Di Wang Gong Lue - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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[Chapter 16 - This eunuch] Why don't we go and boil some water together

Nan Mo Ye's forehead creased, grabbing his hand over to test his pulse. 

Duan Bai Yue's face is pale, a sweet rotten smell emanating from his mouth. 

Nan Mo Ye raised his palm and slapped his back, slowing transferring some internal energy over. Duan Bai Yue focused on regulating his breathing; until the zhen qi (1) in his body slowly evened out, then did he open his eyes. 

"When do you to intend to fool around until?" Nan Mo Ye has a headache. 

Duan Bai Yue wiped away the traces of blood by his mouth, and asked: "How is Xiao Yu?" 

Knowing that he's changing the topic, Nan Mo Ye sighed and said: "He is still in Ming Shui village, are you really going to bring him back to Xi Nan?" 

"The manor is his home." Duan Bai Yue poured a cup of tea. 

"Why must you snatch him from the hands of Qin Shao Yu." Nan Mo Ye said, "Moreover Xiao Yu and Yao-er are different, his heart is in Jiang Hu, he has never been by your side, even if you bring him back forcefully it's still no use." 

Duan Bai Yue shook his head: "The waters of Jiang Hu in central plains are too deep (2), just how many people are there, looking at Zhui Yin sect like a tiger stalking its prey, I don't wish to let him risk his life."
"You can't tie him to your side for an entire lifetime." Nan Mo Ye reminded him. 

"I have my own thoughts on this." Duan Bai Yue said, "There's no need for teacher to worry." 

Duan Yu is the younger half brother of Duan Bai Yue; brusque and honest, he can't stand having a single speck of sand in his eye (3); regarding Duan Bai Yue's actions of unifying the borders, and leading troops to assault all four corners, he also has some disapproval. Since his mother, the concubine, has passed away, he went into Jiang Hu, and stayed at Zhui Yin sect in Shu Zhong afterwards, changing his name to Zhao Wu, and became Qin Shao Yu's subordinate. Duan Bai Yue has always wanted to call him back to his side, but was repeatedly rejected; this time they happened to meet in Luo Ping town near Huan Tian Zhai, and two brothers unsurprisingly clashed with each other; in a moment of anger, Duan Bai Yue simply imprisoned him in a village. Other than himself, there's still Zhao Wu's fiancée, the left prioress Hua Tang(4) imprisoned along with him. After this marriage duel is over, he intends to bring the two of them back to Xi Nan. 

"There are some things, that you regard to be good, but that doesn't mean it's good." Nan Mo Ye advised tirelessly and earnestly. 

"Then what is considered good?" Duan Bai Yue asked. 

Nan Mo Ye answered: "What I consider to be good, then that's good."

Duan Bai Yue: "........."

"Comradery from an older brother and respect from a younger brother, these kind of things can't be demanded." Nan Mo Ye shook his head vigorously, "However, the matters of the bed still can be asked for; after all their hearts already have each other, it may even be more fun." 

Duan Bai Yue said with disdain: "You say that as if you have already married." 

Nan Mo Ye said angrily: "Disobedient disciple!" 

"Talk about serious matters." Duan Bai Yue drank the tea in the cup, "The marriage duel is in three days, I don't want to have any accidents." 

"This is hard to say." Nan Mo Ye crossed his arms, squinted and said, "The waking up of the gu chong, the first thing it would do is to eat its fill; since it's living in your body, how can there be no effects?" 

Duan Bai Yue said: "After the marriage duel, it can eat however long it wants to." 

Nan Mo Ye changed his mind, the two words "godly lover" shouldn't be craved into a plaque to hang in the middle hall at all, but should be tattooed straight on his face. 

Duan Bai Yue shows no hint of compromise. 

Nan Mo Ye sighed audibly, and could only help him with some acupuncture in the meantime, and only pleading that he can endure past this three days, and recover slowly back in the manor.

After a day has passed, Duan Bai Yue took the Xi Bei map that he spent great effort in getting someone to draw, and sent it to the Zhou manor secretly.

After coming back, Nan Mo Ye asked: "How is it?"

Duan Bai Yue: "Very good." 

Nan Mo Ye saw through it: "Looking at you like this, I know it's good my ass, you were chased out by him?"

Duan Bai Yue calmly opened the door: "This king needs to regulate his nei xi. (5)" 

Nan Mo Ye sighed again and again; the old fellow lived an admirable and merry life with three wives and four mistresses; why can't his son even get one. Forget that it's exhausting for him every day, he even caused himself to get an internal injury; if the former king knows about this, he would probably come straight to his grave for a long sleepless talk. 

In the room, Duan Bai Yue forced himself to move, suppressing the chaotic zhen qi in his body, and drank half a jar of unfiltered wine in one go. If this can't get the gu chong drunk to death, then it can still get himself drunk, letting him better endure though the pain in his body, and the tossing and turning through the night. 

In the Zhou manor, Chu Yuan leaned by the window, looking at the twinkling light of the stars.

Honestly speaking, this trip to Xi Nan, he doesn't have to come; he only needs to send a letter to explain the situation. But after thinking thrice, he still travelled a few thousand li from the capital to this Huan Tian Zhai.

For what reason, there's no need to think about it, and he's not willing to think about it either.

As the emperor, he rarely shows his true emotions in his face, and yet when facing Duan Bai Yue alone, all his false pretenses seem to have become ineffectual. Duan Bai Yue only needs to glance at him, and can easily see to the bottom of his heart.

This kind of feeling cannot be considered to be good, but he also does not know, how can it be better.
Chu Yuan closed his eyes and raised his head, drinking a cup of wine. 
Eunuch Si Xi stood outside the door and sighed, accompanying him through the night.

On the day of the marriage duel, Nan Mo Ye was worried about Duan Bai Yue's injury to the bottom of his heart, and has been constantly looking at the stage in the dark, intending to rush out and drag Duan Bai Yue away if anything happens during the event. But maybe the medicine that Duan Bai Yue ate the day before has come into effect; after Duan Bai Yue and Shen Qian Fan exchanged a few hundred blows, nothing out of place happened, and in the end, following the plan smoothly, Shen Qian Fan was hit with one hand and fell off the stage. 

The event can initially be ended here — Shen Qian Fan has gotten a serious injury, upon hearing the news Emperor Chu was as furious as the thunder, and is also wary of the wild ambitions of Duan Bai Yue, so this is a good excuse to deploy troops. All have gone according to the plan; just wait till the northern desert tribes fall into the trap hook, line and sinker, then all will be happy. Duan Bai Yue won this duel as expected, but before he could get off the stage, a black clothed man descended from the sky, saying stiffly he wants to take the lady of the Du family.

Nan Mo Ye frowned, and the people below the stage also looked at each other, not knowing what situation this is. 

The opponent's move were harsh and dangerous; Duan Bai Yue forced himself to exchange a few blows with him, pain throbbing in his chest, his face getting pale. Just as Nan Mo Ye wants to go out and create a distraction, that black clothed man suddenly made a move, and charged forward to Zhui Yin sect's Qin Shao Yu in the crowd. 

Anyone can easily see whose the opponent's target is; fires raged in Nan Mo Ye's heart; there's always someone responsible, you want to take revenge then take revenge directly, why beat around the bush, and drag my disciple into the water for no reason, and instead of this time and place, can't he pick another day?

The crowd is in chaotic; Duan Bai Yue raised his hand and sealed three pressure points on his body, and helped Qin Shao Yu to subdue that black clothed man. 

If he wasn't afraid that Ye Jin will see the truth, Nan Mo Ye really wants to stand on the roof and scold; he himself is already injured, and he still has time to care about this thing?

The spy also went back to Zhou manor, and reported all this.

"There was someone causing trouble?" Chu Yuan frowned.

"He wasn't targeting King Duan and General Shen." The spy replied, "The black clothed man has already killed himself, allegedly it was a grudge with the leader of Zhui Yin sect, this time he took advantage of the chaos to take his revenge."

"Is there anyone hurt?" Chu Yuan asked.

"There is." The spy stated, "General Shen vomited blood on the spot, and was carried down unconsciously."

Chu Yuan sighed inaudibly. 

Si Xi asked by the side: "What about King Duan?" 

Chu Yuan: "......"

"King Duan is alright, he has returned to his residence." The spy answered.

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"It's great that he's alright, it's great that he's alright." Eunuch Si Xi happily stuck out his belly, "Forgive me Your Majesty, this old servant has said too much," 

Chu Yuan patted his shoulder: "For a month, you're not allowed to eat any meat."

Eunuch Si Xi: "......"

The spy looked at him with pity in his eyes. 

In the inn, Duan Bai Yue is half submerged in hot water, but his face still has no trace of blood. The room is full of medicinal smells; Duan Nian comes in every once in a while, helping him to add hot water into the bathtub. An entire night and day has passed, but his pulse shows no hint of calming down. 

"Master Nan, what to do now?" Duan Nian is anxious.

Nan Mo Ye ordered: "The inn is too noisy, go to the city and find a quiet house." 

Duan Nian nodded, and went down to ask the waiter, but came back and said that because of the marriage duel at Huan Tian Zhai, this city is already full of people; don't talk about an empty house, even an empty room is hard to get and highly priced. 

Nan Mo Ye: "What about Zhou manor?" 

"Zhou manor?: Duan Nian stared blankly, recovered and said, "But that's the residence of Emperor Chu."

"Precisely because it's the residence of Emperor Chu, that's why it's more suitable." Nan Mo Ye pushed a pill into Duan Bai Yue's mouth, "It's quiet and no one will disturb, there's even imperial guards protecting them behind the scenes, it's safe."
Duan Nian: "..........."

Seems like there's still this reason.

Seeing that the condition of his master really doesn't look good, so Duan Nian couldn't care anymore, and rode his horse straight to Zhou manor. 

The sky has already turned dark; after bathing, Chu Yuan is reading by the table, when someone suddenly knocked on the door hastily: "Your Majesty?"

"Come in," Chu Yuan asked, "What happened?"

"Your Majesty, someone came from the inn." Eunuch Si Xi's face showed some anxiety, "He said that the Xi Nan King is injured, and is now unconscious; they wish to find a quiet place to treat him."

"Injured?" Chu Yuan abruptly stood up. 

"That's what was said, how does Your Majesty look at this?" Eunuch Si Xi tried asking. 

"Get two people to go over." Chu Yuan ordered, "Bring him here first and decide later." 

"Yes yes yes." Eunuch Si Xi doesn't dare to be slow, turning and running back. In such a long time, even if the emperor's intentions are deeply buried, he can still figure out some of them.

About an hour later, a horse carriage went in from the back door of Zhou manor in the dark of the night; Duan Nian jumped down from the carriage first, and after him was a old person....whose head was heavily covered up. 

Eunuch Si Xi involuntarily thought of the Ninth Highness who was at Qiong Hua valley now.
Nan Mo Ye's voice was deep, instructing people to carry Duan Bai Yue into 
the room -- this incident happened so suddenly, he didn't manage to put on a disguise in time, but he can't be recognize by Chu Yuan either, so he can only do this. 
Luckily there's no one who cared about this bizarre look of his.

"Just what happened?" Chu Yuan asked.
"Replying to Your Majesty, when master was practicing his martial arts, he carelessly caused a qi deviation (6)." Duan Nian said like what Nan Mo Ye taught him, "This time he forced himself again on the stage, and so hurt his pulse." 
Chu Yuan grabbed his wrist to test it out; his pulse is in disorder. 
" you want to get His Royal Ninth Highness to come and take a look?" Eunuch Si Xi asked. 
Chu Yuan nodded, but before he could sent someone to find Ye Jin, Nan Mo Ye has already waved his hand to stop them: "It's fine just with me." 
The voice is sharp; eunuch Si Xi involuntarily felt a chill.
To one side, Duan Nian is holding his forehead; if he acts he must also act the same, what he's doing, a deep voice one moment and a sharp voice another moment.
Chu Yuan, with a suspicious look: "You are?" 
"Reply to Your Majesty, this is my master's teacher." Duan Nian replied. 
Since it's his teacher, then he should be very reliable. Chu Yuan nodded, and moved away from the place by the bedside. 
Nan Mo Ye stroked his fists and rubbed his palms, and with a "si la" pulled open Duan Bai Yue's coat, and before everyone else could react to this, he untied his waistband and removed his pants. 
"This eunuch!" Duan Nian took hold of Si Xi, "Why don't you bring me to the kitchen? To boiling some water, it will be just nice for master to use later." 

(1) zhen qi: 真气 - lit. real air? It's a term used in traditional chinese medicine, which (sometimes?) talks about regulating the energies in the body. I have no idea what it means. Probably something similar to chakra?

(2) The waters of Jiang Hu in central plains are too deep: 中原江湖太过水深 - When the water level is too deep, it's hard to see the bottom (ie. the truth) of it. Means that Jiang Hu is not as it seems, in this case.

(3) Can't stand having a single speck of sand in his eye: 眼底容不下一粒沙子 - means that one cannot tolerate anything that they do not agree with.

(4) left prioress: 左护法 - lit. left guard law. The person who is second in rank to Qin Shao Yu in their taoist sect. Prioress is not an exact translation, but fits since Zhui Yin sect is a taoist (in the religious sense) sect. 

(5) Nei Xi: 内息 - a [qi gong]( term, basically to be able to breathe without using mouth or nose, but through other means like the skin. For high level practitioners.

(6) qi deviation: 走火入魔 - lit. walk fire into demon. Not quite sure how to translate this, to be exact it's "getting mad/out of control" but that sounds weird. Went with qi deviation instead. 

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