Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 2303

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Chapter 2303: 2303

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Chapter 2303 Answer To Me

Everyone couldn't help but stare at the suave, sharp-eyed man draped in a black robe. His jade-green hair fluttered in the wind freely, causing him to appear like a charming hunk.

How come the ruler of a major power was here? To invite an ascender? Just how can it be possible!?

Even Immortal Inheritors didn't receive such glory! Even Level One Immortal Kings paying a visit to those Immortal Inheritors at the point of ascendance is considered a loss of face.

At the very least, other immortals coming to greet and recruit them were in store, but for a ruler to appear?

It was said that the Starlight Jade Wolf King alone slaughtered hundreds of Immortal King Vacuous Beasts within his region. His true power was unknown to them as they couldn't measure it, but from how the Immortal Kings feared him, they could very well tell that the Starlight Jade Wolf King had surpassed the Early Immortal King Beast Stage!

After all, even a Level Two Immortal King could easily kill a Level One Immortal King. If the difference was big in the level of Early, Mid, and Late, the weaker one was no different than a helpless baby to them.

Moreover, the Starlight Jade Wolf King was said to have King-Tier Bloodline, making it so that his prowess was, at the very least, three levels higher!

Three levels higher in the Immortal King Stage? They felt their breaths becoming heavy as their fingertips began trembling in pure awe and reverence.

On the other hand, the Cyan Soul Rat Immortal's expression became unsightly as his long rat tail almost smashed into someone else in panic. Just as he tried to leave sneakily with his ears curled as though he wanted to make himself small as possible, oppressive undulations abruptly fell on its body, causing him to freeze.

But then, the pressure disappeared.

When he turned to look, his expression couldn't help but turn joyful as he saw an azure-robed, cyan-haired man.

"Cyan Soul Rat King!"

"Shut up!"


The intense voice caused his eardrums to ring while he felt like he was almost going to faint, terrified.

He recognized that the Cyan Soul Rat King was utterly pissed off at him. However, he knew why because, unlike the Starlight Jade Wolf King, the Cyan Soul Rat King didn't possess a King-Tier Bloodline. Because of that, it was unknown if the Cyan Soul Rat King could stand up to the Starlight Jade Wolf King.

No one knew the true cultivations of their Immortal Kings after all.

The others possessed expressions of disbelief on their faces, some even having their mouths agape.

What's going on?

Why were there two rulers here?

One wouldn't even be able to see them for a thousand years straight, but now, two had crossed a vast distance to invite or kill a junior?

This time, the Immortal Kings' expressions couldn't help but turn unsightly. They thought their powers were prepared to recruit the Emperor of Death or kill him if he refused by sending them here, but it seemed like these two powers had gone beyond inviting and brought out their rulers to display their sincerity.

Perhaps, if the Emperor of Death really did appear, he could've bought his way out or died if he had refused them all!

"You Cyan Soul Rats sure came prepared."

The Starlight Jade Wolf King had an amused expression on his face, "However, I heard that your Cyan Soul Rat Clan recently welcomed a King-Tier Magical Beast from the Grand Beginnings Continent. Maybe I should go pay a visit and bud the nip before it could grow."

"You dare!?" The Cyan Soul Rat King

"Isn't that what you're all trying to do here?"

The Starlight Jade Wolf King couldn't help but throw his head up and release an unabashed scoff, causing the Cyan Soul Rat King to return the scoff.

"So what? It isn't like for someone without a backer to die in a random danger zone in the First Haven World. Shouldn't we be the ones to cast mercy on those who needlessly suffer?"

"What a good 'mercy on those who needlessly suffer'."

The Starlight Jade King smiled as he raised his hand and recited, his expression then becoming unamused, "Any more bullshit and the scheming Cyan Soul Rat behind you is really going to die, and I promise that you wouldn't even see it coming."


The Cyan Soul Rat King simply waved his sleeves before leaving the area. The Cyan Soul Rat Immortal looked back and forth before he followed the Cyan Soul Rat King. The Torrential Wave Lion Immortal and the Devilish Flame Fox Immortal, who seemed to be in an alliance with the Cyan Soul Rat Clan, also left.

The remaining immortals were shocked by this scene. The Starlight Jade Wolf King managed to thwart another ruler, making another major power retreat. Didn't this mean that the Starlight Jade Wolf King was undoubtedly stronger than the Cyan Soul Rat King!?

However, the Cyan Soul Rats were known to be cunning, so they couldn't tell if it was a strategic retreat or an escape for life. Moreover, the Cyan Soul Rat King was in an alliance with the Torrential Wave Lion King and the Devilish Flame Fox Queen.

They didn't know which party would win if they were to go head-on.

The Starlight Jade Wolf King silently watched the Cyan Soul Rat Clan leave before he panned his gaze around, even purposefully stopping his gaze at the Dragon and Phoenix Clans' Immortal Kings. Finally, a hint of warning emerged in his jade-green eyes.

"Anyone who dares touch a single strand of hair on the young talent known as the Emperor of Death will have to answer to me. Remember that in your minds properly unless you want to accidentally invite a calamity."

Lastly, he cast a look at the Light Sky Wolf Immortal, smiling lightly before he disappeared from their gazes.


His speed was so fast that none of them saw in which direction he had left.

However, the Light Sky Wolf Immortal kept her gaze at the location the Starlight Jade Wolf King disappeared.

She remained in complete awe over the domineering side of the Starlight Jade Wolf King. Because she had only seen his frivolous side of having hundreds of women, her heart couldn't help but throb in reverence and attraction when she saw him threaten hundreds of Immortals and tens of Immortal Kings.

His noble King-Tier Bloodline only made it worse for her to keep her calm.

"Heh! A King-Tier Immortal King Beast or not. Who dares to challenge my dragon race!?"

Abruptly, the golden-robed Immortal King from the Earth Dragon Clan roared, causing the other dragons to be pushed out of their reveries before they jerked their chests in pride.


The phoenixes looked at him with disdain. Were these bragging words supposed to be uttered after the one who threatened left?

However, the other powers didn't dare look at him strangely because the collective dragon race was really dominating and possibly the strongest power in the First Haven World!

If anyone challenged a single dragon, it would be like challenging them all.

Oh, you beat someone from my dragon race? Then you have to defeat me to prove you defeated a dragon!

Tens and hundreds of dragons would be on their tail, causing them to have no place to cry until they get sent flying again and again.

It wasn't the mentality of a herd but the mentality of the prideful. Their arrogance was ingrained bone-deep such that they would hound someone until they accepted they had been defeated. It wasn't that a dragon couldn't take an insult, but they wouldn't accept half-hearted results when it comes to being insulted.

They were either right or wrong.

On the other hand, if one pig was insulted, the other pigs would leave that pig's side regardless of whether that pig was right or wrong in fear of their lives.

Nonetheless, no one bothered about the muscle-headed Immortal King while they waited for a few more hours. However, many had already left.

For one, the Starlight Jade Wolf King had basically claimed that the Emperor of Death was his talent. The other, they didn't want to offend someone who had a chance to grow to be their nemesis.

The ones who remained either had the confidence to poach the Emperor of Death from the Starlight Jade Wolf or directly kill him from growing into becoming a nemesis.

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