Death... and me - Chapter 1527

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Chapter 1527: 1527

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Chapter 1527 – Not coming out

Of course, it didn’t stop there. They also saw how the twins’ Divine Energy Pool was simply gigantic. Even though it was reduced many times due to the loss of their Nascent Souls, the twins still had Divine Energy Pools around three times bigger than common cultivators.

Another thing was that they could tell just how resistant the twins’ dantians were. One must remember that the twins used the Universe Essence to fortify their dantians against damage all the way back in the Core Formation Realm. Naturally, this part didn’t change at all.

“Wh-What kind of monsters are you two?”

One of the elders immediately had an idea, suggesting, “Himatikia, they’re definitely part of the Sacred Undersea Kingdom. Only if they’re related to that place would their talent be this heaven-defying.”

The other elders immediately nodded in agreement. They, too, could only think about this reason.

Rean faintly smiled in response as he replied, “Well, to be more precise, we’re kind of guinea pigs of the Sacred Undersea Kingdom. After all, the Sacred Undersea Kingdom is controlled by aquatic demon beasts.” Of course, that was all a lie… which truly did look to be true after they considered the Sacred Undersea Kingdom’s position.

“It’s the first time someone from there fell into the Upside Down World because they turned into statues,” Himatikia said in response. She then took her arm away from the twins as she had already confirmed they weren’t lying. They truly were at the Peak Stage of the Core and Soul Fusion Realm. “Since you came from there, could it be that the Sacred Undersea Kingdom finally discovered this place?”

Immediately, the other elders’ eyes lit up once they heard that. Wouldn’t that mean they finally had a chance to get out?

Unfortunately, Rean shook his head in response, telling her, “Sorry for disappointing you. However, it was truly just an accident that made us turn into statues. We can’t tell you the details, but I can guarantee no one asked us to check anything. First of all, everyone considers those transformed to be the same as being dead. Why would anyone try to verify anything?”

Sure enough, the hopes of the purging organization’s elders were crushed as fast as they appeared. “I see… that makes sense. Otherwise, the Sacred Undersea Kingdom would have sent someone much stronger than you two.”

Rean then returned to the main topic, saying, “So, have you confirmed we haven’t cheated?”

Himatikia’s group must stay impartial at all times. They were also prohibited from revealing any secrets that weren’t relevant to the situation, so they couldn’t talk about the twins’ origins or their superior conditions. In the end, Himatikia could only nod. It was also the reason the twins didn’t mind showing her all of that. The purging organization’s elders couldn’t do anything about it.

Following that, she took flight once again and positioned herself above the field, announcing, “I have now checked the twins’ foundations. There’s nothing wrong there. They are, without a doubt, at the Peak Stage of the Core and Soul Fusion Realm.”

“Impossible!” Naturally, those were the thoughts of everyone watching. Even Ormo was surprised, thinking that the twins would be caught somehow. He also checked Rean’s foundation before. That’s why he agreed to let only Rean and Roan participate. At that time, he didn’t find anything wrong with the twins’ foundation, only that their talents were truly heaven-defying. In any case, he was concerned that the purging organization would find something wrong that he didn’t. However, that didn’t happen.

Well, not everyone was as happy as Ormo.

“Elder Himatikia, how can that be possible? You must be kidding, right?” Zosviei immediately voiced his opinion. “If that’s really the case, then let me check them myself. I refuse to believe they’re at the Core and Soul Fusion Realm.”

“Enough!” However, Himatikia’s expression only went dark after hearing that. “Are you saying that our purging organization is siding with the Tranquio Sect?”

That was truly a serious accusation. If that was truly the case, Himatikia’s group would be killed as the organization had to follow the rules at all costs. However, if it turned out to be a false accusation, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Hura Clan was wiped out as a result. They would be eliminated to set an example. “I…”

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Indeed, Zosviei couldn’t risk it. As much as he didn’t believe the twins could be that strong with their cultivation, he had no other choice but to comply. After all, if he was wrong, the consequences would be dire. “I’m sorry, Elder Himatikia. I let myself be guided by emotions.”

Himatikia nodded after that. “I’ll let this one pass since this is indeed an extraordinary situation. However, you better think twice before you open your mouth again.” In fact, even Himatikia wanted to ask a lot more things to the twins, but she and the elders of the purging organization had other tests to carry out. “The next test will start now. Send the ten people you wish to take part in.”

The twins didn’t move, though. Instead, they simply looked as eight more Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from the Tranquio Sect entered the field. Yes, back when Rean showed his talent to Ormo, he also asked to let him and Roan take part in the Nascent Soul Realm level challenge.

Ormo wasn’t sure if he should do that or not, so Rean simply told him to make his judgment after watching him in the Core and Soul Fusion Realm test. After what he saw, however, Ormo truly didn’t want the twins to be anywhere else other than that field.

“Wait! This is against the rules!” Well, Zosviei obviously noticed that as well. “The twins are not in the Nascent Soul Realm! Why are they taking part in this challenge?”

Rean laughed out loud after hearing that, saying in response, “Hahaha! That’s where you’re wrong. The rules say you can’t send anyone above the limit of the test. It says absolutely nothing about not letting cultivators below the limit take part.”

Himatikia couldn’t help but smile a bit when she heard that. Right now, she began to find this situation quite entertaining, completely different from her thoughts a few minutes ago. “He’s right. If you wish, you can review the rules yourself.” With that, she threw a jade slip at Zosviei. Naturally, it had all the rules of the challenges on it.

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