Divine Path System - Chapter 1249

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Chapter 1249: 1249

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Chapter 1249 A True Gentleman

"Don't you feel any shame in saying such narcissistic and self-aggrandizing words? Everyone thinks they are special, it's just a delusion that adults grow out of."

"I don't feel any shame for speaking the truth." Varian said with a serious expression. By all objective standards, I am special." Varian shrugged. "That speciality puts me in a lot of shitty situations, so when I say I'm special, I also acknowledge the struggles."

Isadora grew quiet. She couldn't refute the things she thought to be true. In a single year, Varian went through what most wouldn't go through in a hundred years. It's an insane life, to put it mildly.

"My love is special as well. Unlike the couples you saw so far, I am literally linked to my lovers through my soul. Our feelings are only growing deeper and fiery." Varian shrugged. "You have some access to the link, right? You can sense our feelings yourself."

Isadora pursed her lips and did.

It was true. The love was growing. Was it because of synergy? Was synergy because of their love?

But whatever, it could only be temporary.

Isadora just couldn't bring herself to trust him. She wasn't ready to trust anyone over mere words. That naive Isadora was taught a painful lesson and she wasn't going to be fooled twice.

Varian looked into her eyes and those ruby red eyes, the beautiful eyes that were brimming with arrogance and pride since the beginning, now stubbornly stared back at him. Only this time, they had hints of weakness and struggle.

Her stubborn gaze said it all. She wasn't going to believe him. But this was already a good result.

If he rather went on a route of torture, Isadora would have grown only more resentful. As he saw it, she was a scared little cat who was too hurt to let anyone close.

He wouldn't be able to change it anytime soon. But he hoped he could at least build a functional relationship.

"I am not dismissing your experience and opinion. But neither am I going to dismiss mine.? You are free to live as you please here. Decide your time shifts with Sia and Enigma. I only restrict your freedom to escape." Varian paused for a moment and continued.? "Whoever betrayed you, I'll—"

"I don't need your help!" Isadora screamed.

"…I'll help you get your revenge, kill them with your own hands." Varian finished.


Isadora bit her lip and leaned back. Hanging her head, she felt ashamed for losing control which she was always proud of.

'It's always him from the start. He's like my nemesis.'

Isadora felt a complicated emotion as she took in Varian's calm but controlling demeanor.

Since the start, he had been leading the conversation, controlling the dynamic, and pushing her where he wanted to.

'No wonder even with three girls, he's the one leading the relationship.'

"I hope we can see each other in a more positive light in the near future. Now, can you let me see Sia and Enigma? I'm worried about them. Don't worry, I'll see you later in your next shift." Varian politely asked her to leave.

"I don't trust you and I don't like the restrictions imposed on me. But if only for your honesty…I'll not kill you when I take the slivers back one day, which I will." Isadora vowed and a silver light enveloped her.

Her body curves shrunk a little and her age regressed a bit. A beautiful brown-haired girl blinked her golden eyes in shock as if she was still having trouble believing what she was seeing.

"Sia!" Varian enveloped her in a tight hug, his voice low and on the verge of breaking.

Sia instinctively winced at the strength in his arms but her arms wrapped around him, touching the familiar body, and took a deep breath, taking in the familiar scent.

The corner of her eyes grew red and tears slowly dripped onto his shoulder as she quietly sobbed.

"It's alright, it's alright." Varian patted her back gently like he was consoling a crying child. "I'm here, don't be afraid anymore. I'm here. I'm here."

His repeated assurances calmed her chaotic mind.

Sia broke the hug after a few minutes but interlocked fingers and wiped her fears. "I-It's not that…she put us through anything bad. I was just scared of never being able to wake up ever again. A-And she said we'll have to sleep for f-five hundred years."

"She was trying to scare you." Varian kissed her forehead and rubbed her hair.

"Hm…" Sia closed her eyes and enjoyed his gentle love. "I…I know, but it was really scary."

"It's okay." Varian pulled her lips into a little smile and asked. "Can I talk to Enigma a little?"

"Oh," Sia nodded with a suggestive expression. "Good luck."

A flash of light, Enigma blinked in confusion. After the appearance of Isadora, her silver hair had turned into light blue while her eyes remained bright, beautiful purple.

"Are you okay?"

Enigma was caught off guard at the hug and his soft, concerned voice. She melted into his warmth and hugged him with trembling arms.

"I-It was a darkness I was used to…so, the darkness wasn't very scary. But…not waking up…never seeing you…that was scary." Enigma's voice was quiet and soft.

But her words tickled Varian's heart and caused him to smile brightly. "I wonder what I did in my previous to get the love of such a sweet girl."

'W-What?' Enigma felt her heart stop for a moment before thrashing against her chest.

It's the first time she received a romantic compliment from him and she was drunk in the sweetness.

"I…I am not…" She lowered her head and refuted in a soft voice.

"Hahaha," Varian laughed at her shyness.

Never in his dreams would he have thought that the cold and emotionless girl hiding behind a mask would have such a cute side.

"S-Stop laughing…I…am…not," Enigma tightened her grip on his back and complained.

Varian lifted her chin up and kissed her on the lips.

Enigma's eyes widened and she opened her lips like a fish…which turned the kiss more passionate, fiery, and intense.

After an indefinite amount of time, the kiss ended.

Varian licked his lips and commented. "You are sweet. I just checked. Or do you want me to check again?"

Enigma buried her head in his chest and shook her head violently.

'She's so cut—whaaat?' From the corner of his eye, he caught Sarah arranging the flowers into a nice bed.

Looking at the evil smirk hanging on her lips that resembled a villainess lady in a play, Varian feared something major was going to happen. Noticing his gaze, Sarah winked and gave him a thumbs-up with a sultry smile.

'Woman, what the hell are you thinking?' Varian wanted to bend her down and teach her a 'tough lesson' for having impure thoughts in such an emotional moment.

Enigma finally noticed Sarah's movements and stiffly turned to Varian with a questioning gaze.

Varian was stumped on how to answer.

Since he knew she harbored strong feelings for him, he was considerate of how his words were perceived.

If he said no, she might think he wasn't seeing her as attractive. She's not like that usually but her intense emotional state increased the possibility of her making wild interpretations.

But if he said yes, wouldn't that sound too despicable?

'Do you want to console me or sleep with me?'

Varian took a deep breath and carried Enigma onto the flower bed in a princess carry. Panicked, Enigma wrapped her arms around his neck.

If she ever asked that question, he decided to answer.

'I want to sleep with you to console you.'

What a gentleman!

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