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Chapter 161: The Arrival of a New Opponent! Why Is It You?

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Chapter 161 The Arrival of a New Opponent! Why Is It You?

But now was not the time to discuss this, because their Master was still standing in the middle of the array!

Currently, Jiang Yiming was also a little anxious. After all, his previous opponent had not been simple. If he advanced to the next level, who knew what realm the opponent he would meet would be in?

After putting away the book, Jiang Yiming only hesitated for a moment before he put his hand on the stone pillar again.

When the disciples saw their Master’s action, all of them quieted down. Their Master’s battle in the secret realm could bring them a lot of inspiration.

Regardless of whether it was their Master’s battle style or the opponents that he faced, everything he did was worth learning from.

The air in the secret realm suddenly became hot. What was going on?!

Not only was there a burning sensation, but he also seemed to have smelled a familiar scent in the air!

“Humph… Lingyun Sect’s sect leader? Do you still remember me?”

This familiar voice? When he heard the opponent’s voice, Jiang Yiming hurriedly searched his brain for the relevant memories.

Wait, wait… He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the answer!

Seeing the familiar figure, the answer was already on the tip of his tongue!

It was the Huoyun Sect elder that he had killed back when the Huoyun Sect had come to cause trouble!

He had never thought that there would be such an opponent in the secret realm!

To think someone who had died in his hands previously had now appeared before him!

“Humph, you are just an illusion created by the secret realm. Since I can kill you once, I don’t mind letting you die again,” Jiang Yiming said coldly. The other party was indeed in the Incarnation Realm, but that was back then. At that time, he himself was only in the Nascent Soul Realm, so it had naturally been difficult for him to have confronted the opponent directly.

But now, he was an expert in the middle stage of the Incarnation Realm whose strength had been completely stabilized!

The other party’s cultivation was nothing in front of him!

“Humph, you think can kill me? You can’t be thinking that my strength now was the same as my strength then, right?” The person said slowly with a vicious face, and his words were filled with deep hatred.

“Back then I was only in the Nascent Soul Realm, but you were already in the early stage of the Incarnation Realm. Yet, you still died at my hands. Do you think that the result this time will be any different?”.

The disciples below who had experienced the incident that day were also anxious. They naturally recognized that the opponent this time was the Huoyun Sect’s elder who had previously caused a ruckus in the sect!

At that time, as the number one Incarnation Realm cultivator in the Huoyun Sect, he had come to the Lingyun Sect in an imposing manner and had threatened to turn the Lingyun Sect into ashes!

Although Jiang Yiming had won that round, it was only a miserable victory! Moreover, not only had Jiang Yiming taken the Hunyuan pill, but he also had the support of his sect protection array!

Now, in the secret realm, he didn’t have any protection or other magical treasure! If he fought with the other party directly, he probably wouldn’t have any merits over the other party!

Jiang Yiming slowly summoned his spiritual energy to circle it around the other party. The other party naturally could feel that Jiang Yiming was testing his strength!

“Humph, if I remember correctly, your name should be Jiang Yiming, right? There’s no need to test me anymore. I am in the middle stage of the Incarnation Realm!”

After saying that, the old man shouted and formed a seal with his hands, “Thousand Fires Burning Skies!” This was the martial skill of the Huoyun Sect. It was also the skill that the other party had used when they had fought!

“Hmph, you old fart, do you really want to use a previously defeated skill to kill the current me? Then let me tell you! This move of yours is useless!” Jiang Yiming’s eyes narrowed. The spiritual energy in his hand directly broke out of his body and spread out around him!

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With that, the auras in the secret realm of the Lingyun Sect changed again! When the two Jiang Yimings had been fighting just now, the disciples could only sense the power of Chaos from the two sect leaders!

But now, not only could they sense their sect leader’s Qi of Chaos in the secret realm, but also the Qi of Fire from the Huoyun Sect’s elder!

It was indeed two terrifying auras between Heaven and Earth that could’ve only been unleashed by two experts of the Incarnation Realm!

“Come on, old man! I want to see what kind of power your so-called Thousand Fires Burning Skies has!” With that, a huge black palm pushed out from behind Jiang Yiming! It fiercely collided with the flames above!

To be honest, the Thousand Fires Burning Skies did have a pretty good effect. As one’s realm increased, the power of this move would multiply in turn!

Back then, when Jiang Yiming faced the Huoyun Sect’s elder, the latter’s cultivation realm had only been in the early stage of the Incarnation Realm. Now, the opponent was merely an opponent that was being simulated by his own sect’s secret realm!

However, the opponent’s strength was a solid middle-stage of the Incarnation Realm! He was even a little stronger than himself!


The two terrifying auras between Heaven and Earth fiercely collided, and everyone let out a cry of surprise! In fact, they had never seen such a powerful collision of martial skills!

The confrontation between the two sect leaders just now had at least been of skills that everyone had seen before. But now, a fire attribute Incarnation Realm cultivator had taken action, so things were not that simple anymore!

Endless Qi of Chaos and the terrifying flames converged in the air before exploding together! The aftershocks of the explosion formed a huge wave in the air that slowly collided into each other!

This was the clash between two experts of the Incarnation Realm!

The disciples were all a little fearful. If they themselves were within the disc, they would have already been turned into ashes!

“You bastard! I see you’re quite capable! Since you want to play with me to the end, then let’s try this!”

Jiang Yiming finally understood. The most important thing in the secret realm was that the opponent would constantly use psychology techniques to scare him!

Just like the “other me” just now, and the Huoyun Sect elder now who had long since became one of the opponents he had killed!

Not only were their strengths increased, but they could also stir up the fear in Jiang Yiming’s heart!

So this was the true strength of the secret realm..

Therefore, different people might have different performances in the secret realm! Their opponents would also be different!

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