” Zhan Yu stands guard next to Su Tingyun, ready to protect her. Then, with a laugh, he calls out for everyone to depart. However, someone brandishes out a long sword diagonally before Zhan Yu, blocking them.

The smile on Zhan Yu’s faces instantly disappears, the energy on his body suddenly changing, “Why, want to compare swords?”

The guy blocking their way appears taken aback, “That Pill Cauldron just now, I will buy it with one piece of top-grade Spirit Stone.” He just saw that they only paid a mid-grade Spirit Stone for it, so he makes the quote.

Zhan Yu snorts, quickly stretches out his hand, and taps a finger on that long sword. They only hear a ‘ding’, and the sword blade hums and shivers. The man holding the sword has his expression suddenly change, he almost loses his grip on the hilt.

“Your Obliteration Sword Tower can’t even afford an alchemist, what use do you have for a Pill Cauldron?” says a another Ming Jian disciple. He has also drawn his sword now, and his tone is extremely rude.

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“I like this Pill Cauldron, and I plan to give it to my Teacher. I wonder if this fellow Daoist can bear to part with it? I’d be happy to add a fourth-grade Recovery Pill.” seeing that both parties are about to escalate their dispute, and that her own side is not winning, the female cultivator speaks up. She watches as some of them are already stepping on their flying swords and are about to leave, so she gets anxious, immediately saying: “My Teacher is Ning Wuwei, it would do you well to foster good karma.”

There are a lot of people who’ve set up stalls at the foot of the Wuliang Mountains. The moment they hear the name of Ning Wuwei, all of them cry out in surprise.

Ning Wuwei is a sixth-rank alchemist, and he’s a bit famous in the world of cultivation, with alchemy masters having a high status. In everyone’s eyes, a sixth-rank alchemist is far better than any Golden Core cultivator. Even Nascent Soul cultivators would treat a sixth-rank alchemist with due curtesy.

But what a pity. The members of the Obliteration Sword Tower are too poor to afford Pills, so they naturally haven’t been paying attention to the alchemists. They only feel like the name sounds kinda familiar, but they’ve no idea how capable that guy is.

Those who were about to leave are still going to leave. Senior Uncle and the others all step on their swords to fly away. Third Senior Uncle even yells, “Hurry up, hurry back, keep up. Yun-lass (to Su Tingyun), you’re with me.”

By now, that female cultivator, who has been wearing a smile all this time, could not keep that smiling expression up. She ‘humphs’ and looks straight at Su Tingyun, who has stored that Pill Cauldron, “Could it be that you are also an alchemist disciple? Who is your master?”

Su Tingyun doesn’t give her an answer, she only says: “The Pill Cauldron is not for sale.” As soon as she says that, she jumps lightly and hops onto Third Senior Uncle’s wide flying sword. She doesn’t need to stand because of how spacious it is, so she just sits down, her foot even dangling at the side.

However, the four sword cultivators of the Ming Jian Sect fly into a rage out of humiliation, shouting, “How dare you be rude to Ming Yan!”
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