Dual Class

Dual Class
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What is a city boy to do when he wakes up in a white room with nothing and no one in it? All that greets him is a blue screen flashing with one word. "Welcome"

In this story of wise cracks and wide spread murdering, Drake is forced to face old traumas and find his way in the new world of a merged planet forced by the system. He will find enemies and allies aplenty. Even some he would have never expected. 

His decisions will shape the future of his planet and journey in this new wild landscape that the system has brought.

With God and Anime on his side- Oh and some spotty game knowledge- he must forge his own path. But first. He needs to get through this damned tutorial in one piece, and figure out how his damned spell works.

New Chapters are posted Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6 PM EST.
Cover Art is done by my wonderful friend Caneera you can find her at for all types of commissions.

This is a story I've decided to write because my endless fantasies of chuunibyou like proportions could not stay in my head any longer. I've just wanted to make a story I can make some cringe jokes in and this is the result. I really do hope people will enjoy it as I really do enjoy writing it, and will keep writing it. If you can catch some of the references I would love to hear it. Love and Peace! Just not in this story. If any of the tags currently don't make sense they are for later down the line so I don't have to add them later.

If you would like to read ahead, you can find my patreon at the end of any of the chapters!

Still slightly janky but here is the discord if you wish to join.

You can also find the story on scribblehub and webnovel if you wish, it will stay as up-to-date as RR.

You may also shitpost on the sub-reddit if you would like here,
What you can expect - 

Lots of cringy jokes

Weak to strong MC

Tutorial that has classes, skills, and items given by rolling

Slight slow burn..?/Slowburn

More cringy anime jokes

Eventual romance and harem but not a singular focus on it

Eventual kingdom building and child rearing

A fun time

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