Death... and me - Chapter 1528

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Chapter 1528: 1528

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Chapter 1528 – Blind Maze

Then again, there wasn’t really a need for Himatikia to throw that jade slip. After all, all powers in the Upside Down World had a copy of it. Nevertheless, Zosviei and the other people took a look inside with their Divine Senses. Naturally, one could already imagine the result. There was no way Himatikia would be wrong about a rule of the Upside Down World. There was nothing against lower-level cultivators taking part in the test, only higher-level ones.

“But…” Of course, Zosviei didn’t like it. However, seeing Himatikia’s dark expression, he didn’t continue his comment. Instead, he gathered with his elders to select one of the tests on the list. They saw how the twins were as strong as Soul Transformation Realm cultivators. Obviously, they definitely wouldn’t select a fighting challenge. At the very least, not a group one.

On the twins’ side, they were greeted by the other Nascent Soul Realm cultivators of the Tranquio Sect.

“Say, how can you be that strong?”

Rean smiled in response, saying, “There isn’t much to it. It’s just that my brother and I cultivated all three branches of cultivation at the same time.”

“All three branches?” Those words confused the guys.

Rean nodded, explaining, “We cultivated our body, Divine Energy, and Soul Power to the same level. Although we’re at the Core and Soul Fusion Realm, we’re several times stronger than people who focus on a single thing. You guys know that those who cultivate both Soul Power and Divine Energy are usually much stronger than the others, right? This is the kind of strength you get if you cultivate all three things at the same time to the same level.”

Rean wasn’t really lying. Although their Soul Power and body were way past the Core and Soul Fusion Realm, someone who did cultivate the three things to the same level would definitely be stronger. It’s just that they wouldn’t be at the twins’ level.

“But… aren’t body cultivation techniques extremely hard and painful to cultivate?”

The twins nodded, replying, “They are, but that’s a small price to pay for strength. Well, at the very least, that’s how we think about it.”

Neither Rean nor Roan tried to hide their voices. That would serve as an excuse to anyone who wished to come after them later. They even had a few body cultivation techniques in case anyone asked for it. It’s just that Roan would never give the technique with the Star Body to others.

“We have decided!” Suddenly, Zosviei’s voice echoed throughout the area. His Hura Clan had finally decided which among the tests they would have their Nascent Soul Realm cultivators take part in. “We want the Blind Maze trial.”

“Blind Maze trial?” Rean and Roan were obviously clueless. They had no idea what it meant.

Ormo, knowing that the twins had just arrived not long ago, explained through a Divine Sense Message. ‘The field will transform into an illusion formation where Divine Sense is useless. Not only that, you won’t be able to trust your eyes either. The objective is to reach the end of the maze faster than anyone else. To be honest, this is a test that’s more focused on memory than anything else. You have to memorize the endless amount of paths that you went through, wrong ones, right ones, fake ones, dead ends, floors, and so on…’

‘Seems quite annoying. Why would they select such a thing?’ Rean asked Ormo.

Ormo quickly answered, ‘That’s the kind of test you select when you aren’t confident in some more direct tests. In this case, you would pretty much be relying on luck. It’s an often-used method when weaker powers get challenged.’

Rean and Roan had to admit they didn’t have anything that could help them pass this test quickly. Unless… ‘Can you beat your opponents if you find them in this illusionary maze?’ If they can get rid of the competition, it would obviously be much easier for them to win in the end.

However, Ormo shook his head. ‘No. Battles are prohibited. You might bump into the guys of the Hura Clan, but other than looking at their faces, there isn’t much you can do. Of course, nothing stops you from following them, but that also means you might be heading in the wrong direction.’

‘Tch…’ Rean and Roan obviously didn’t like that.

However, Rean got an idea. ‘You told us that we just need to find the way out as fast as possible, right?’

Ormo nodded in response. ‘Yes.’

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Rean pondered over it for a bit and continued to ask, ‘Is there anything in the maze that would disqualify me from the challenge?’

Ormo shook his head again. ‘As long as you don’t intervene with the opponents or try to destroy anything, you’re free to do whatever you want.’

Rean’s eyes lit up. ‘Then it’s pretty much decided. Roan, we’re going for the most tiresome but almost guaranteed method. I just don’t know if we’ll be the first ones out or not, but the chances are high.’

When Roan heard the word tiresome, he immediately understood what Rean wanted to do. He then thought about that method and had to admit it would work quite well for them. ‘Sigh… I guess it’s better than nothing.’

Ormo didn’t understand what the twins were talking about. However, he didn’t try to intervene either. ‘Well, even if you lose this test, there’s still the last one, which will be selected by the judges. Don’t worry about it.’

Rean and Roan nodded after that.

Himatikia spent some time preparing the formation with the other elders from the purging organization. Around 40 minutes later, she finally called everyone’s attention, saying, “The Blind Maze trial is ready. For those watching, you just need to focus your Divine Sense on the core located above the formation. You will be able to watch anyone through it as long as you wish it.”

Following that, she looked at the participants of the test and said, “Now, the rules are simple. You are prohibited from destroying anything or getting in the way of the other participants in any way.” With that, she ordered one of her elders. “Turn on the formation.”

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