Death... and me - Chapter 1526

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Chapter 1526: 1526

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Chapter 1526 – Checking Time

Everyone was shocked by Rean’s display, especially those with a high enough cultivation to see his movements. It was too sudden, too fast, too strong!

But of course, Rean didn’t stop there. He and his clones immediately moved once again as he had no intention of letting those guys reach Roan. After all, Roan might really just kill them since it would be far easier to achieve.

‘Death Style, Third Form, Three Claws of the Dragon!’

‘Death Style, First Energy Form, Shadow Bind!’

The real and illusionary swords all hit the enemies near them, knocking them out while the shadow vines held the rest to the ground. Rean was much closer to these people than he was before. Thanks to that, the shadow vines were enough to hold the remaining four as his Three Claws of the Dragon put another three to sleep.

“Phew… it seems like everything went well,” Rean said as he approached those guys being held by Shadow Bind. Once he got closer, he simply pointed his sword at them and asked, “How will it be? Will you give up, or should I knock you out to achieve victory?”

“We… we give up.” They had no choice. Rean was simply on a completely different level compared to them. They thought that Rean shouldn’t be fighting against people of their level at all as it was too unfair. First of all, was he really just a Peak Stage Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivator?

Sure enough, they weren’t the only ones thinking that.

“They’re cheating!” Immediately, Zosviei raised a complaint to the judges floating above the field. “They’re obviously hiding their own cultivation. There’s no way someone at the Core and Soul Fusion Realm could ever be this strong. Their strength is definitely at the Soul Transformation Realm at the very least!”

Ormo, obviously, was delighted by that outcome, so he wouldn’t take Zosviei’s words easily. “Hahaha! Are those the words of a sore loser? That’s how it sounds to me. You can feel it with your own Divine Sense, can’t you? The twins are definitely in the Peak Stage of the Core and Soul Fusion Realm.”

Then again, it’s quite unfortunate that Rean’s display was too eye-catching. Not only did the Hura Clan people complain, but even the observers found it ridiculous.

“Sect Master Ormo, there are many ways to hide one’s cultivation.”

“I’m sorry, Ormo. I have to side with Zosviei this time.”

“Indeed. A Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivator shouldn’t be that strong.”

“I plead the judges to check the twins, especially Rean since he was the only one who fought.”

“Me too! The challenges of the Upside Down World are made to be fair to both parties. This wasn’t fair at all!”

With that, Zosviei made a formal request. “Judge Himatikia, you’re the one in charge of this challenge. You have to make sure its rules are being upheld.”

Himatikia was the old woman mentioned before, the same one who closed the formation and was part of the purging organization. Himatikia couldn’t help but sigh after hearing that. This test got a lot more annoying than she wanted. She didn’t even want to be here, but she was the only one available when the Hura Clan issued their challenge. Besides, she had to admit the twins were way too suspicious. “Don’t worry, the other elders and I will check them.”

She then opened the formation, just to see that Rean was now sitting on the table with Roan, drinking tea. “Hey, this one isn’t too bad. How come you didn’t use these leaves before?”

Roan shook his head in response as he told him, “I got them here, idiot. Even if I didn’t, since I was the one who got them, what would be the problem in not sharing with you? Be happy that I’m in a good mood and let you drink it.”

“Hmph! You just want to show how good at preparing tea you are. Do you think I can’t tell that?” Although Rean said that, he still continued to drink tea.

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Himatikia’s mouth twitched when she saw that. The twins completely ignored her existence. Sure enough, neither of the twins were worried about any checks. They weren’t cheating, after all. Well, that’s if one considered their existence not to be cheating. “You two, aren’t you listening to what the others said? I’ll have to make sure you guys aren’t hiding your cultivations.”

Rean nodded before he took another cup from the Dimensional Realm and poured tea inside, telling her, “No problem. Here, Senior Himatikia, have some tea as well. My brother might have many problems, but he’s definitely quite good at making tea. Oh, by the way, do the other elders want some tea?”

Himatikia and the elders from the purging organization didn’t know what to say. In the end, Himatikia shook her head. “Forget the tea. We will now hold you and send my Divine Energy into your dantians. That’s the only way to be absolutely sure that you’re not hiding your cultivations. Don’t try to block our views.”

Rean and Roan nodded after that. “Sure, go ahead.” In any case, the twins couldn’t care less. There was indeed a small flame that was recovering in their dantians. However, that looked just like the soul of someone at the Core and Soul Fusion Realm. After all, it was that piece of soul that became the Nascent Soul later. Considering the twins were at the Peak Stage of the Core and Soul Fusion Realm, finding such a thing in their dantians was simply what one should expect.

Himatikia and the elders didn’t waste time and immediately sent their Divine Energies inside. Neither Rean nor Roan blocked their passage and just kept enjoying their tea.

A few moments later, the expressions changed.


Himatikia’s group was truly shocked by what they saw. Sure, they confirmed that the twins were definitely in the Peak Stage of the Core and Soul Fusion Realm. However, that wasn’t all. They also saw the twins’ perfect foundation and the extra Light and Dark Element Pillars. In short, they had never seen a foundation like that before.

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