Death... and me - Chapter 2252

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Chapter 2252: 2252

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Chapter 2252 Open a Passage

Lily-Yu was shocked by Jeskli's decision. "Senior Jeskli, this is ridiculous! Why would you trust some humans? Sure, we are all fighting together against the Devils, but we are still opposite powers. Also, Kentucky has been under their care all this time. His words can't be trusted at all!"

Jeksli shook his head. "I obviously thought about that. However, there is another reason why I don't want to keep this Fragment. A reason that makes this the best option for us." Jeskli then looked at the Formation ahead, which kept absorbing the Golden and Silver Light of Time and Space. "Now that the Archangel escaped, he totally has the ability to go after another power and strike a deal before telling about this Fragment."

Jeskli then looked at Lily-Yu. "Tell me, what do you expect us Minokawas to do once everyone finds out we have a Fragment in our hands?"

"This..." Lily-Yu had no words to refuse Jeskli.

Jeskli sighed and continued. "The best outcome in that situation would be to ally with the other Demon Beast Races to defend this Fragment. However, we wouldn't be the ones holding it in the end. Instead, Placake would most likely be the one to take it since he is the strongest Demon Beast in the Demon Beast Territories. At most, we would get some advantages, and that is not considering we won't be attacked beforehand. Since that's the case, I might as well trust our own Regal Minokawa and get rid of it."

Kentucky was happy to hear that. "So, in the end, it is also a decision taking the Minokawas' safety into consideration."

Jeskli nodded. "That's basically that. However, you guys have to be fast. We don't know when that Archangel might come back. Sure, such a Spatial Gate would end up sending you anywhere else on our side of the Universe. However, it might very well be somewhere near here, even though the chances are low. We can cover vast distances with our Spatial Gates, after all."

Rean quickly reached the Formation while still feeling a little gloomy that he couldn't capture his father. "Don't worry, I already know what to do. I've been studying this kind of runes for a while. Now that its owner has disappeared, this Formation is now defenseless."

At the same time, Rean contacted Sister Orb. 'Help me with it, Sister Orb. I know you can't do much other than hacking into it. Still, if you just show me the flaws that you use for your hacking, I should be able to devise a modification.'

[Are you sure? This is definitely a Legendary Level Formation. It is still very dangerous to tamper with it since your abilities are at the Divine Level instead.]

Rean nodded. 'Don't worry. I wouldn't be able to build such a thing. However, it is already in place. The parts I need to modify can be done by adding the runes at the Divinity Level, and I have the right ones from the Circuitry Formation Repository.'

Rean then looked behind. "I will have to go in and out of my Pocket Dimensional Realm to work on the changes, so it will probably take a few days."

Jeskli nodded and sat in a corner. "I'll be here to protect it during this time. If it is just a few days, there shouldn't be any risks. Still, try to finish it as fast as possible."

Kentucky looked at Jeskli and then at Rean. "Rean, you should tell the consequences of removing the Fragment as well."

Jeskli glanced at Rean, who agreed with Kentucky. "Although the Floating Islands of Time won't be destroyed, it is true that they rely on the power of the Fragment to have their special environment. I will use the energy gathered by the Formation to replace the Fragment, but the Formation doesn't have the ability to continue creating it. No formation has since it is a Fragment of the Universe Foundation. That means the Formation will lose its power albeit slowly."

"The plan is to do that in a controlled manner so that the Floating Islands of Time fuse back to the Realm of Gods' Space and Time Laws. That said, they will return to be just a region with a permanent night. There will be no messy Space or Time displacement anywhere. In fact, there is a chance it is the Space Power of the Fragment that kept the Islands afloat, so they might slowly fall back to the ground once again. There will be no risks as far as I can tell, but the Floating Islands of Time will definitely not be the same anymore."

Jeskli closed his eyes and pondered about it. Yet, his decision didn't change. "It is a fact the Fragment will not stay here anymore once information spreads. If it is forcefully taken away, then a simple change in the environment will be the least of our problems. Instead, a gigantic Spatial Rift will swallow the Floating Islands of Time. It is obvious which option is the best between the two outcomes."

Rean nodded and immediately went to work. Not only that, but he also contacted Qia and Havek to help. Havek was shocked to hear Rean again. Yet, after understanding the situation, he and Qia secretly helped Rean with the modifications. Just like that, a few days went by in a flash.


By now, the Formation had finally absorbed enough Time and Space Power from the Fragment. It didn't mean the Fragment got weaker. The power the Formation absorbed was simply the accumulated energy that protected the Fragment. The Fragment was still as powerful as ever. Besides, if truly necessary, Rean could have just thrown Sister Orb into it and taken the Fragment away like before.

Havek and Qia were accompanying the changes, and the three of them agreed on the final result. 'This should be it.'

Rean then called Sister Orb. 'Open a passage to the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm. Let the Fragment be absorbed by the others.'

[On it!]

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