Debuff Master - Chapter 248

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Chapter 248

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“Kieeek!” Zarakhan shrieked in agony after eating a knuckle sandwich from Siegfried’s +15 Gaia’s Fist.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

It stopped flying and flailed in mid-air to try and get the human off of its back.

“You dare!” Menacia roared and swung her magic sword at him.

Siegfried could tell from the extremely dark green color of the magic sword that it was most likely laden with poison. ‘I’m gonna die if she hits me…’ 

Siegfried focused and evaded all of Menacia’s attacks, but the black wyvern was still flailing about, so it was a struggle. He was even finding it hard to maintain his balance on top of the black wyvern in addition to dodging Menacia’s attacks/

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone.

“How dare you!” Brunhilde shouted.

She swooped in with Hyperion and blocked Menacia’s attack.

‘Nice! I can’t beat this foul-mouthed woman, anyway,’ Siegfried knew that defeating a Level 299 NPC would require an absurd amount of luck. He had no plans of fighting Menacia. His plan had always been something else.


A burst of mana carved a circle on Zarakhan’s back.

Blaze Field!

He placed down his Blaze Field on Zarakhan’s back!

However, he wasn’t quite done just yet.

‘Will shadows appear in mid-air, too…?’ he wondered before placing down Shadow Swamp as well. Surprisingly, Zarakhan and Menacia’s materialized, even though they were in mid-air and on Zarakhan’s back.

“W-What the fuck?!” Menacia shouted in surprise.

She was forced to fight against Brunhilde and Siegfried, but Zarakhan’s and her own shadow suddenly materialized and teamed up against her.

However, Siegfried wasn’t quite done just yet.

“Show me your back! Show me your back!” he exclaimed like a madman slamming his +15 Gaia’s Fist on the Zarakhan’s back.

Puk! Puk! Puk!

He used Machine Gun Smash to unleash a barrage of attacks.

“Kwuoooooooooh!”  Zarakhan cried in agony and thrashed in mid-air.


Zarakhan’s shadow suddenly pounced on Zarakhan’s neck and bit the latter’s neck.


Menacia’s shadow jumped in as well and lacerated Zarakhan’s back.

“Y-You bastards dare to…! DIE!” Menacia roared and used her ultimate skill…

Or so she thought…


Siegfried perfectly timed Wave of Oppression along with Frost Wave, completely interrupted Menacia’s channeling.

Siegfried had definitely grown stronger. The training with Bruce had not only enhanced his skills, but it also taught him how to perfectly time his skills and use them at the most optimal timing.

‘This is my chance!’ Brunhilde did not miss the opening.

“Hap!” she swung her holy sword, Phoenix, with all of her might.


Blood spurted out from Menacia’s chest like a fountain.

“Finish her!” Siegfried shouted.

“Yes, Siegfried-nim!” Brunhilde responded.

The two of them attacked Menacia at the same time.


However, one of the wyverns dove down and blocked their attacks with its body.


The wyvern could not withstand the combined attack of the two and crashed into the forest below.

“Keuk…! L-Let’s go, Zarakhan! Retreat!” Menacia shouted. Zarakhan squeezed the last of its remaining strength and flapped its wing in a bid to escape.

“Protect the captain!”

“The captain is hurt!”

“Stop that ugly bitch!”

The rest of the Black Winged Warriors disengaged from their opponents and rushed over to block Brunhilde and Siegfried with their wyverns.

They formed a physical barricade to buy time for Menacia to escape, and she managed to escape thanks to their sacrifice.

‘Damn it! She got away!’ Siegfried cursed inwardly. He could have swept away these dark elves who were in tatters after being exposed to Gringore’s song if they were on the ground. He could have used Splitting Heaven and Earth to throw them into the air and chase after Menacia to finish her off.

Unfortunately, they were in mid-air, and he couldn’t use that one skill that would have come in clutch in this situation.

His only other choice now was to…

‘Eat this!’ he threw his +15 Gaia’s Fist as hard as he could toward Menacia.


The +15 Gaia’s Fist skillfully avoided the meat shields.


And it struck the back of Menacia’s head for the second time.


“What a shot~!” Siegfried whistled and admired his throw.

“Y-You…! You fucking asshole!” Menacia gritted her teeth until her gums started bleeding. She glared in his direction and said, “Just you wait… You damn human…!”

She was no longer in the condition to fight, so she was forced to run for her life with her tail tucked between her legs and a large bump on her head.

Whiiiish… Tak!

Siegfried caught his +15 Gaia’s Fist.

“Tsk… I could have shattered her head if I had a bit more damage…” he clicked his tongue in disappointment.


A message popped up in front of his eyes.

[Alert: You have obtained a new title!]

[Alert: The new title King of Backstabbing has been created!]

The details of his new title were quite impressive.

[King of Backstabbing]

[A title given to those who often hit their enemies from behind regardless of whether it was a betrayal or a literal backstab.]

[Type: Title]

[Rating: Unique]

[Effects: +20% Increased Back Attack damage, +20% increased Back Attack damage to the head, +15% chance to fool an NPC when lying.]

[Warning: This title is not an honorable title.]

The warning emphasized that it was shameful to have such a title. Adventurers were probably going to be on their toes if they saw Siegfried’s title with their Rune of Insight.

“Haha… I guess I did stab a lot of people in the back… Oops, I guess!” However, Siegfried didn’t seem to feel an ounce of shame about his new title. “Yes, I am the King of Backstabbing. Nice to meet you~”

In fact, he seemed to have reached a new low of enjoying the embarrassing and shameful titles the game was giving him.


The Pegasus Flying Squadron managed to defeat their rivals in the sky in a landslide, thanks to Siegfried and Gringore’s support. The squadron resumed their journey back to Elondel in peace.

However, Siegfried was forced to fight another battle that was within him all this while.

Flap! Flap! Flap!

Hyperion vigorously flapped its wings after emerging triumphant against the Zarakhan, and the rigorous motion caused Siegfried’s junior to grind rigorously against Brunhilde’s back.

[Alert: Adult content has been unlocked!]

[Alert: You may now enjoy to your heart’s content!]

The adult content was unlocked once again, and Siegfried was plunged into despair along with the message.

‘N-No! Don’t! Don’t do this to me!’ he screamed inwardly.

In the end, he decided to speak, “Excuse me… Brunhilde-nim?”

“Yes, Siegfried-nim?”

“I’m sorry but… Can we go a bit slower?”


“Th-That is… Hmm… I’m starting to feel motion sickness…”

“Oh, I apologize, but that will not change even if we go slowly, Siegfried-nim.”


“The motion sickness is coming from Hyperion’s flapping, and nothing is going to change even if we go slower. Perhaps it will if we walk on foot, but that will be too inefficient.”

“I-Is that so…?”

“Yes, we’re almost there anyway, so please hang in there! I’ll fly as fast as I can and get there in ten minutes!”


In the end, Siegfried had no choice but to continue fighting in the battle raging at both the North and South.

Brunhilde grinned brightly before looking forward and then…

‘Hyperion! Flap your wings harder! PLEASE!’ she transmitted to her pegasus while patting its mane.


The pegasus seemed to have understood its owner’s intent, and it flapped its wings with renewed vigor.


Siegfried was slowly starting to lose the battle.

‘If I just press myself against him a bit harder…’ Brunhilde thought. She slowly and carefully pressed her buttocks and back against Siegfried.


Ten minutes later…

“We have arrived!” Brunhilde said while pointing forward.


“So that is the Elven Kingdom only found in legends!”

“Kyu! It’s so beautiful!”

The party members, except Siegfried, marveled at the grandiose sight.

The Elven Kingdom’s capital, Elondel, was truly a majestic and beautiful city, and anyone that saw its splendor would have immediately been stunned by its majesty.

The entire city was decorated with white and blue colors, and there were exquisitely designed structures and spires all over the city.

Elondel had a certain natural beauty in it that could not be found anywhere else on the continent. The nature affinity of the elves seemed to have played a huge role in decorating the city, as there were both tall and short trees throughout the city, which gave the whole city a sense of vitality.

However, not everyone was enjoying the splendor and majesty of the legendary city.

[Alert: Warning! Warning!]

[Alert: Too much of your blood has been pumped to a single body part!]

[Alert: Severe abstinence can be detrimental to your health!]

Siegfried was about to explode.



It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Brunhilde planted a kiss on Siegfried’s cheek after their safe landing.


“Thank you, Siegfried-nim!”

“For what…?”

“For saving me! You are truly my savior!”

“But you also saved me, Brunhilde-nim…”

“That is that, and this is this! Hehe!”

“C’mon, we can’t consider it that way. Let’s just say that we are even—Heup!”

Siegfried was interrupted halfway as his lips were stolen by her once again.

“Wow… You are truly amazing, hyung-nim! I’m so jealous! To think that such a beautiful NPC would kiss you! I’m so jealous!” Seung-Gu exclaimed.

“What’s the use of getting kissed, eh?” Hamchi suddenly interjected. Then, he grumbled while sounding frustrated, “That owner punk is a stupid dense fool without an ounce of courage! He can’t even eat the meal prepared for him! Kyu!”

“Ahem! Hyung-nim is truly a man amongst men! Look at the size of his tent!” Cesc exclaimed in awe.

“I agree with you,” Gringore said before taking out his tools.

He started jotting down words.

His Majesty is truly a humongous man!


They say that an awl will eventually poke itself out of a pocket!

How did he manage to hide his large, splendid, and vigorous asset all this while?

I—the scribe recording his Majesty’s manliness can only say that he is the epitome of manhood!

Records of the Proatine Kingdom Book 1 Chapter 3

Siegfried Van Proa the First

His Majesty’s Assets

The scribe didn’t specify it, but the words he used left little to one’s imagination.


After the hardships and temptation, Siegfried finally entered Elondel and met Brunhilde’s father, who was also the king of all elves on the continent.


[The Ruler of the Elven Kingdom and king of all elves on the continent.]

[Type: Named NPC]

[Level: 410 (Master)]

[Race: Elf (743 years old)]

[Class: Magical Sword Master (Dual Class)]

[Affiliation: Elondel]

[Rank: King]

[Titles: The Lord of the Elves, Respected Ruler, Protector of the Eternal Forest, Protector of Nature, Daughter’s Fool, He is a Father Too, Master at Sighing]

Lohengrin lived up to his title with his beautiful appearance and extremely high level.

‘The king of all elves!’ Siegfried was in awe after meeting him.

“I am King Siegfried van Proa the First of the Proatine Kingdom. I greet the king and ruler of all elves,” he courteously introduced himself.

“So you are that Siegfried. I have heard of your exploits and your efforts to coexist in peace with the elves of your territory,” Lohengrin replied.

“I merely wished for us to help each other as neighbors,” Siegfried said with a bow.

He was up against the king of all elves, who was seven hundred years old.

He thought that it was only right for him to pay respect to his elder.

“You are a human ruler that is quite rare to find in this day and age.”

“Thank you very much.”

“You are quite humble, too…”

[Alert: The affinity of ‘Lohengrin’ toward you has increased by 1,000!]

[Alert: The affinity of ‘Lohengrin’ toward you has increased by 1,000!]

[Alert: The affinity of ‘Lohengrin’ toward you has increased by 1,000!]

A string of messages informing Siegfried of Lohengrin’s affinity with him popped up in front of his eyes.

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