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Chapter 799: 799

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Chapter 799: Zhang Xiaohui Meets Bai Youran (5)

Zhang Xiaohui’s imagination ran wild. With a daughter like that, her future was assured.

She excitedly dragged Gu Ruoqing away. “Come on, I’ll treat you to a good meal. We’ll be rich soon. We don’t have to worry about money.”

Today’s environment was truly wonderful. As long as one had the money, many things were freely available for purchase.

There were many beautiful clothes from the southern provinces. They were available at stalls along the street, and cloth coupons were unnecessary. As long as she had money, she could buy as many pieces as she liked.

They had no income, so they had dipped into their savings on the way to the capital. Both Zhang Xiaohui and Gu Ruoqing were worried about how they would live in the future.

But their worries did not stop them from spending money. The Jin Jiang Restaurant was so famous, and all the diners were from high society. The mother and daughter also wanted to experience what it was like to be rich. Gu Ruoqing was wondering if she could catch some rich boy’s eye and find true love here. Then she would not have to worry for the rest of her life!

Gu Ruoqing was startled when her mother excitedly offered to buy her a good meal. “Mother, that was Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan! Why are you so indifferent?”

Zhang Xiaohui’s steps paused. Her gaze was fixed on Bai Youran.

Gu Ruoqing continued her own line of thought. “It’s so unfair. What does Gu Qingyao have? Why should she have such a good life? Mother, the Gu family must have become very rich for her, as a daughter, to have such a good life. Mother, let’s go back! Anyway, Gu Qingyao is your daughter and my younger sister. It’s only right that she should support us.”

Zhang Xiaohui frowned and pondered whether this would be possible.

“What you’re saying does make some sense. All right, we’ll slowly think about it. Let’s go and have a good meal first. Anyway, with the Gu family here, we don’t have to worry about money. Let’s go and have a good meal!”

Gu Ruoqing’s eyes brightened. “Okay! I want to live like a rich young lady too.”

Bai Youran went home and burst into tears.

They could not hide from the family that Bai Chi had been beaten up. When the Bai family found out that it was Mo Beihan who had beaten him, their expressions turned ugly.

Old Master Mo was in the study when he received a phone call from the Bai family’s second son, Bai Jingcheng. He wanted to talk about what had happened today and demand an explanation for why Mo Beihan had beaten up Bai Chi.

Old Master Mo leisurely listened to the phone call. He smiled a little, but when he spoke, he did not pull his punches!

“Boy, you have some nerve! How dare you come and question me. Two men from the younger generation have a fight and you’re interfering? Why? Are you trying to make trouble for the Mo family?”

Bai Jingcheng was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

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His family did not have much standing in the Bai family. He only had an empty post and did not have much influence. But because of that, they placed even more emphasis on their honor.

They thought highly of themselves just because they were members of the powerful Bai family,

Bai Chi was one of the Bai family’s grandchildren. He was the first to give the Bai family a great-grandchild. So, of course, Bai Jingcheng thought that he held a special place in the Bai family.

Now that he had been beaten up and by a country boy like Mo Beihan, he immediately called the Mo family to demand an explanation.

Bai Jingcheng was so angry that he was not thinking clearly. But the moment Old Master Mo questioned him, he immediately shrank back!

Old Master Mo grunted a little as he hung up. “That creature doesn’t know his place. How dare you come yelping to me. I would even beat you up, much less your son. Hmph!”

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